How to Find Keywords For a Website the Proper Way

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To create a successful website you need to focus on search engine optimisation, SEO. One of the factors of SEO is Keywords, these are used to tell Google and other search engines what your site is about. Selecting the right Keyword will either make or break a post. If you select the wrong Keyword you could never be ranked in google and never be found. This is where keyword research tools are useful, they enable you to work out what potential customers type in search engines so you can find popular keywords that will produce the traffic you need. In order to succeed at this, let me share with you how to find keywords for a website the proper way.

Jaxxy – How to Find Keywords For a Website The Proper Way

Jaxxy LogoName: Jaxxy
Price: Free Trial Account, $19 per month for Pro account and $49 per month for an Enterprise account.
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend  5/5 stars

Jaxxy Overview

Jaxxy was designed to help website developers and bloggers create websites that rank high within Google and other search engines. This is the goal for any website, to reach the top 3 pages within Google. This is because when customers search online they tend to only look at the first 2 or 3 pages. So if you can’t get your website pages or posts within the top 2 or 3 pages you run the chance of never being found.

These searches are called organic searches as they mean they have found you in the search engine results and not through you advertising on social media. The great thing about creating organic searches is that they are free searches. You aren’t paying for advertising or having to do social media campaigns, these are customers that find you on their own whether you are working on your site or not.

How to Find Keywords For a Website the Proper Way with Jaxxy


When we heard about Jaxxy I knew we needed to give it a try. To have access to a tool that helps us reach free organic searches, had to be tried. After all the success of your site depends on if your customers can find you easily enough.

Free 30 Searches

Jaxxy comes with 30 free searches and it doesn’t take you long to go through them if you’re doing some solid research. Once you get through your free searches though you should have at least 10 or more really great keywords to use. Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate have done a fantastic job with putting Jaxxy together it really does make it so much easier.

Getting to Know Jaxxy

After signing up the real fun begins, you will be amazed how much you will use this software and when you see what you can do with it. This is no normal, straightforward, keyword research tool. The creators have really looked into what tools a successful website designer needs and housed it all in one insanely awesome kit.

So let’s have a look at what you can really do with Jaxxy.

Jaxxy Search

The Jaxxy Search Option

The first option in the Jaxxy Menu is the Search function. This, once selected, allows you to begin your search for your Keywords. This is where most keyword tools just give you the average monthly search but there is more to selecting the highest searched keywords.

Once you have typed in the first few words you want to check for a keyword the rest of these options are displayed within Jaxxy.

AVG – Average Monthly Searches of this Keyword

This can be anything from <10 to 10,000’s of searches a month. Selecting the keyword that is searched the most isn’t the best option for the keywords with high searches tend to be used by the top competitors. If you are a new site and try using this highly competitive keywords, chances are you will never rank and so will never be found.

Traffic – Average visits you will get if your page is on the 1st page of Google with this keyword.

If your post or page can get high enough ranked to appear on page 1 then these Traffic stats will show you how many visits you could receive based on this keyword.

QSR – Number of Competitors using this Keyword

This is one of the most important tabs in Jaxxy. This is one of the key pieces of information you don’t get in most keyword tools. This tab allows you then to pick out the website with the lowest competition. The low the competition the more chance you will get ranked off it and so more likely to reach page 1 and get free traffic from searches.

My Top Tips for QSR:

  • Always aim for keywords with less than 200 competitors this was you stand a chance of being in the top 200 so will get ranked. Obviously saying that the lower the QSR number the better.
  • If you are a brand new website I suggest writing some posts targeting a QSR of below 50 but if you are a bit more established aim for a QSR below 100. Both of these will then get you ranked and start to build an authority site within the search engines.

Once your pages start to rank higher you will see more of your older post grow in ranking too because your site is becoming more respected overall. I had some of my oldest posts that never ranked at all in the top 200 for my first 6 months suddenly jump up to page 3 because the website was more established and respected.

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator

As the title reads it tells you the quality of the keyword.

  • Green is a great keyword and means you more likely to get ranked against your competitors.
  • Yellow is ok and means there is a lot of competition and you might find it tough to compete against.
  • Red is a very poor keyword and you stand the chance of never getting ranked.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 

This figure factors in the traffic and the competitor’s values. The score runs from 1 to 100, the higher the score the better results. This basically refers to the chances of you reaching page 1 with this keyword.

Domains – Available domains to buy

The domains tab is ideal for when you are researching your website domain name and will tell you if the keyword is available as a domain and also which versions are available for eg. ‘com’ or ‘net’.

The Search Begins!

So you type your first keyword into your search and hit the button ‘Find Keywords’. Jaxxy then starts searching, it then populates a list made up of your chosen keyword and a long list of all sorts of variations of that keyword. This is then great for brainstorming and allows you to then click on any of the keywords and it will do another search on that one.

