What is Valentus about and how creating a review got me excited!

Valentus was a big surprise to me, I came across the business while researching for my next review. Little did I know that this would open up my life even more. I have always known that to be successful in Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, all you need is to have a great product that you want to use yourself and great training and support from your upline. If you have all three of these there is no stopping you. So I was intrigued over the years to look for another MLM that I might want to try and after seeing quite a few over the years this is the first time I have said to myself, I am not missing out on this one! I needed to see what Valentus was about.

My Valentus Journey

Valentus the fastest growing home business

Valentus Summary

Name: Valentus
Website: http://www.Valentus.com
Price: $20 one off fee to join  (no monthly fees or annual fees)
Owners: Dave Jordan – Founder and CEO
Overall Rank: 5 out of 5    5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend

Valentus Overview

Valentus has become one of the fastest growing home based businesses. In their first year in 2014, the business took $300,000 in sales, in 2015 that grow rapidly to 3,000,000. Then with the business really started to build momentum in 2016 when they recorded sales of $32,000,000.

With the latest release of their 3 new products, new Italian Dark Roast weight loss coffee, a new Cleanse and Prevail Max, they now currently have 7 products.

Valentus product range


I have tried a few MLM businesses before and the one reason I left was that the people I worked with I didn’t get on with. That’s where MLM’s go wrong you need to make sure you find a good team and I strongly recommend if you are part of an MLM business and you have a similar problem then contact a higher upline as there is always someone focused that will support you.

In Valentus all I have found is amazing people, the whole reason I joined was that I could see how focused the highest Upline in our team was working to support her team. There was constant video training being created and daily live feeds on Facebook and live meetings on zoom. She also gets in motivational speakers and external support to help her team grow.

This leader then became the first Blue Diamond in Europe. Her success was down to the fact she decided from the start if she was to succeed she would need to create a leadership culture that we create a constant support network to help the whole team. She even does live meetings for your prospects because she knows it helps her team. Which means she is talking to your new people for you, which is amazing.

The Pro’s & the Con’s

The Pros:

  1. Only $20 to get started and registered as a business owner
  2. No monthly fees or annual
  3. Daily support and training from our very own Blue Diamond Leader (first in Europe)
  4. Products are amazing they genuinely do work. I lost 12Ibs in 4 weeks myself and get constant comments a work and from friends.
  5. Products are 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly and some are also Diabetic friendly so your customer base is massive.
  6. Products sell themselves from people just seeing the results
  7. The team are amazing and there for you constantly every day, it’s like having motivation on tap
  8. Support material for advertising, training and testimonials are all constantly being updated
  9. feedback from customers around the globe is fantastic
  10. Only 2 legs so makes it so much easier to build a team
  11. 7 ways to earn commission
  12. Car plan built into commission at Diamond level
  13. Don’t need to carry customers money or product you can just give them your link
  14. Get you very own prebuilt website with multiple links to help your recruitment
  15. Points carry over so you don’t have to start again every month if you haven’t earned from them.
  16. You ranking is held every month as long as you buy a minimum of 3 boxes. Which is awesome, I’ve been with MLM’s before where you lose everything if you haven’t achieved and have to start again every month.

The Cons:

  1. This is a genuine business with your own products so it isn’t just a get rich scheme. You have to be motivated to want to do it and keep motivated and focused which the team help with every day.
  2. You need to make sure you find a team that is there for constant support to make any MLM work. So if you aren’t getting that find a team that is there for you like mine.

Who is Valentus For?

Valentus ImageValentus is for anyone looking to make some extra money alongside whatever you are doing.

* Students
* Anyone in a full-time job but wants more money
* Stay at Home Mum’s
* House Husbands
* Retired
* Network Marketers
* Affiliate Marketers
* Representatives

You can easily build this business alongside a full-time job. As you grow and get more successful you are likely to choose to go part time in your job as the money you will make will allow you to free up more time to spend with your family.

The great thing about MLM’s is that anyone can do it. You don’t have any experience in selling or advertising as most successful MLM’s will supply live you with material and training to help you drive their product. As a representative for them, it is in their best interest for you to succeed.

Valentus Tools & Training

The secret that makes all MLM’s successful is having constant great support and training from your uplines. As I have mentioned in previous reviews on MLM’s they can be the difference between you getting on and even enjoying what you do. If you ever join any MLM and you don’t have this support then I suggest contacting a higher upline as they will want to make sure you get the support you need.

