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Hi there my name is Graham Hodsdon and together with my wife, Jay, have 25 years of experience in management, sales, coaching and developing others. Our goal was to was to eventually work for ourselves so we could free up time for our family. Life isn’t about working and making family time a bolt on after all.

Our main focus was to create a better life for ourselves and for our two boys and during this journey, we have gained a lot of knowledge and a hunger and drive like no other to help others to do the same. Through the years we have learnt how to help others get the best out of themselves through Mindset coaching and development and supported them to create better lives for themselves. We have now begun to share this with our online community on and created this site.

Financial Stresses

In order to create better lives we have all spent years searching for ways to make a living online and over this time we’ve all come across countless scams. So to help we have dedicated part of the business to protect others from going through this and getting caught out by these scammers. We plan to search out businesses, review and investigate them and let people know who we think you can trust and who not to and in turn, help you find safer ways to create a better life for yourselves.


The Drive

For years I’ve seen family and friends work themselves to the bone all the way up to retirement and then only start to try and enjoy their life more. I don’t know about you but that’s not what we’re here for, to spend our entire lives going to work every day for 40-50 hours a week to get just a few hours a day to ourselves. Nope, that’s not for us.


Myself, Graham, I was never an academic, never liked to revise but was always more creative and determined to still succeed. I chose to go to university thinking it would better my odds for a better life, so found a course which was all coursework with no exams. It’s was a great experience but all it got me was a hell of a lot of financial debts to clear.

Despite that I was determined to succeed, I found a vacancy in a retailer’s window and took the challenge to try something new. After 8 months I found I loved retail, it was the constant communication with different people every day and I loved helping them find what they really needed.

Most of the time they didn’t have a clue what they wanted and I loved getting in there heads to really finding what it was they needed and sending them home happy. I’ve always been a people person and loved helping them out. I quickly worked my way up to the top salesman and then deputy manager.

It wasn’t long before I got my first managers role and 14 years later I’ve been working my way up the ladder since. I am now currently a Senior front end manager in a retail store of 425 colleagues delivering 64 million a year earning a decent Salary but always been looking to take it further.

Over these years and after the countless training session, personal experiences and observations I began to coach and develop people. I got excited watching people develop. I learnt how to unlock their own potential through constructive conversations and helping them find themselves. It was great watching them learn more about their own potential and to see what was already there come to life after doubting themselves for so long. That lead me to use this knowledge to keep helping people and I’ve been doing it ever since the only difference is now I get to use this knowledge to run my own business and keep helping others.

Our Why!

As I said before we’ve always been focused on not wanting to do what everyone else seems happy doing, just surviving. Getting by from pay check to pay check and always worrying if you can afford things and stressing about it. We’ve always been looking for the opportunity, that idea, the great plan that will help us take control of our life and allow us to do what we want to do, without the worry and stress of money and time.

The wonderful Hodsdon family


Our Life Turned Around!

The Hodsdon FamilyWe met and our lives began to change. We were meant to be together and we have since had two gorgeous children. It’s amazing how those little tinkers can really fire up the engines and get you focused. That was it I was back on the internet researching ways to make money online, again. I was determined to find a way to do this, but all I came up with was reviewing sites, feedback, blogs but no-one really telling me how to really do it.

After some solid research, I then came across a feed on Facebook that looked legit. They had used a photo of a famous celebrity who had apparently leaked a great way to make money that all the wealthy people are using. Sounded great, I started clicking links to began to read more, it seemed too good to be true I kept thinking this doesn’t feel right in my gut but the desperation and an element of excitement were clouding my judgement and I nearly signed up. It was then I stopped, I thought I’d check for reviews and feedback. Then boom, just as I thought another scam, so close.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Thanks to a guy called Jason he had decided to share with everyone a review of this scam and this company and I’m so glad he did. Looking at his comments he saved loads of other people too from making the same mistake. Through Jason, I found another great review on a community of business builders that work together to coach and support each other with developing websites and costs £0 to join and you also can to create 2 free websites.

Amazing community!What I really liked about it was that it felt right. There was no quick wins, no easy money or ‘click and we will do it all for you’ scams. They were clear that it was going take time and effort but they would provide me with all the training I would need. They use the support from a wealth of knowledge from the community full of like-minded people and oceans of available training material.

It sounded exactly what I’ve been looking for all these years. Finally, someone wanting to show me how to do it and really open with the fact that as long as I was willing to learn and put the time in I could succeed as they did.

This has now unlocked a new future for us. With this new found knowledge we now had the platform to bridge out a new life for our family and share our knowledge with a global customer base.

Now Here I Am

This site is one of the businesses we have built for ourselves, not for someone else. We are full of energy, fully focused, finally taking control of our lives and able to pay forward everything we’ve learnt to help anyone that was like us to do the same.

Thanks for reading and we would like to take this opportunity to say best wishes on your future potential and if you’re ready to unlock a better life, let us help you get there.

Graham-Hodsdon-ProfileIf you would like to get in touch with me, need some support or share your story then leave a comment below or you can even reach me at Wealth Affiliate.com, here is my profile link. Hope you find my site useful, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting it together for you.

All my best wishes your future businesses




  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, it is so good to meet you and you have a beautiful family. Your website looks really great and is well detailed and filled with great information. The internet world is such and amazing one with the many opportunities that are out there of course we have to be very careful because of the many scams that are out there.
    But wealthy affiliate is a community that can be trusted, this a solid community with good and amazing people like yourself. I would recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone. Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

    • Hi Norman, thank you so much, they keep me focused and determined to succeed. I’m glad you like the site, I’ve loved every minute building it. Yeah it was a breath of fresh air when I found Wealth affiliate and it felt like I could finally build the business I always wanted to build. I’m not kidding when I say it blew my mind when I realised the potential I suddenly had when I started working through the training. I kept saying to my wife ‘I’ve learnt more in two weeks than the last few years of trying to teach myself’. The key difference was I thought I knew what I was doing, now I know there was so much more I should have been focusing on that I didn’t know about. There is so much more you have to do to make a site that will then be trusted by the search engines to enable people to actually find it.

  2. Hi Graham,
    Thank you for putting together a very insightful and clear picture of WA. I too made some poor decisions and lost big money before finding WA. Now I am building a website, have gone premium, worked at each lesson and still have a long way to go. You have really provided all who look at your website with a concise picture of WA and I like the good content. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Joyce thanks for the great feedback, nice to meet you. It really is a fantastic place to be. There is so much to learn isn’t there. I am loving every minute. I just love sharing Wealthy Affiliate with others as I was so relieved when I finally came across them. I just wished I had found them sooner. Every day I learn another great technique from another member. It’s just funny that so many scams out there make out it’s so easy, then you never make any money but lose money. Thanks again and best wishes for your site in 2017! 🙂

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    • HI Priyanka thanks for visiting my site and I would love to visit your site and do a review for my readers.

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