Is the Aussie Method A Scam or just another Binary Options Robot?


Is the Aussie Method a scam or another Binary Options trader link, both of these keep popping up all over the internet. With their so-called limited places and get rich by not doing anything claims. The Aussie Method also claim they can make everyone a millionaire. Read my review and decide if you need to stay clear or not.

The Aussie Method

Jake Pertu – but this is a fake name, actual creator unknown!

Type of Business:
Binary Options Signals

Would I Recommend?
Definitely Not – This is a Scam! 

Scam warning - Aussie Method stay clear!
Aussie Method video portal sign up screen


The Aussie Method is another site claiming that they can make you a millionaire from using Binary Options. If you don’t know what Binary Options Trading is I have written a post about it.

Trading Binary Options Scams, what are they?

You will come across the Aussie Method through links on facebook and by searching them on google. This system was created by Jake Pertu, he claims that he found this system and has made millions. He also claims to have never been to university and that he isn’t a mathematician. They claim if you have made it to their launch page you have been selected and been given a special invitation to this limited places money making scheme to make money. Straight away you know that you weren’t invited, as you found it yourself. This alone starts to make you question it.

Jake Pertu claims that he wants to share this method with you because he has made so much money now he feels it’s time he shared it with others. He claims the system is so easy anyone can do it. With just a couple of clicks to the mouse, the money starts building and then just continues to grow automatically while you sit back and create a new millionaire!

So the real question you’re asking is whether this is a scam or not?

The Sales Pitch Video

Once you click on the site the video begins and you hear Jake Pertu for the first time. The video is not of Jake Pertu, the only thing you see of Jake is the photo. He doesn’t appear on his video even once! Which is really strange as he shows videos of people who are sharing how successful they are. This is another red light for me. Why if you are sharing such a great system would you not want to show your face, unless you have something to hide.

Scam Alert - Free Sign up the Aussie Method
Free Sign up to Aussie Method

He then talks through the video saying he wants to share this for free, it will cost you nothing. All he wants you to do is record a short video of how successful you become. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Totally FREE he doesn’t want your money, not one penny. He reminds you there is not fee for signing up and any credit card details needed. He also keeps referring to this over and over again.

So you will soon be part of their members only page!

That’s if you sign up. To entice you to do this he keeps spamming page after page of free to sign up, cost you nothing and you will make thousands a month. To really get you excited he also claims

if you sign up. To entice you to sign up he keeps spamming page after page of free to sign up, cost you nothing and you will make thousands a month. To really get you excited he also claims

that if you aren’t successful he will pay you $10,000 himself. He then tells you he hasn’t had to do this yet and hasn’t paid anyone of his members $10,000 because they have earned far more.

Sounds too Good To Be True! It usually is!

Looking Deeper

Before signing up to anything you need to make sure you do your research to find out if you can trust them enough to give them your details and more importantly your money! You need to look for reviews and if you find all good reviews keep looking because sometimes the reviews are by the same scammers.

Learn How to Spot Internet Scams



Who is Jake Pertu?

By doing a simple searching with google to search similar images across the internet you find Jake has multiple aliases. This is a great way to find out if testimonials are real too. A lot of times scammers use image sites to grab pictures of people and then use fake testimonials.

This is apparently Jake Pertu founder of the Aussie Method:

Jake Pertu from the Aussie Method and his Profit Guarentee
Jake Pertu’s Profit Guarantee from the Aussie Method

But once the search results come through look who else is out there.

We have three more businesses looking identical to the Aussie Method with the same person but with different names in each one. The only thing they have kept the same is beginning the first name with the letter J.

I have also conducted a review of The Brit Method Scam

The Irish Method Scam and Fake Jason Flanagan

This is all great having a business that works anywhere in the world. It is also great having different websites for each business that relates to each country. My concern is if this is not a scam why go by different names in each one. Why not just have the same person with the same name saying this business is great it works anywhere!

The one thing I have learnt over the years is that scammers are sloppy. They make silly mistakes or typos or don’t set things up well enough. They always say liars get found out because they forget to cover all their lies. When you are talking about something factual you cover it really well but when you are fabricating something you have to remember to cover all your tracks.