MLM’s are never getting rich quick schemes they are genuine businesses and conducted properly will make you a lot of money. In the end, you will always find an upline that wants to give you the support you need as it is in their best interest for you to become successful because it naturally makes their business even more successful. Anyone not giving that support is only in it for short term to get a few quid so just go straight to your upline and forget about the bad apples.

When I first started looking at Valentus it was for purely research purposes for my next review. Once I started looking deeper I found the support structure was incredible. The main upline in the UK has dedicated her time to deliver constant support and training daily. She recorded weekly videos to deliver upskilling to her downline and also conducts daily live Facebook groups and zoom meeting to talk to your prospects for you to make sure everyone in her team gets the maximum support.

Beth Robinson training

Valentus Support

The support you get with this company is second to no other I have seen. Even if you are not part of their team the leaders still give you every bit of support you need. The team in Valentus genuinely want everyone to succeed. Our Blue Diamond is so focused to succeed that she constantly works to help her team. She earns enough to not have to do it. But there she is

But there she is every day doing live feeds and prospect meetings and creating competitions and events to meet up and deliver training. She does all this because she absolutely loves this business and this is also because all her up lines are just the same. The buzz through this company is the energy and the passion for the team and you can see this every day.

You can also tell that this support is backed from above because as soon as our Blue Diamond had her hen do abroad our next Blue Diamond above from America carried on all the great work she was doing for her while she was away. You can’t make this stuff up, they genuinely want to create a vibe of energy that is infectious. They do this because they decided from the start that this was the extra element needed to create the best MLM business to date. they knew that if they can create this firm culture that provides that constant support and motivation and hunger for everyone to succeed the business would just duplicate and duplicate. This shows is the business performance of $32,000,000 in just its 3rd year running.

Valentus Price

It’s only $20 to get started and registered with Valentus and there are no monthly fees or annual which is great. When you first join as a business owner you need to order at least 1 box of their product to get started. I personally order the 6 box promotion because you get an extra discount the more you buy. This gave me also 1 of every box. I wish I had ordered the 16 boxes though as I could have sold them all twice, the demand was that high. I made sure I ordered 16 boxes the next month.It’s crazy the products literally sell themselves.

It’s crazy the products literally sell themselves. People come up to you to ask what you sell because they see your results from taking it yourself. I then just list the products I sell and they just ask me for a box of coffee and the trim usually. I have never known a business like it. I don’t have to give a sales pitch or try and talk people into them.

You can order in bulk and you earn the retail profit from the boxes you sell or you can just give a link to your customers and they can order it themselves and it gets delivered straight to their door. So you don;t have to carry products in this business. You could just literally order you three boxes for personal use to keep your rank or sell them and make a profit.

Order one box of valentus

Order three boxes of valentus

Order six boxes of valentus

Best value 16 box order

My Final Opinion of Valentus

Slimroast Coffee the best weight loss coffeeThe fact that I joined myself when all I planned on doing was researching them to do a review on shows how good this business is. I only looked deeper to get some writing material to share with my readers but was amazed at the products and the support this team has in place. This is such a great business platform and the compensation plan is fantastic. I couldn’t resist getting involved myself.

The trick to succeeding these days is to diversify your businesses to make sure you always have a money stream coming in. These guys have allowed me to do that. The other great thing about this business is that I can run the whole business on my phone. I haven’t needed my laptop even once. Which is great for when your out and about and means you can build your business at any time of the day.

This is a fantastic company and highly recommend people to get involved. The great thing is the company is still very young so there is no better time than the present to get started. The business is growing at an insane rate and the buzz and energy are nothing like I have come across before. These guys firmly believe it is all about the customers and their representatives. The training support and recognition are their main focus as they knew if they made this their priority then the business would rapidly grow. This isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s a genuine business which means you have to work at it and be motivated to want to succeed but the business and team are there to support you every step of the way.

Warning! This isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s a genuine business which means you have to work at it and be motivated to want to succeed but the business and team are there to support you every step of the way.

