If you’re looking for ways to make money online then you could sign up to survey sites and get paid for surveys. Survey sites are paid by businesses to collect marketing information that they can use to tailor their own business strategies. The data that survey sites collect aren’t personal data like names and addresses it’s more personal preferences and demographics. This helps businesses to learn what consumers like and need and what their buying habits are. On my search I came across this new survey site and in this post, I am going to be sharing with you what is MintVine Surveys.

MintVine Home Page

What is MintVine Surveys

MintVine LogoCompany: MintVine

Website: https://mintvine.com

Cost to sign up: Free

Potential Monthly Earnings: around $40 plus depending on available surveys

Rating: 5/5 Stars 5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend

Recommendation: Worth signing up for as it’s a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

As far as surveys sites go this is one I favour the most. The surveys are not intrusive like some survey sites and the menus and surveys flow very well. I don’t like completing surveys normally but I really don’t mind completing them for this site.

How to get started

MintVine sign up by Facebook or emailOnce you click their website link above you’ll be taken to the MintVine survey site. You can either sign up via your Facebook logins or with just your email address. They only ask for your first and last name and your email address to get started. This site has an easy to use feel and looks really well put together.

Once registered you are taken through a brief introduction to the site where it tells you about all the ways to earn credits and money. Once you’re in you can get started straight away by going to Survey Street or Points Place.

Your first credits for your account- You get 200 credits just for signing up.

getting started with Mintvine

Survey Street

MintVine Surveys intro

Survey street is where you go to complete your surveys. You get notified via email whenever any new surveys become available. They can fill up quickly so log on as soon as you can to complete. Some surveys are nice and quick to start with and are just 2 or 3 questions. These then earn you some more credits.

Keep an eye out for emails as you get some bonus surveys with large points!

So far the surveys I’ve completed are between 3 minutes and 15 minutes. I’ve been sent some 20-minute surveys for 70pts but I haven’t qualified for the last 2 I’ve seen.

surveys for 70pts but I haven’t qualified for the last 2 I’ve seen.

MintVine Survey available
Example of a MintVine survey that was emailed to me

Disqualified for some surveys

The great thing about this survey site is that even when you answer the first qualifying question even if you get the message sorry but you don’t meet our criteria for this survey they still give you credits for trying the survey. This can be anything from 3 credits to 6 credits.

Earn Credits with Offer and Deals

MintVine Offers and deals

Surveys are not just the only way to make money with MintVine. They have a whole section on offers and promotions that you can take part in, download apps and also watch adverts for points. This is an easy way to clock up some extra points in between surveys.

With all the offers there are set criteria to follow for eg. some apps say things like:

‘Points are awarded when you have installed the app, set up your profile and reached level 1.’

Some of the various offers and deals you can do for points are:

Downloading Apps

Signing up to Casino sites and Bingo sites

Signing up to Newsletters

Signing up to other survey sites

Discount Sites

Watching Adverts

Payments and Rewards

Payments and rewards intro by mintvine
Screen shot from MintVine

Once you have accumulated 1000 points you can then convert this to your first $10. You then chose between PayPal, e-gift cards or e-gift codes. They have over 15 gift cards to choose from, there is no extra benefit from transferring to e-gift cards or codes so it is just another payment option.

Click here for more information on how to get paid for surveys

Ways to earn extra money by Referral

MintVine Refferal Program
Screen shot from MintVine

To make extra money from MintVine all you need to do is go to your MVP section and they will have a referral link for you to send out over social media and emails. The goal is to promote MintVine for them and help others to get started with MintVine with the prospects of earning money from completing surveys just like you have.

The Referal Bonus!

Just for advertising MintVine on social media and referring other people to MintVine they will give you:

A massive 15% of what they make on all their surveys.

So they will still get their full amount but MintVine will give you 15% commission for signing them up. This is ongoing too.

You will also get an additional 50 points when they complete their first survey!

So if you think about it, you can build up quite a decent amount of money per month by just sharing your link whenever you can. You will then carry on completing your surveys and deals and building up your points while you see bonus cash appearing in your account.


I have never been a big fan of survey sites but I have really taken to this one. The surveys are straightforward they flow really well and they don’t seem intrusive like some other survey sites I’ve used before. They don’t bombard you with constant survey emails and the simple and easy to use and layout of the site make it a great way to make some money online. I also like the fact that even if you are declined for surveys they still give you points which I haven’t had on any other site.


Legit and safe site to useMintVine is definitely Legit and Safe

MintVine is definitely a safe and legitimate way for anyone looking to make money online.

Do I Recommend:

I definitely recommend MintVine as a safe survey site to sign up to and start earning yourself some extra money each month.

Make the most of your spare time and turn it into cash!

Start Earning with MintVine


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Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the founder and creator of avoidonlinescamsandstaysafe.com. My aim to help people find safe ways to make money online. In my post ‘what is MintVine surveys’, I hope I’ve shown you that this is definitely a safe survey site to use. If you have any experience with MintVine and would like to share it with my readers please leave a comment below.

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