The silly mistake these guys made was just simply creating different names. It adds doubt in the mind of people. They start asking why would you do this unless you have something to hide.

The Video Testimonials

I’ve seen a lot of video testimonials in the past while researching and I am yet to see one that is convincing. I think mainly because genuine sites with legit businesses don’t need video testimonials. They know they are legit and just advertise as normal. You tend to find that scamming sites seem to think its a much better idea to show video testimonials to try and lure people in. They obviously aren’t real unfortunately but to the unknowing eye, they might seem real. These are usually paid actors and actresses trying to hype people up to signing up saying how successful they have been.

One thing I have learnt in my lifetime is genuine people are more often self-conscious than anything else and when on video they are very nervous and look uncomfortable. They are happy they have won but you can tell they have been told what to say because they are uneasy while doing it.

Then you look at most video testimonials they are full of confidence and happy to talk on camera. That because they have spent years learning how to do it because they are actors. Actors are full of self-confidence, they love the attention and being on camera is second nature to them.

So when you see these testimonials:

Both of these were definitely, in my opinion, an actor and an actress they were not convincing for a second. I can imagine they place a good part but they have just played a nice performance but by no way was it genuine.

Then we look at another testimonial and oh my this guy should have been told to turn down the overacting. This guy was by no means convincing. It’s actually quite amusing to watch, the fact that they thought he would be a great person to sell their product and convince them to sign up. It’s worth watching just for this guy.


It was worth researching this one even just for the comical sloppy work of this video.

What About the Limited positions

This is another way that you can get caught out! When a business starts rushing you to make a decision by telling you there is a time limit for the promotion of a few minutes or limited places. This first 20 only technique causes you to jump in without fully listening to your head and gut feelings. Given time, most people make a better judgement.

The Aussie Method tells you that you are here because you were invited to a private opportunity and you need to make a decision fast to be able to take part. They then keep spamming the messages over and over trying to get you to sign up. Telling you:

‘There is no catch’

‘You could be on your way to being a millionaire’

‘We won’t ask for any money’

‘It won’t cost you a penny’

What Will It Actually Cost You

If you get caught in the excitement and sign up to this Aussie Method, the ‘FREE’ and ‘it won’t cost you a penny’ changes in minutes! To Test this out, I signed up with fake details so I could confirm what they were trying to do.

In my experience of Binary Options it’s never free to get started. You must deposit money to start trading!

Just as I though once you sign up you are told to download some software which turns out to be a Binary Option Trading robot. This part is fine but before you can do anything else it asks you to credit your account by $300. 

Suddenly this amazing system that costs nothing requires money!

This is what Binary Options Trading is, you have to already have money to get started. Why? because you are in a sense gambling on the results of shares. So you can’t gamble without having money to gamble with.

Tired of find scams read my number 1 recommendation!


When you sign up, the trading system you end up with isn’t the scam but lying to people to get them to get started is. There will be loads of people who sign up to this thinking they can earn some money from this amazing method that apparently ANYONE CAN DO!

This will not be the case because in order to make money on Options Trading you need to gamble with your money first to hopefully make some money back. So if you don’t have any spare money first you can’t even get started.

If you have some knowledge of the financial market you might do well at this but the way Binary Options work is you receive signals sent from brokers that recommend on a percentage of potential success of what to bet. You then make your bets based on this information. They then get a cut of what the result is. If the broker is a good broker you might do well. If you lose they get paid, If you win they also get paid.

My Final Verdict

I believe this business is a scamIs the Aussie Method a Scam? – This is a Scam!

The majority of people who sign up to this, it will be a scam and they will feel cheated. The Aussie Method are linking you to brokers who they most certainly get a cut from. So I would suggest if you are looking towards Binary Options Trading do some research into a great Broker first and then just go directly to them. This way at least you have chosen who to work with and there is no middle man.

Graham Hodsdon About Me
Graham Hodsdon


Hi, I’, Graham, I’m the founder and creator of If you have come across a system like this before please share in the comments below and I will do a review on it to help protect others. Thanks for reading.


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