Valentus at a Glance…

What is Valentus about?Name: Valentus
Website: http://www.Valentus.com
Price: $20 one off fee to join  (no monthly fees or annual fees)
Owners: Dave Jordan – Founder and CEO
Overall Rank: 5 out of 5    5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend



Legit and safe site to useValentus is as Legit as they come. I have never normally been a big fan of MLM companies but I was amazed at the quality of their products, being vegetarian myself, and also their support structure they have in place. I have always known from previous experience with MLM’s that the products need to be amazing but if the support and training aren’t there you will fail. To see that these guys have not only delivered these is such a fantastic way built hey live and breath it shows why they are so successful. Any business that put their people first will always succeed hands down.

I hope you found my review on Valentus informative and useful enough to decide for yourself if it’s for you or not. If you are determined to break out of the 9-5 or just want that bit of extra money each week, then this is for you.


Valentus is free to pre enroll


Also if you’re Interested in finding out more you can take a FREE tour of the business!

Graham Hodsdon Valentus Tour


Graham Hodsdon Profile Image


Hi, my name is Graham. I am the founder of grahamhodsdon.com. If you have had any experience with Valentus that you would like to share or would like some help in getting started or even just need some general help, please add a comment below or message me.



  1. wooow! I have not heard about this before reading your post. I think its great! I am actually a college tennis player and with tennis and school I do not have time to actually get a job. I think this may be a good opportunity for me! thank you so much for shearing this information with us!

    • Hi Javiera, you are very welcome. It is a great business and its possible to run alongside anything you do. I work full time and have 2 young boys and still get loads done for my business each week. If you are interested in seeing more the free tour is great as it gives you a chance to see the business work with having to fully commit first.
      Also if you would like more information just message me at graham@avoidonlinescamsandstaysafe.com

      Thanks again

  2. Amazing opportunity I am literally blown away with this business. The team support & training is the best I’ve seen in over 4 years of mlm.

    • Hi Salina, I’m so pleased to hear you love the business. It is by far the best MLM business I have come across so far. I would recommend anyone who is a rep for another MLM and not happy they should just move over to Valentus and begin working with an amazing team of people where everyone is a winner.
      Thanks again for commenting 🙂

  3. I love Valentus! Such a fantastic ethical company with an incredible compensation plan, that no other company has! A fantastic opportunity, grab it with both hands!

    • Hi Diana thanks for leaving such a great comment. It certainly is an amazing company. I have not been involved with such a great team before where everyone is there for support and help when needed even if they don’t even financially benefit from you as they are in a different team. Definitely a people business and that’s why it’s just exploded in popularity. If anyone is looking, Join the excitement today!
      Thanks Diana

  4. Number 1 Business , fastest growing , Unique and Specialised Products that all work.

    • It is amazing how quick this business is growing and I totally agree the products are amazing! I lost 12Ibs myself in the first 4 weeks, dropped two shirt sizes and 2 inches on my waist. 🙂

  5. What a amazing site helping others to avoid all those Scams and offering them the best opportunity they proberly will ever get the amazing 7 ways to get paid and the support and training are unbelievable and the products do work I will be forever grateful for finding this business

    • Hi Josephine thanks for the great comment. I was really pleased to finally fine such a great business opportunity. After coming across so many that seemed fine until I dug deeper and I found them to be not trust worthy or a waste of time. The difference with Valentus was the deeper I looked the more I was amazed with what I have found. Look forward to seeing the business grow and supporting others to get there.
      Thanks again

  6. Hi Graham have watched you for a while now and just know your going to the top…I personally sat on the fence for 6 months watching others develop their skills i now kick myself for not joining sooner…i missed out on a Ray Higdon live training in our team page..Ive learnt and progressed so much more than i have previously…i dont care how long it takes to get there but i will i know i will 🙂 and its down to belonging in a team that fully supports eachother 🙂

    • Hi Madeleine thanks for leaving such a great comment. A lot of people do sit on the fence but this usually means they are interested just nervous about stepping up and giving it a try. With the teams constant support that they give and motivation we will all be successful. I have never come acorss a business like this before where they genuinely do put the team first. Best tip I can give to anyone sat on the fence is, just go for it!

  7. Hi Graham,

    Great thing that I stumbled upon your site. To be honest, I have never heard of Valentus before.
    It is really something to think about! I would need some weight loss product for myself, so I’m thinking of joining them as well.
    You said you lost some weight already, so it must be working.
    For using these kinds of product, for me, the most important thing is that hey are good for your health, which I think this is.

