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The Binary Options Robot is yet another binary options software style system. These systems worry me as there are some legit companies but there are loads that are scams as well and these are plaguing the internet luring people in. In this post, Binary Options Robot Review, I will be digging deeper to find out if this is a scam or a legitimate business. This one is a bit more comical to watch at least the others I’ve come across don’t have really cheesy promoting videos.

Binary Options Robot Home Page

What is Binary Options Robot

Company: Binary Options Robot

Type of Business: Binary Options Software for the Stock Market.

Founder: Adam De Bont (Who doesn’t exist)

Cost: You need to deposit a minimum of $250.

Potential Earnings: Not an easy way to make money like they make out! You Will Lose Your Money! 

Recommendation: Stay well clear of this SCAM!

Binary Options Robot Logo

I came across this money making scheme through a review site that didn’t feel right, Top 10 Binary Signals. This site recommends binary options brokers and also binary options robots. At first, the site looks fine and legit but what worries me is several of the options robots this site recommends I have already reviewed and exposed as scams. This was very concerning, so I decided to dig deeper.

The problem with Binary Options Robots is that there are genuine Robots out there but there are also loads that are scams and designed to suck up your money. This gives legit Binary Options Systems a bad name. The scammers use these types of scams to attract people with the idea of getting rich quickly and play with people’s hopes and dreams.le are usually hopeful for. They use promoting videos to pray on

binary options robot home page

They use promoting videos to pray on their victims. They dangle the idea of free money and get rich quick ideas without having to do anything. They only ask you to download the free software and invest $250-$500 in and the system automatically makes you more money.

Apparently “Anyone can use this software,  the basic version is 100% free.”

Wow isn’t that amazing you no longer need to think about money it just makes you more and more money. Sounds like something of the future.

Remember!  ‘if something seems too good to be true is usually is!

Nobody ever gives you something for nothing. In this case, if you had a system that pretty much negates the idea of ever worrying about money. It would change our whole economy. Besides if you had made this system, you would charge for it wouldn’t you?

It’s like having the cure for something and saying here have it for free! Some people might do it but generally when people create something to make money not to give it away for free! Why would anyone just give away free software to make you free money. People always want something for what they have. The worry is if they say they don’t want the money what is it they are really after?

binary options robot system 3 steps

Binary Options

That’s why you have to be really careful with Binary Options and do your research before getting started. If you went by this video you would think all you have to do is invest money and sit back and watch it grow. Unfortunately, it’s not the case with Binary options, you can make good money if you know what you’re doing. The systems will do a lot of the work for you but they are not totally automatic as this promotional video makes it out to be. You still have to have a good financial knowledge and you have to sign up to a good broker who will send you the binary signals and you have to make choices from the signals he sends you.

It concerned me when I started looking deeper into the video as Adam De Bont was speaking through the whole video with some guy call Philip Taylor. Well for starters I couldn’t find this guy on Google or Facebook. The only Adam De Bont I could find was about 10 years old.

I did chuckle a bit when I heard them use this Cheesy phrase:

“We asked our investors why they made this they answered because we could, people then ask if they should but in this case, we got it right in both.”

When watching the video it feels like you’re watching some sort of science fiction movie. The actors really believe that they have created a software that means you never have to worry about money again. They tell you instead of worrying about money you can focus on bettering yourself and try arts because their system is totally automated and will create a new culture in the world.

I think the guys who wrote this script for these actors actually thought they were writing a script for Star Trek!

Baffle You With Science

Baffled by scienceThese types of scams are beginning to concern me as they are all talking about computer coding. Which means they can pretty much tell you whatever they want and you have to believe the software does do it. It’s not like they can show you the coding telling the software what to do. A scammers dream strategy is to be able to sell you something that doesn’t exist and take all your money.

It reminds me of when I did Industrial Product Design at University, you would just design the look of the housing of products that worked on software and then you just told your clients what the software would do. Remember at university all the stuff your designing doesn’t exist but you have to make the lecturer believe it did. Sound familiar?


False Quotes on the Video

On the promotional video, it uses quotes from reviews other companies have left to promote their product.

First Quote

“The algorithms are smart” – BinaryReview

Strange when you search who this BinaryReview company is that gave this quote on their product as this company doesn’t actually exist. I can’t seem to find anything about this company, it’s not even registered.

2nd Quote

This quote is from a site called Bot Blog that also doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet.

“Whether you are an experienced trader or new to the binary option trading world, you will discover that binary options trading Robot is both sophisticated and technologically advanced, but also simple.” – The Bot Blog

3rd Quote

This quote is from a company or site called Money Quarterly. I couldn’t find them anywhere.

“A  great choice for both novice and experienced trader sand enables them to achieve the best possible returns on their investments.” – Money Quarterly

These guys are on a roll with these quotes and they are getting very creative with company names.

If too many things are not adding up you need to trust your gut instinct and mine is telling me that something doesn’t smell right with this company.

4th Quote

“With so many programs claiming ‘automated wealth’, it’s refreshing to see one more that actually delivers on the claim” – Financialsoft

This time they have used a site name but I couldn’t find any reference to Binary Options Robot on their site.

Binary Options

As the promotional video wasn’t helping this company from my point of view I still needed to find about these guys to understand if this was really a scam or not. Or just a really badly exaggerated promotional video.

Risk of Binary Options MarketWhen searching more sites for reviews and reading comments left by customers you begin to see that Binary Options Robot isn’t as bad as you first think. People are actually making money on Binary Options Robot but these are people with financial knowledge and an understanding of the stock market. The difference is, Binary Option Robot mainly focuses on betting on currency trading on the stock market but isn’t fully automated. You do have to work with the software and it will cost you if you end up with a bad broker or make the wrong decisions.

With anyone who wants to make money from the stock market, it will have pros and cons. You will make money and you could also lose some money. I had a friend who had traded on the market for 20 years and the balance sheet was minus £40,000, he had lost that much overall, and yet he still kept on trading trying to make it back. In the end, it’s gambling, your gambling on the chances that the market will change the way you think it will.

My Conclusion

It concerns me that if you had one made up quotes on a promoting video I would say might not be legit. These guys have 3 potentially 4 quotes on their video falsely promoting their software.

The way they promote will cause people to lose money as most people don’t understand the stock market and so the ones who see the free money for doing nothing idea, the so called get rich quick scheme of click and watch it grow, will definitely get stung.

You have to have money to start using this system and it has to be a minimum of $250 to $500. You then have to trust what they say is true. The problem is no system is completely automated you still have to make the right choices from what the broker sends you. So you are still in the chance of losing you money instantly. instantly lose this money if you don’t know what

These sort of systems pray on the wrong people with their false claims and these are the people that lose out. They are short of money and need some money quick. They get started, lose their money because it isn’t completely automated as they say and they bet more and lose more.

My Final Verdict

 I believe this business is a scamOverall – I think this a SCAM!

This may be a legit Binary Options Robot but it is just advertised in a way that makes it a SCAM!

The fact that they claim it to be completely automated is a false claim and for this reason, some people will be wrongly scammed out of their money!

Do I Recommend

No, I wouldn’t recommend as this isn’t a SAFE way to earn money online!

Binary Options Robot isn’t a safe way to make money as this is more of a form of gambling. So you will run the risk of losing all your money. If you are thinking of Binary Options I would say do your research first and make sure you join a credible broker, you still run the risk of losing your money.

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