This is when you start to look at the data and stats of the fields we just discussed and start to find a keyword which will create the traffic you need for your site. Remembering not to just get excited at the large searches and take into account a number of competitors and average traffic. There is no sense in targeting a keyword that creates 60,000 visitors a month if there are 450 competitor sites that already use that keyword. As these sites are already established and ranked and you will most likely never come into the top 200 let alone make it to page 1.

Poor keyword search for Jaxxy

Looking at this example you would think that have an average search of 140k would be a great choice but as you can see there are 382 websites that use this keyword. Jaxxy also tells you that this keyword is poor and also the SEO ranking is zero. So the chances of you ever ranking with this keyword is never which means you won’t rank in search engines and have no chance of attracting organic visitors.

Jaxxy Site Ranking

Check you post and keyword ranking with Jaxxy

Jaxxy site ranking is a great feature of this software as it allows you to type in your chosen keywords you’ve used in your posts and see how your post rank in Google. It really helps you to understand how well you have built each post. You can then work on them to improve their rankings.

One thing you will notice is as you create more posts your overall site rankings will improve together. I had posts that hadn’t ever ranked start to jump up in rankings as my site authority improved. Some posts went from being ranked 200+ to jumping up to page 3 which was a surprise as these posts were very basic and still needed work.

You can get tempted to check too often and this can distract you from focusing on creating new posts rather than spending to much time improving old posts. So take my advice and just check once a week just to see how they are doing and remember they will increase anyway as your site grows

The Pros & Cons

The Pros:

  • 30 free searches with their Free account
  • Jaxxy is very easy to use
  • Almost no learning curve needed
  • The site ranking checker is extremely useful and
  • Extremely accurate data
  • Great at finding high traffic keywords that have low competition
  • Enables you to find quality traffic finding keywords
  • Utilises data from Google search results
  • No download needed
  • Online program you can log into, on any computer or smartphone
  • Excellent training material and support

The Cons:

  • You can get distracted from your site progress by checking your site ranking too much.
  • There are some features you might not use too much

Jaxxy Tools & Training

Jaxxy Training step by step videos

Jaxxy has some great step by step training videos that talk you through the best techniques for selecting the proper keywords that will help you achieve high ranking pages. This can be found in the top menu bar under ‘Training’

Make sure you make the most of these videos to give you the best possible start.


The Cost of Jaxxy 

Jaxxy is a very affordable and extremely useful tool. You will be amazed how much use you can get out of it. You can also use it to search your competitor keywords to enable you to fully research keywords to create the maximum potential.

Free to Join

The free to join allows you to sign up and use 30 searches for free to really get an idea of the what you can get out of Jaxxy.

PRO Account – $19 a month

The Pro account allows for unlimited searches and you can save keywords and create lists for you to refer back to. This allows you to fully research keywords, with thorough searches for phrases to find the best possible keyword.

Enterprise Account – $49 per month

The enterprise account enables you to do more searches and completes all searches and Ranking at 5 x the speed of pro.

For the full details check this comparison of each of the accounts.

Jaxxy price comparison sheet

My Final Opinion of Jaxxy

Jaxxy is a really easy piece of kit to use and certainly delivers the results. The results you get from your searches enable you to find high traffic keywords that have low competition websites. This enables you to get your posts to rank high in Google. I have been using Jaxxy to find keywords to help me create posts for the last 6 months. Of these posts I created, they were indexed in 8 to 11 hours and some jumped straight up to page 2 and 3 of Google.

I have been using Jaxxy to find keywords to help me create posts for the last 6 months. Of these posts I created, they were indexed in 8 to 11 hours and some jumped straight up to page 2 and 3 of Google.

Current Progress of my posts ranking in Google after 6 months thanks to using Jaxxy.

Google Page 1 = 4 posts

Pages 2 to 3 = 17 posts

Pages 4 to 5 = 6 posts

Pages 6 to 7 = 3 Posts

These are great results for a new website and these results have created 1200 pages views per month and 60% organic searches on my website.

Jaxxy Summary

Jaxxy LogoName: Jaxxy
Price: Free Trial Account, $19 per month for Pro account and $49 per month for an Enterprise account.
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend  5/5 stars

My Final Verdict!

Legit and safe site to useWe can most certainly certify that this software is 100% Legit. It’s an insane piece of softwareIt is by far the best keyword tool on the market for delivering the right results. Every other keyword tool I have used only told me part of the information. It wasn’t until I realised, thanks to Jaxxy, that there was more to it then just how many visits a keyword can produce that I really started to see results. I have used several keyword tools before on past website and never had the massive results that I have had using this software. My old sites barely even ranked, never mind reaching page 1 like I have with using Jaxxy.

Try a few searches for yourself for free!

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Graham And Jay Hodsdon ProfileHi, my name is Graham, with my wife Jay we run If you are looking into following our success of ranking in Google, then you have just read the right post. Download Jaxxy for yourself and try the free 30 searches and find out how to find keywords for a website the proper way, for yourself.

Best of wished for your success of your site and please share your thoughts in the comments below.