    Thanks for the review and I’m sure I will contact you if I have some more questions about this company.
    I hope you don’t mind.

    All the best,

    • Hi Nenad, I was the same about 2 months ago but I am so glad a had a closer look, best decision I ever made. I am really happy with the results of using these products and the fact that they are 100% natural and vegetarian friendly won me over pretty quick. It’s such a great team to work with always there with constant support and development and it would be great to work with you too. By all means if you have any questions just drop me a message anytime I am more than happy to help 🙂

      Thanks again


  8. Hi there,
    Well done on posting this awesome report on Valentus. i must admit that this is the first time that I have heard about this business.
    You have given this opportunity your full backing and I think that’s the key to success. You need to be passionate about what it is that you are promoting and if people see that coming from you, they will be very keen to join with you.
    MLM is a great way to be successful, it requires a lot of hard work, but I can see from your account review, you are prepared to do that.
    Well done and continues success
    Cheers PB

    • Hi Phil, thank you so much. It does take a lot of hard work and the rewards are so worth it. With the right support and coaching in what ever MLM business you chose you can be very successfuk. It all comes down to duplicating simple techniques and working as a team to create a large volume of sales so you can all benefit from bonuses. It’s a lot hard to go out alone in a business these days which is why I love MLM’s so much you do it together. 

      Thanks again Phil and I wish you all the best with your own success


  9. This is is an interesting take on an MLM business. I always like when people set out to do a review and find themselves sold. Everything you write is so intriguing. I have been with numerous MLM programs like Amway and Herbalife and have always lost money. This may be different for me.

    You mention the upline a lot, but there isn’t much about the downline and how you sign people up. Is this mainly through your website or is it face to face? How much can be made off of sales made by the downline? I’m asking because I might consider this as the prices look great. Thanks.

    • Hi Warren, sorry to hear that you previous MLM’s haven’t been successful. Yeah I mainly mention the upline for the training and support factor as this very important to the success of the business. I will though add more to my review now I have been in the business 2 months now and have experience to share with signing people up and getting started. My team double last week alone.

      There are 7 ways of earning through Valentus and this is through helping others to become successful by sharing your business through your website links and face to face if you are able to. Some of my team are face to face. We then duplicate and grow your team through support and training. The products themselves are amazing and sell themselves, I’m not kidding either.

      The compensation plan is by far the best I’ve seen and if you are interested I can send you over links so you can see for yourself. It’s a very exciting time to join and the team and the business is growing rapidly. 

      Now is the best time as any to get started. Follow the link above to pre enroll and take a free tour. This will hold you a position within the business so as others join they become part of your team. So the earlier you do this the better.

      I can then get in touch and take you through the plan and system then if you feel it’s for you we get started.

      Look forward to working with you


  10. Hello Graham,

    I have read several Valentus Reviews. Your article on WHAT IS VALENTUS ABOUT AND HOW CREATING A REVIEW GOT ME EXCITED! is by far the best review that I’ve read. I decided to go ahead and buy Valentus and give it a try. Thanks again for a great article.


    • Hi Jack, thanks for the great comment. Great to hear you’ve decided to give it a try, you will love the results. Stay in touch, I look forward to working with you 🙂


  11. I usually would not trust MLM but you made this sound like it has some hope. The energy boost thing is booming right now so it just may work out good. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Ronnie, it certainly is. When I saw that these products were 100% natural and vegan, vegetarian and some even Diabetic friendly I just knew the market would be massive. The best part is they taste great.

  12. Hello Graham I would say this is a good business to start online with Valentus. I never heard of it before but going through your article have given me full confidence to go with it and the starting fee is affordable. A one time payment makes it even better for any new beginner to start an online business – Thanks for this review I’m gonna bookmark and show it to my friends as they are idle at home and this will give them a new beginning. Thanks for helping, Mana

    • Hi Mana you are welcome. It’s great finally finding a business which has a start up fee as little as $20. When I first saw this business I knew I needed to see more. I’m so glad I did. After reviewing so many businesses, it felt great to find one so good as this one.
      Best of luck for you future Mana

  13. This is a very nice review, Graham. The high amount of pros make me want to try out this product myself! I had someone send me a link to Valentus and I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad you cleared it all up for me. You’re doing a great job so keep up the good work.

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