1. Wow! This looks great. Thank you so much for this review it really helps a lot. It has been hard to handle all the social media at the same time. This tool looks helpful and affordable.

    • Hi Dira it certainly is. With social media becoming such an important role in creating a successful business it’s more important than ever to get it right. I was struggling at first to balance my time between creating posts and social media advertising. I began searching for a way to automate this and have found stage has really unlocked this for me. Staged has not only began creating quality leads for my business it has also helped take away the worry of time needed for social media and given me more time to spend on creating posts for my site. I hope you find it as useful as I have, thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Graham! Thank you for sharing such a valuable review. Wouldn’t you know, I suck at Twitter. I recently started a new Twitter for a new website I built, and in a short period of time I got 63 followers. I have never had an account with that many followers. I really struggle.

    That said, I will definitely look into this. The fact of the matter is, $7 is a very small price to pay for quality followers. Followers who are engaged. Of the 63 followers mentioned, they are not engaged at all. While I am proud they aren’t spam accounts, they still aren’t doing what I need them to do.

    Thank you for such an awesome post and I will let you know how it works out for me!!!

    • Hi Shonna, you are very welcome. I used to be just like you and just had 14 followers, I found it difficult at first to get my head around twitter. When I started to try harder by logging in every day and following at least 10 people I eventually got 231 but this took months and like you, these were not engaged at all. I have now just come out of my FREE trial and I am so pleased with the results my first $7 payment has just gone out and like you said $7 is nothing to have quality leads building daily. I look forward to seeing my business grow further as the month’s progress. I will keep posting my progress with Staged for you to see and I wish you all the best for the success of your business. Please keep in touch with your progress with Staged, it would be great to share with my readers. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I have never really had time for twitter, I never really got it. I get Facebook, but I can’t really say that twitter really captures my imagination. HOWEVER, I know there is value in a twitter account because… well, apparently I’m the ONLY person that doesn’t get it! HA HA HA HA I can’t wait to try this product because I sounds like it will help me get started quickly by growing my following.

    • Hi Wenda, I was like you at the beginning but I knew Twitter was the way forward. You will really like this product as it will definitely help you grow your followers easily and start getting you some quality leads from your account. I wish you all the best for your business.

  4. This is an awesome review and despite not being an average twitter user, I know I will be needing this to grow my followers. Thanks for this and it comes at a really affordable price too.

    • Hi Michael, the best this about Staged is even if you are a newbie to twitter or experienced Tweeter, it will work for everyone. This will become another great tool in your kitbag for your business. I wish you all the best for your success.

  5. Looks like a great Twitter tool for business lead seekers. And the fact that it is a free signup? Definitely what I love. I admit, I am still not a bonafide twitter or social media user!! I just want to write!! So it is not really a business I am looking for but readers who trust…so again I need to do this type of thing more. Staged sounds like it can help me in accomplishing that. thanks!

    • Hi Brent, yeah I love free sign ups too especially if it helps my business grow. I never used to be great with Twitter but knew I needed to unlock this to drive my business. The great thing about Staged is that it keeps your business promoting going and keeps reaching out to new customers for you while freeing you up to spend more time on your site and writing posts. I wish you all the success for your business and you will be pleased with the results you get with Staged.

  6. This is good news. it is getting hard to keep up with the various social media channels out there and if there is a software that could amplify results then it’s definitely a huge sigh of relief. Thanks for the insight. Got to try this on. Thanks

    • Hi Veena thanks for commenting, you are very welcome. It can be tough getting the balance between creating content and promoting it. Staged has really helped take some of this away and gave me more time to create content while Staged keep searching for more quality followers for me to promote to. I now you will be pleased with the results as I am. I wish you all the best with you online business Veena.

  7. Hi Graham,
    Thanks for the introduction to a great marketing tool!
    Twitter is not so popular in Asia. But there are still people who use it. So definitely worth a try.

