Walter Green Free Money System Scam – Why Stay clear!


Walter Green Free Money System Scam is it just another binary options market scam or a legit business. The worrying thing about these so called free money schemes is that they promote them in a way that you don’t have to do anything but sit back and make money. It makes it seem like you are just printing money. This is really not the case. Read my review and decide for yourself is the free money system a scam or legit?

Walter Green Free Money System Scam

Company: Free Money System

Type of Business: Binary Options Market – Promoting Binary Signals

Owners: Walter Green

Cost: $200 start up fee that you have to pay to the broker you use

Rating:   1/5 Stars definitely stay clear of this one!


I keep coming across more and more of these Binary systems being advertised and I can imagine they look really attractive when you are in need of some extra cash. Some are very similar to Walter Greens free money system, each time they make them sound so easy. They focus on making it sound like they have created this amazing new software that does everything for you and you just sit back and collect the large sums of money. It makes it very difficult to work out which ones are legit.

Unfortunately, in most cases, there aren’t legit and this is where the scams come in. Scammers look for ways to promote products and services in a way that they will sell quickly and then they move on before anything can come back to get them. The point of the scam is to make it sound so attractive you can’t say no and they do this by embellishing on the facts. There are things to look out for when working out which ones are scams and which ones are legit. To learn how to spot internet scams have a read of my post.

One thing to look out for on sites, that could be potential scams, are typing mistakes. It’s not like a blog where someone is typing what they are passionate about or talking about a holiday. When a company like this is talking about making ‘Millionaires’ with their ‘Millionaire spots available’ promotion, you would think Walter the millionaire would pay good money for a site to promote his amazing system!

Apparently when you sign up to the Absolutely FREE Walter Green Free Money System Scam you get ‘Special Aceess’

Free Money System Video

These are the type of promotional videos that annoy me as they are made out to get rich schemes. This one goes on for almost half an hour and goes over and over about how much money people have made. Unfortunately, they usually use actors to say that they were successful and this in turns makes people believe it must be true. This helps to push people over the edge if they are undecided and they start thinking they can do it too.

After the video, this image popped up to get me ti register

If you notice at the bottom there is some really really fine print. You can just make out the terms and conditions box. This on its own would tell me to watch out. if it was genuine you would have that text nice and clear and it certainly wouldn’t already be ticked. So I took a closer look.

Millionaire Spots Available

Scammers use this technique all the time to encourage you to not have the time to think about it and rush you to make a decision. By using the words ‘spots available’ they are implying that there is a limited amount of spaces. When you finish watching the video it asks you for your email address

After the video, if you don’t click to register it then put the pressure on again and a message comes up saying:

‘if you don’t apply in the next 10 minutes your chance of becoming a millionaire trader could expire.’

Don’t ever let any business rush you, if they are they are doing it for a reason. Everyone knows we have a conscience and if we make rash decisions we don’t have time to think it over and that chance to see you shouldn’t do this doesn’t come until it’s too late.

I then took a look at these terms and conditions and there it was confirming the video was a fake. It stated that ‘all video and content on this site are fictitious’ and should be ‘viewed for entertainment purposes only’

Well, at least they are making sure they tell us it’s fake. Just a shame you have to look at the fine print for it.

Is Binary Options really a scam?

Binary options is actually a legit way of earning money but you do need to have a knowledge of the financial market to be successful. Otherwise, you are just really gambling like you do at the casino. With so many binary options software systems out there it’s very hard to work out which sites to go with. The way Binary options work is you have to sign up to a broker, the brokers then send you what they call binary signals. The broker is actually giving you advice on what he thinks you should do. The problem you can have is how do you know which broker to go with and what if you pick a bad broker.

The way Binary options work is you have to sign up to a broker, the brokers then send you what they call binary signals. The broker is actually giving you advice on what he thinks you should do. You still have to make the decisions on what to do. The problem you can have is how do you know which broker to go with and what if you pick a bad broker. Well, because you are relying on his advice, if the advice isn’t great you will lose your money.

So, is the free money system a scam or legit?

The issue is, Walter Green isn’t actually giving you free access to his system. Why? because he doesn’t have an actual system. He doesn’t have any software. All Walter is doing is putting you in touch with brokers and it’s their software you are using. Walter Green doesn’t even have any financial software. He is not even allowed to give financial advice. So Walter Greens Free Money System is actually just a website pointing you at brokers. This is what I would call a scam when someone is selling you something but telling you it is something else. This daft thing is this wouldn’t be classed as a scam if he had a website that was promoting different brokers and promoting their software and in turn earning some commission for sending customers to them. Instead, he has chosen to lie to people saying he has one thing but doing another.

All he has done is set up a website that creates Walter commission from the brokers for sending you to them. He has basically set up what we call an affiliate site, not a free money system. An affiliate is a person attached to another company. So you may as well just go straight to the brokers and avoid poor old Walter and his get rich quick scheme, which he doesn’t actually have, and not give him his own free money system for not doing anything.

When you read some of the supporting information on the site it reads:

‘The owner of this website may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products and services of this website.’ –

It then goes on to say it could be in the form of money, services or products. So that confirms my thoughts, that this is all Walter is doing. He is just earning commission from the sale.


Walter says you will get private VIP access to one of the best brokers in the industry. So Walter can’t support you with his system he is just there to link you to the brokers and get his commission.

On the Positive

To be fair to Walter Green there is one good thing about his site, unlike a lot of other sites I have seen offering amazing systems of making money without doing anything. He does actually have reviews on his site telling you what you need to do to be successful on the stock market. He covers some of the basics off which helps but for most people, this is very new and wouldn’t be enough to really upskill you with the knowledge of the financial markets. He does go into some detail but as you can see this isn’t what Mr scammer was advertising at first.

He does go into some detail but as you can see this isn’t what Mr scammer was initially advertising.


So is the Walter Green Free Money System Scam what he makes it out to be. Unfortunately not, as he continuously tells you about his system to make you into a millionaire when really he is just there to take the commission from linking you up with the broker.

The fact that he then tells us in his terms and conditions that all the content on his site is fake and is for entertainment purposes only. I can’t imagine anyone would be very entertained out of losing their money from his so call Free Money System.

My Final Verdict

I believe this business is a scamThe free money system is definitely a Scam!

His whole site is made to make you think it’s a get rich quick scheme instead of you actually gambling on the stock market.

I really don’t recommend taking this business up I would stay well away from this free money system! Focus on searching for actual Binary Options Software through actual brokers. Search for reviews on quality brokers and utilise their financial advice.




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If you have had any experience with this Walter Green Free Money System Scam then please share your thoughts by dropping me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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