I’ve always known that running my own business is the best way to be financially free. But I struggled for years to find what my niche would be. I didn’t have the capital to set up my own business and didn’t like the idea of taking out a loan. I began to learn that the best way to do this is on the Internet. Creating a business that would run 24hrs a day and be accessible to several billion customers across the world.

So If you’re like me and you want to stop trading time for money and working long hours each day until you’re 60 then here are some great ways to earn money.

Building a Website

One of the best ways to unlock your future and free up your time is to build a website. A website runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your business will run while you sleep and is accessible to customers all around the world.

You could

  • Create a site where you write about yourself and a life journey you are on.
  • Create a site for a specific hobby you like
  • Create a mentoring site where you give people help and guidance
  • Create a site giving reviews on products you’ve tested out and what you think about it.
  • Create a news feed about current events
  • Create a travel blog about all your holidays and trips.
  • Create a business or shop where you could promote a business model or sell items you buy or create.

It’s a lot cheaper to run a website than to set up a bricks and mortar store in a town or city. You also won’t reach any near as many potential customers with a brick-and-mortar shop as an online shop where you can reach Millions of customers. Your outgoings to get started could be as little as £15 for buying a domain.

With a website, you could work whenever you like as your site is always up. This means you could build a site and run an online business in your spare time. This is great as most people can’t afford to spend the money to set up a brick-and-mortar business but with an online business, you could still work full time in your current job while you build your business in your own time.

The tricky part of setting up an online business is finding a niche, as in the right target audience or customers. My best advice is to go with something you already have a passion for. Something you have enough passion for that you could talk about enough for people to want to read it and come back for more.

Once you have traffic and repeat customers reading your content you could then link products from companies that have affiliate links. You could add in products that you have done reviews on. Or products you use yourself in your hobby. This way your readers might want to try the products too. You could even add links to adverts for companies that are linked to your hobby.

Companies like Amazon and pretty much every company that makes a product create affiliate links that you can use that give a % of the commission if people buy them through your site.

To learn how to do this and get a better understanding of how it works.

I have put together some posts that will walk you through talk you through:

Creating an Online Business

For those of you that want to completely unlock your future and take your website to the next level, you can create your own online business. As I said before all you need is great traffic to your website. When customers click on your website it’s classed as having traffic. Companies love websites with large traffic as it’s a great place to promote their products.

Linking another website with traffic to their company site enables a company to reach out to more customers they might not have reached with just their store alone. This creates a network of potential customers being directed from hundreds if not thousands of sites to their company site. This also links customers to products through your site that they might not have found. In return, these companies then pay you a commission for sending them their way. So it’s a win-win for you, the customers and the companies.

Anyone with enough passion for something to want to talk about it can make a site with great traffic. You don’t have to be great at writing all you have to do is write as if you are talking to people just as I am doing now.

If you like the idea of this, check out the article through the link below and go through it in more detail.

Creating an Online Business

Other Ways to make money Online

If you’re not looking to set up a business but just looking to top up your cash then there are loads of ways out there. There are companies out there that will pay for small tasks or surveys and this will give you some extra money that could top up your monthly income. I’ve searched the internet and checked out what is excellent and what to avoid.

I have reviewed some for you already and will continue to add more as I find them.

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