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Cash Back sites are a growing trend. They are great way to get rewarded for doing what you are already doing. For example you could already be doing a lot of your shopping online with a company and getting no kick backs.

These companies do a great job of setting up cash back in percentages or gift cards to reward you for doing your shopping. The way they work is they come to an agreement with a company that if they can send customers to them they will give something back as commission. These companies then pass some of this back to you. Sometimes it could be just a 2 or 3% cashback but some do actual money back. Like buying a 30 day rolling sim card for £25 and getting £25 cashback. So you actually get your first money free. You just need to shop around or be signed up to a few different companies.

Companies normally have a threshold that you must reach in order to draw your money out. So make sure you draw it out every time you hit that. After all it’s not your until it arrives in your bank account and last thing you want is the company to go under and you lose that money.


No. 1

Company Name : Top Cashback
Price: Free to join

Top Cash Back is one of the more well known and most successful cashback websites. When you see some of their rewards to their members you will understand why.

One example of a current promotion that was currently live while reviewing was offering 33% of Sky TV bundle and you get a £25 gift voucher from Sky. Top Cash back then give you £176 cashback.

To get £176 cashback for something we would have probably have completed online and just got the £25 gift card is fantastic. This one example alone shows that anyone who purchases online should be registered with companies like this. We shop online already so it makes sense to get some kick back for doing it. Top Cashback are able to offer such amazing cashback deals because it gets extra commission for large volumes of traffic to the companies they are advertising so they pass some of this commission on to their members.

So you can see that you can get quite a lot back for just carrying on with you normal shopping habits. Definitely worth setting yourself up with an account with them.

Follow this link Top Cash Back to have a look and set yourself up with own account.

The Top Cashback Guarantee

Top Cashback say for 11 years they are proud they have been the most generous cashback site offering the best rates. They are determined to keep it that way, so they guarantee to offer the best rates in the market, if a member spots a better deal elsewhere they promise to beat it.

Reason they say to shop at Top Cashback:

  1. They Guarantee highest cashback rates.
  2. All members can earn cashback in eBay purchases.
  3. 2000 faster Paying Merchants
  4. 5% bonus with withdrawals onto Amazon gift cards
  5. 20 different forms of payouts. With some of an additional bonus of up to 25%.
  6. Can donate some or all their cashback to a charity.

My Overall Rating – 

Recommendation – Would highly recommend. For Christmas they were even doing a promotion to win up to £2,500 so always worth logging in even if you don’t shop that often. Better getting something back than nothing.

No. 2

Company Name : Quidco
Price: Free to join

Quidco is another great cash back site. It works very similar to Top Cash back. They sometimes compete with each other for offers.

Personally it’s worth being signed up to both sites so that you can see who is offering the cashback offer on the item your looking to buy.

You can select how you get you money with this site. You can either chose a bank transfer, to PayPal or choose to have it paid in Amazon Gift cards and get a 5% top up bonus.

If you want to have a look for yourself follow this link and get signed up Quidco Site

They are also now offering a £10 introductory offer. Once activated you have 30 days to purchase an offer over £10 and they will add an additional £10 to your cashback.


Overall Rating – 

Recommendation – Would highly recommend. For Christmas this site was doing a promotion to win up to £20,000 so even better that Top Cash Back Christmas promotion.


What great deals have seen on these sites that worth shouting about. Share them below in the comments and lets see who can earn the most back.



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