Is Orion Code a Scam? Or are these bold claims actual legit


On my search for more ways to make money online and expose the scams to keep people safe, I came across the Orion Code. This money making system has some big claims and in this review, I will go into detail and look deep into their claims and see if you can really make money with this system or is Orion Code a scam!

Orion Code CEO Edward Robinson

What is Orion Code

Company: Orion Code

Company Website:

Founder and Creator: Edward Robinson

Cost: $250 deposit needed to get started

Potential to make money: Extremely, more likely to lose everything.

Recommend: I don’t recommend signing up to this system as it isn’t what they make it out to be.

Rating: 0/0 Stars – Stay clear of this system.

Orion Code Scam company Logo

At First Glance

Orion Code Scam rush tactics to get you to sign up

There are a couple of things I notice straight away that concerns me with Orion code and this is before I have even had the chance to hear what the Orion Code is all about.

First, they are going straight into the dangling the carrot technique of building up your hopes and dreams by driving up in his Bentley and getting aboard his private Jet, that he apparently just got back from his many holidays that he is able to take. He then keeps telling you that you can have all this if you decide to let him help you.

Count down timer, is orion code a scam?

Second concern is the limited time and availability technique they use to rush you into signing up before you have any chance to engage your gut instinct. If we give ourselves time to think things through and stay calm we can make more rational decisions.

Orion Code limited timers

Scammers love using these techniques as they want to get you excited, they know you a hungry for money, so all they have to do is dangle the idea of money and say they can only offer it to 20 people. They this is usually enough to get people to quickly sign up.

These guys are using three methods at the same time to rush you!

1) A timer to saying Membership will completely close

Trying to tell you that you won’t get another chance

2) VIP Spots available timer in the bottom right of the screen

Trying to get you to register quickly before you have even know what it’s about before the ‘Slots‘ run out.

3) Total people apparently logged onto the promotion currently

Telling you there are over 100 people logged in but only a couple of VIP slots left so that you sign up quickly before having chance to know fully what it’s about.

what does that say about them?

NOTE: When I am searching businesses to see if they are legit or not, having timers like these to rush you is one of the first signs that they could be a Scammers site!

Who is Edward Robinson

Is Orion Code Scam - Who is Edward Robinson

I have no idea as he doesn’t exist and this is usually the case with systems like this. The genuine legit businesses don’t need these cheesy promotional videos that go on for an hour, yes an hour! Don’t know why you would actually watch all of this unless you were researching it like I was. OMG painful.

Yes, this video is just full of actors and badly scripted, as a researcher, it made me chuckle because I have seen so many. You listen to these guys claims and they just seem so far fetched. They do well to keep straight faces.

So the so called Edward Robinson doesn’t exist as he is just a made up name and played by and actor, not a great start for this sales pitch!

Tired of find scams read my number 1 recommendation!

Orion Code Claims

Orion Code money claims

‘Our System delivers 100% accuracy and 100% success rate.’

This is a very bold claim, Edward Robinson claims to have developed software that delivers 100% accurate bets on the binary market and delivers zero losses from 100% wins. I know from experience of looking into binary systems that pretty much no business claims 100% accuracy, why? Perhaps because no system can predict the future trends of shares. Even some of the best brokers out there only claim 75% to 85% on accuracy.

‘Completely automated system, you just switch it to autopilot’

Edward claims that his software does everything for you and you don’t need to do anything. He even tells you that you just switch it to autopilot and let it make the money for you. All you have to do is log in to see how much money you have made. Would you trust a gambling system to gamble with your money automatically? I know I wouldn’t. Especially as I know these Binary Options Robots still require information from brokers who work the stock market and give you percentages as a guidance and you still have to decide what to do. You also have to trust you’re with a credible broker.

That is unless you want to lose all your money, on the first day! Which will most likely happen with these guys! They will then keep calling you and ask you to deposit more money to try and make you money back.

Revolutionary Software Claim

‘Our System runs a near Orion Speed Technology’

They claim that this revolutionary software predicts the stock market changes faster than any other software so beats everyone to the punch. This then delivers 100% accuracy and 100% wins with no loss, as the system knows what’s happening before anyone else. It literally makes money for you on autopilot.

This bit really makes me chuckle. So their system runs on a patented ‘NQS’ technology which stands for ‘Near Orion Speed Technology’. Notice the error? ‘NQS’ not ‘NOS’, now you might think I was being a bit picky with this but NQS could also mean ‘Near Quantum Speed Technology’. Have you heard of this before?

Quantum code, copy scam site logo

I have, in another money making software video which looks identical to the Orion Code software promotional video.  I did a review on it already, Is the Quantum Code a Scam.

Come on guys, you could at least of changed some more of the script!

Near Quantum speed technology
Screen Shot from The Quantum Code Promotional Video

Duplicate Promotional Video

The Orion code video script is pretty much the same as the Quantum Code promotional video. From both getting on their Private Jets and talking about their many holidays, to going to their headquarters and talking to their head tech advisors about their latest update.

Both sites also describe their software in exactly the same way and they both use the abbreviation ‘NQS’. Like I said this is a silly move by them, but most people would not pick this up unless they had researched the Quantum Code for themselves too.

Duplicate copy site as Orion Code
The Quantum Code Scam

Same style techniques, similar script and same timers to rush you to sign up!

Orion Code duplicate site as the Quantum Code
The Orion Code Scam

My Conclusion

I could go all the way through the video and post more because for an hour there are loads. They were all the same claims as Quantum I couldn’t believe it, I was amazed that they didn’t change much of it at all. The only difference was different actors used and a different building. Please follow the link above and have a good read to see how far they take it. You will see more reasons to stay away.

Read my Is Quantum Code A Scam here

Overall this is just another binary options software scam that is disguised as a money making opportunity that they claim you don’t need to do anything. When it comes to betting your money when your being told you don’t need to do anything it means you are trusting them with your money, which you will unfortunately lose. These sort of claims are fake and any business saying their system claims to do one thing but in fact does something else is just scamming you. You need to stay well away from both these scams.

They tell you that you don’t need any more to get started and you will make money within the first hour is a massive lie. Once you sign up they give you some binary software that receives binary signals from a so-called broker. Guess what? you can’t get started until you deposit $250, so much for no money needed.

This is the case for all binary options programs because you can’t gamble without money, you need to money to get started. So every genuine binary options broker will say you need to deposit money to get started. They will also tell you that you could lose your money, these guys don’t say anything about that at all.

My Final Verdict

I believe this business is a scamIs Orion Code a Scam – 100% YES, it’s a Scam!

Stay well clear of the Orion Code and do not register or deposit any money with them. The main problem with these types of scams is once you deposit your money and lose it they then start calling you and emailing you to get you to deposit more to try and make it back. They are just out to bleed you of your savings. Stay Clear of them!

Please share my posts with friends and family to protect them from these types of scams!

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Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator and founder of So is Orion Code a Scam, it certainly is and if you have any experience with The Orion Code please share within the comments below to help protect my readers from having the same problems. Thanks in advance for taking the time to comment.

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