Brit Method Review – Is it a Safe Business or Just Another Binary Scam

The Brit Method is one of the latest scams hitting the internet. It claims it to offer you a 100% FREE software that with just a few clicks it creates a flow of money that just keep increasing. They claim the system is fully automated and places the winning trades for you! In my Brit Method review, I’ll expose why you should stay well clear of these guys. In actual fact what they don’t tell you is that you’re the one making the choice and you’re really going to be trading with binary signals on the stock market and placing the bets yourself.

The Brit Method Review, Scam site landing page

Brit Method Review

Company: The Brit Method

Type of Company: Software – Binary Options Market

Creator: Unknown as Jason Taylor is a fake name

Type of Business: Get Rich Quick without doing much at all. Just logging in a few hours a week.

Would I Recommend: Definitely Not! Do not give them your email address or deposit any money.

Rating: 0/0 Stars 


I stumbled across this scam when looking on Facebook. They placed a photo of Richard Branson saying that they had leaked the method all the wealthy are using to make thousands a day. Saying it’s a chance for the average person to finally get their hands on the same money. The first click takes you to a screen where a video starts playing but its just words on a white screen video with a voice playing over the top. The voice is apparently this Jason Taylor taking you through the apparent system he got his hands on.

The Brit Method Logo

The so-called Jason starts luring you in by saying that you have been sent the link by invite only because he only works with 20 people at a time to so called give private support to be successful. Any more and he wouldn’t be able to fully commit to everyone. Remember this max of 20 when you read further.

I’ve put together a short video that uncovers what I found, please see below.

The Lure

Anyway, he leads on to say he never went to university and he isn’t an entrepreneur but now he is making thousands a day. He kept spamming images up of his Brit method account and talking you through how each week the number jumps up.

These scammers are now playing on your mind with ideas of being an average person making thousands. Sounds too good to be true!

As I’ve mentioned in previous pages trust your gut instinct. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! There are no quick wins, no easy way out, no magic one click button. Unless you win the lottery that is!

Learn How to Spot Internet Scams

Limited Availability

This is one of the best techniques used by scammers, they do this to make you decide quickly with giving you time to think it through properly. You then make a rash decision which is then costly to you. They will continue to try and get you to sign up early by saying he can only take 20. Trying to get you to click early rather than keep listening. The scammers keep telling you it will cost you nothing to get started, totally free. He apparently doesn’t want any of your money. Hmm, Really?

In The Brit Method scam site video, they continue to try and get you to sign up early by saying he can only take 20 people today. This gets you to click early rather than keep listening. The scammers keep telling you it will cost you nothing to get started, totally free. He apparently doesn’t want any of your money. Hmm, Really?

They tell you that you don’t need to put any money in at all, you need nothing to get started but you’ll open up a channel of money coming to you that you can only dream of.

To Get Started

In order to take up the offer, you must give them your email and your telephone number. This then starts the process, you then download some software to your computer which is the binary trading software. This is where alarm bells should start going off, remember I said that he keeps saying no money needed, nothing up front, no capital needed to start.

Well, guess what, you can’t start this software on your computer until you debit £250!! What a coincidence suddenly you need money to make money!

One of the biggest things to watch out for when looking for a system to use to help you make your business. That they say one thing and mean it. If it’s says nothing need to set up, or free to get started or nothing to pay then there should be absolutely nothing to pay. If it’s legit you should be able to sign up start using their system and begin building your business and still have paid nothing!

Jason Taylor – Fake Name!

One of the best ways to identify if a business is potentially a scam is to test the images on their site. You can do something very simple that involves image searches acrossGooglee and it will show you who else uses this photo.

For this site I did a search on Jason Taylors image and it showed that this image is a stock photo and it also shows that it is used for several sites that are cloans on this site.

Jason Taylor fake name for scam site

Scamming Around the World

Looking into this scam further I have identified more sites that they have set up around the world and for some strange reason, they thought it would be a great idea to change the creator’s name.

The Brit Method By Fake Jason Taylor

The Canuck Method by Fake Jake Mason

The Aussie Method by Fake Jake Pertu

The Irish Method by fake Jason Flanagan

These sites are identical which begs the question if the system is so great why go by aliases why not just use your real name and show people that it works anywhere around the world. That’s because it’s a scam and scammers make silly mistakes that to the untrained eye might catch people out but not to people that research before they sign up.

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Fake Testimonials

The Fake testimonials crop up in each site they are not the same people in every video they have mixed them up across all the promotional videos. They just pretend to live in those countries and share bank accounts in that currency.