    You have a great website, with very useful information like this review. Many will benefit and follow you. Just like I am. Have just bookmarked your site. 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Timotheus, thanks for the great feedback. I am glad you like my site, really appreciate your kind words. That’s the great thing about social media, it allows you to reach out to the rest of the world for customers too. Thanks for bookmarking and I hope I can help you more in the future.

  8. I am so pleased to comment on Graham’s Awesome Info Site.
    * My Important Tip For Earning Online Successfully:
    Don’t jump around from website to website thinking you will make money quickly – you won’t! Many websites promise you quick and easy money – rubbish! There is no such thing! I have been an internet marketer for over 3 years and I can promise you – there is no quick and easy way! The best way is to use reputable websites and opportunities that actually pay. Spend time daily on your selection (don’t get caught up in more than you can manage) and start growing your income. Don’t give up in a few days or weeks and try something else! Internet marketing is like any other job: you have to work and spend time to earn and success is not instant. It took me a couple of days with some a couple of weeks with others… and most a few months or years to start seeing real results….

    YOU have to want it!
    YOU have to be willing to go that extra mile!
    YOU have to SEE It, believe that you can and will succeed!

    *Start Or Continue Your Journey Today With LadyBiz Has A Plan@
    Be Blessed In All That Our Lord Has Willed For You To Do

    • Hi LadyBiz, thanks for the great comment. Your advice is so true, there is no get rich schemes and no easy ways out. We just need to be dedicated to creating a better life for ourselves and focus on following legitimate and reputable businesses or training platforms. Wealthy Affiliate is a prime example of this and is one of the safest platforms around today for learning how to make money online. They taught me everything I know to enable me to do this. Really appreciate the great tips you have left for my readers LadyBiz. I wish you all the best for the success of your business. Thanks again

  9. This sounds awesome for any online business and it makes me really want to start a twitter account. Like you, I never really understood Twitter, but this makes me want to give it another go and try out this Staged thing you reviewed. Really good information, and seeing how well it worked for you makes me want to try it too!

    • Hi Dan, you will love how much it make it so much easier and know that it is focusing on quality followers too is so great. I am happy to just leave it running now and have the confidence that my followers that I can promote to are just going to keep growing and growing. You will be really happy with the results Dan. I wish you all the best for the success of your business. Thanks again for commenting.

  10. Hi Graham, Thank’s for these tips. I am Still new in the twitter thing and a bit shy trying. Now that I read what to take care of and a little bit more how it works, I will give it a new try. To use staged right from the start might help me save some time. Maybe we soon meet on twitter and share our followers.
    See you and have good time.

    • Hi Stefan, you are very welcome. It will definitely give you the chance to boost your followers from the beginning. Stage even give you video tutorials on how to set up your Twitter profile page to make it more engaging. You will be really pleased with the results you get I know I am. By setting it up from the beginning it will make your social engagement much easier and allow you to spend more time working on your site. I just log in once a week to set up my next 10 auto tweets which are also part of the free package. With SMARTFollow being such a great price it’s nothing to leave it running and keep building your followers. So every time I tweet it goes out to even more followers.
      Thanks again for commenting and I wish you all the best for the success of your business.

  11. Awesome post! I really like the idea of this system and it really isn’t expensive at all. Thanks a lot for sharing, I will be sure to try this out! Do they also do this with Instagram?

    • Hi Samuel, yeah it’s such a great price for something that can do so much for your business. I am currently searching for a system for Instagram if I find one I will let you know 🙂 I wish you all the success with Staged. Thanks again for commenting.

  12. Hi Graham. Very cool app! I’m not using twitter at the moment (or more precisely none of the social platforms except G+) but I’ve already bookmarked your review for future reference. Thank you very much for sharing this:)

    • Hi Marek, your very welcome. The potential for leads and links to your site are endless using Twitter with the help of this software. As Twitter is becoming more popular than ever. Since I switched to Twitter rather than posting on Facebook I’ve seen much better quality leads coming through. Thanks to Staged I now have 1500 followers and this is growing by the day. This is also after it has unfollowed 1200 people which are awesome results as I know that at least 90% of my followers are active and engaged. Just takes a bit of setting up and then you can just leave it to it and focus on your site.

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