Fintech Ltd Review – Safe Business or Just Another Scam


In my search on the internet for ways to make money online, I came across these guys advertising software that will begin making money for you without having to do anything. In my Fintech Ltd review, I will share with you the results of my research into finding out if this money making opportunity is a legit way to make money or just another binary options scam trying to part you of your hard earned money.

Fintech Ltd Review and Daniel Roberts Owner of Fintech Ltd

Fintech Ltd Review

Company: Fintech Ltd.

Founder: Daniel Roberts

Type of Business: Binary Options Robot for betting on the results of shares.

Recommendation: Stay Clear of this software, all you will do is lose your money.


When you first come across the Fintech Ltd site you are welcomed with a video by the owner of Fintech Ltd, Daniel Roberts. Within the first few minutes of the video, he is dangling the idea of owning a huge house with two Ferrari’s driving around the driveway. Carrot Dangled to wet your taste buds. For those of us desperate for some extra cash, he is already clouding your judgement.

He uses the story of one of his colleagues who was all stressed about losing money on the stock market and he felt sorry for the guy so gave him the money he lost. Generous guy! Or is he? Daniel then starts talking about how he wondered if it was possible for his technicians to create a software that would work the stock market for you.

He then talks about some a few trials of the software that seemed to work. So he puts in $20 of his own money and at the end of the week they then checked the account and he made $448,00. The were excited it worked so he put in $20,000 dollars and agreed with his technicians that they would check it a week later and if it made money he would take back his $20,000 and they could keep the rest. They checked it and it made $440,000 so he gave it to his technicians. All this time he is talking he is showing some cheesy acting of a team getting all excited.

Daniel himself is very relaxed while talking and it doesn’t seem like bad acting at all. He is very convincing while he is telling you about all his generosity. Convinced yet?

Daniel Roberts Claims for Fintech

So let’s look what Daniels says:

‘Hi, I am Daniel Roberts and YOU are about to make a LOT OF MONEY

  • You don’t need any trading experience to make money with my software, with One-Click, Auto Trading our professionals will do it for YOU!

Binary options are real but you have to still know how to work the market for it to work. These guys don’t earn the big bucks for no reason. People pay these guys to do most of the hard work for them. 

  • You won’t have to do any research, read any charts or do any complicated calculations. My new software version will do all of it FOR YOU!

Anyone trading on the stock market needs to do research and watch for business trends and behaviours, that’s why lots of people lose money on the stock market. The Stock market changes so quickly one day you can be massively up then the next day you could lose it all. With this system you are placing bets on the results, so you need to be given the right advice.

  • Set it up in minutes, start trading within the hour and see your first profits later today. I GUARANTEE IT!

So easy to do anyone can do it, apparently! If it was so easy everyone would be rich. Unfortunately, the only thing that will be easy is them taking your money if you get tempted to go for it.

  • There’s nothing to buy, no contracts to sign and no future payments.

So nothing to pay, nothing to buy? If it was such an amazing piece of software and was such a break through ask yourself this why would someone give it to for free??

You would profit off selling the software as every other business does. Daniel says the reason it’s free he has so much money that he doesn’t need anymore and just wants everyone else to have some. Really? If he has the tool to make unlimited money then why not just give your money away to people. Also, think about this, if there is nothing to pay, the second he then asks for money you know it’s a scam.

Guess what, it’s a trading robot, so how can you trade without putting money in. So I guarantee the first thing it will ask you to do is deposit your money into his software with your card details.

Now he has your bank details and personal details and also your first instalment that you just so-called invested!

  • That`s right, there is no fee to join, it is 100% FREE today!’

That bits true I guarantee it will be free to download, he needs you to get the software so you can pay your money on. Carrot dangled and waiting for the bite.

free copies of Fintech software

Limited Sign ups

Firstly he says he can only take on 7 people at a time because apparently, it corrupts the data they are trying to build as the system learns off each trade and enhances how it works. So took much data then doesn’t allow the system to learn effectively.

So 7 people at a time: He then says so for you to have received this email you are a select few that have been picked to join the plan. By saying only 7 this also puts pressure on people to make a quicker decision to join. Pressure makes us think irrationally. If that wasn’t there you would be more likely to close and move on. The funny thing is I found them off an advertising link of theirs on another site. Hmmm, some select few on an email… this straight away starts raising the alarm bells. So first big sign of being dodgy!

One Click and Free!

Yes, it will be one click as he needs you to download the software but what else could happen once downloaded?

You could end up with malware which sends all your data to marketing companies.

The will also have your card details.

As for free is it really free?? Why would anyone give you something free that basically prints money! It’s like having a game cheat code for actual money.

Fake Testimonials

Fake testimonials are always a strong sign of a scam and always easily found out. If you right click any testimonial and select ‘search google for image’ it will search every site for the same or similar images. Most scamming sites tend to use actors or buy images of people from image stock sites and create fake testimonials. When you view Fintech Ltd’s site you then see they are doing exactly that and using stock photos, random photos and fake names.

Fintech Fake testimonials and images

  1. Stock images used by hairdressing websites
  2. This one is funny as they have just taken the name of someone’s google + account who has written about an article about a Hospitals CEO and used the images of the CEO as the testimonial.
  3. This one is even more random as the photo is from a deceased former Russian press minister called Mikhail Lesin.

This proves that all the testimonials are FAKE!

My Conclusion

  • There are too many alarms bells going off for it to be true!
  • I personally think that the software Fintech Ltd is offering for free is a fake.
  • It concerns me what this software is really doing because it won’t be making you money.

Final Verdict

I believe this business is a scamDefinitely a Scam – No way is this Legit!

Stay clear from this so called money making system all you will do is lose your money. If you are really looking for a legit way to make money online then have a look at my #1 recommendation.

Graham Hodsdon about me
Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham I’m the founder and creator of If you have had any experience with the Fintech Ltd’s Scam or have heard anything of anyone that has fallen for this scam please share a comment below. Also if you have any other scam you would like me to review please let me know.


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