The Brit Method Fake Testimonials

Fake Lure Site to Brit Method

When searching further on the internet for ways to make money online, I then came across another of The Brit Methods scam sites. This site is used to capture more people and send them to the scam promotional site. This site had the URL set as ‘’ but when you enter the site it was claiming to be a new feed site. The only page it has is an article about a mother who main thousands working from home.

Fake News site for Brit method to capture victims

At first glance, it does look like a News feed site but once you start looking deeper and into the detail you will be amazed at the lengths they will go.

1. The so-called newspapers that have delivered this store are fake as the logos are all blurry. If they were real, not only would they be the actual crisp logos they would link to their actual articles which they don’t.

2. The photo of the mother used in the article is a stock photo they have bought as loads of other legit sites use this photo.

3. The site looks like it has a large menu full of information but every link on this page even all the different headers all lead The Brit Method promotion site.

4. The video they have added to make it look even more legit is actually taken from a news recording that has been done about working from home but throughout the whole video is doesn’t say what she did not any reference at all.

So one to watch out for, just another capture page for these scammers!

My Final Verdict

I believe this business is a scamDefinitely 100% a ScamStay well clear from this business!

Any business making fake claims to be one thing but turn out to be something else are most certainly scams. The Brit Method is a prime example of this. Once people sign up to these scams they feel conned and lied to.

Be Careful: These guys will lure you in with the idea of being Free to sign up and then once you sign up you have to deposit £250 to get started. This you will definitely lose and never see again, be careful though as they will then start calling you for a few weeks on different numbers trying to get you to invest more to try and make you money back.

Graham Hodsdon founder

Graham Hodsdon


Hi, I’m Graham I am the founder and creator of  Thanks for reading my Brit Method Review. If you have had any experience with Brit Method that you would like to share with us then please leave a comment below.



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  1. Great review! I hope your article will save many people from their money losing headaches. I heard about “the brit method” before, only that It was called “the aussie method” and that Jason Taylor was named Jake Pertu. I see that they didn’t even bother to change the Jason/Jake actor which is used on their promo material (which is also eerily similar). That poor guy seems to have an identity crisis 🙂

    • Thanks TJ I hope so too. Thanks for the heads up I will look into them even more and add more about ‘The Aussie Method’ and anymore i find to the review. You’d of thought they would have least of tried to change the image or the style of the site, at least change the actor. lol he does seem to like his alter egos.

    • Hi Ali, The Brit Method is definitely a scam! Don’t get caught out by the fake claims of a few clicks and the money just keeps flowing like a tap. Nothing like this exists they are just trying to excite you to sign up to this so called system. He then get’s commission for everyone who signs up as you have to debit £250 into the software to get it started. There is no magic system they are just linking you to a stock market broker where you gamble on stock market results. So unless you have some financial knowledge stay away. The creator is fake it’s just an image and a fake name as they have multiple sites around the world with different names. On this site one, he goes by the name Jason Taylor. On the other sites, he goes by the names Jake Mason, Jake Pertu and Jason Flanagan. Who hides who they are if it’s real! On every site, his voice is different and he never shows his face. All the testimonials are fake and there are several that are dotted across each site but its the same people pretending to live in those counties. Hope this helps.

  2. Hello, wish i had come across your web site earlier, i have been scammed for £250 and dont know how to get it back… As a pensioner I was looking for a few extra bucks to make life a little easier and the The Brit Method seemed to fill the criteria very well… i am going to go to the bank and see if they can help regain the money but if not i will have to ‘ just suck it up ‘ and count my losses… I wont be quite so gullible in the future after having read your website… Thank you for your input….Rose.

    • Hi Rose I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed by these guys. Be careful as they will now start ringing multiple times every day for a few weeks trying to get you to deposit more. They call saying they are brokers and say they will help you to get it back and they won’t stop until they rinse you of all your money. A guy in Canada lost $340,000 to a binary scam like this. Unfortunately, you won’t see this money again because when they try and track them down they will be tracked back to other countries. They leave a ghost trail which will bounce from country to country. The best thing you can do is change your account details to make sure they can’t get any more money from you.
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  3. Brit Method a 100% British bogus Organisation. The name Jason Taylor is fake, No address, no customer service. They are not registered even under FSA. I was trying to sue them for Misleading and fake statements under the UK/EU Law but unfortunately, can not get through them. Stay away from them and do not invest your hard earned money.

    • Hi Ali, thanks for commenting. You are so right they are 100% fake and have duplicated their same style scam site several times over in different countries around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of these binary scams are never based where they say they are. There was an article I read recently about a man in Canada who lost $360,000 because when he lost his money they kept calling saying asking him to deposit more money and they would help him to make his money back. When the regulators tried to track the business owners they traced then to Mexico then the trace bounced to five different countries and then ended in Israel. So there was no chance of getting his money back or dealing with the criminals.

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