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How To Get Started

Get started with setting up a websiteIn this post, I will share with you how you can build a website for free in just 30 seconds and hosted for free. It actually is that easy! So you are looking to build a website. You could either be looking because you want to build your own niche website and write about something you’re passionate about or you could be a business looking to create a site to drive awareness of your business. Either

Either way, once you realise how easy it is you will be starting to think how many more sites can you make. The variety of possibilities out there is endless. We have 2 billion people logging onto the internet per day. That is plenty of clientele looking to read your potential site.

The idea of building a site can be quite bewildering because you think you need to know HTML, the computer code your site uses to tell the internet how to render your site.

Well not anymore, thanks to web design companies out there like the creators of WordPress it just got so much easier. Now all you have to worry about is what to write about in your content.

In order to set up a website you will need the following:

  • A Domain Name
  • Software to build your Website
  • Hosting package from a server company

Sometimes it can get quite confusing as all these could be from different suppliers. You might buy your domain from one supplier who then registers your domain for you but then you see a different company offering a great hosting package that you can either pay monthly or annually for.

You would then need to contact both companies and arrange to have your domain name moved over to the hosting companies ‘Named Servers’. This process can take a week or so, depending on the companies. Once over then you can start building your website.

This whole process has frustrated me a few times over the years. Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and I was amazed how easily they have made it for us. They have really thought this through so that pretty much anyone can do this.

You just click a few options and name your site and Boom, you’re up and running.

To see first hand how easy is can be done, check out this video at Wealthy Affiliate

Create a Website in 30 Seconds
Learn how to create a website in 30 seconds with Wealthy Affiliate

Here is my step by step of how to do it:

WordPress the easy way to create a website

How to Build a Website For Free!

Firstly when looking at building a website you need a platform. They call this the CMS content management system. Before you would have to use a control panel and individually set everything up to the point of typing the code itself in some cases. Over the years I have personally been trying to learn how to build a website and create my very own online business. There is one thing for sure, you couldn’t do it in 30 secs. It used to really mess with my own head trying to get it right.

Benefits of WordPress

This is where WordPress comes into it. WordPress is a content management system that pretty much does most of the frustrating or confusing work for you. It’s the most widely used website platform and you’ll be amazed how popular it is with businesses. Once you start building them you start to see them everywhere.

You don’t even have to know anything about building a website to use it. Instead of a complicated control panel that you need training on how to use and I still couldn’t get my head around them. You get a really straight forward dashboard where you can easily make changes to pages or posts. You can choose the style and appearance and as long as the template you chose supports it you can pretty much do anything.

Joys of WordPress

  • Don’t have to worry about HTML coding you just let the writing flow.
  • Easy to use Dashboard to change preferences of layout and content
  • Over 2,500 different templates to chose from. You can even change template once you’ve built your site and it will just convert your site to your new choice of style.
  •  Plus well over 10,000 add on’s they call plugins which allow you to really make your site unique.

The extra benefit of using Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting is you also get a huge community of support that can answer all your questions and queries about your site and walk you through your problems anytime. This is one thing I could have done with over the years. One of my biggest cause of stress from my previous sites was a lack of support.

As I said the community I now work with is called Wealthy Affiliate and in all my years trying to build a website I have never found it so easy and stress-free. Since I’ve been working with them I’ve learnt more in a few weeks then I learnt over the years. They help show you how easy it is to get started and build your own online business and help teach you how to make it successful. The most important thing is they teach you how to build a content-rich website, in other words, a quality site that drives traffic.

How to Set Up Your New WordPress Website – In 30 Seconds

How to build a website in 30 seconds and hosted for free

To start off you need to sign up free with Wealthy Affiliate and you can start setting up your site within minutes of doing this. It costs nothing, it won’t ask for any card details either!so this gives you a great chance to test drive this theory for yourself.

So this gives you a great chance to test drive this for yourself!

Step 1:

You start off by Selecting the SiteRubix tab on the side menu. SiteRubix is our hosting software.

Guess what, I don’t have to pay a hosting site either!


Wealthy Affiliate Menu

Step 2:

Select the Site Builder Tab

Site Manager in SiteRubix

Step 3:

This then shows you the 4 Step process to create your site


The Wealthy Affiliate 4 step process for setting up a website

Step 4

Select ‘A Free website’ – At Wealthy Affiliate, you free sign up gets you 2 free websites and a load of training to walk you through setting up your site with detailed step by step tutorials and also video tutorials.

You also need to pick a Domain name now. A Domain name is your unique name for your site nobody else can have the exact same name. In this case, as it is a free site instead of .com you’ll see it as on the end. As they are free this also advertises the hosting site at the same time.

Step 5

Once you have selected a name for your domain you know need to Name Your Website. Don’t worry unlike the Domain name which can’t be changed after setting up, This Website title can be.

Step 6

You then select your theme that you would like for your site. Remember you have a choice of over 2,500 templates for your site. You can also add additional plugins that give your site a unique feel.

Step 3 to setting up a website in 30 seconds

Step 7

Then once you have selected the template you like, you just hit the ‘I’m Ready, Build my site Now!’

Step 4 to setting up a site in 30 seconds

You’ll then get this message while it builds your site. Other companies I have used before over the years can take days to create a live website. This is done in seconds with Wealthy Affiliate. This was one of the first things that impressed me about them. It made it so much easier and removed all the stress of setting up the site.

Hold Tight your website is being set up!

Boom, Your site is now created!

Ready to start typing your first post!

Site is set up with SiteRubix


To Access Your Site

Now go to your Siterubix tab again and click Site Manager

Site Manager to open your new site

Then Click on the Log in button:

Click the login button

You are now in your WordPress Dashboard so you can create a new post and start typing. Congratulations you now have your first Website.

WordPress dashboard ready to create first page

Hope you found this step by step easy enough. Like I said it is that easy to go from not

Like I said, it is really that easy to go from not having a site to starting to type your first page.

The Best thing about this method is it costs nothing to join either.

For free you get to be a starter member.

Starter members get:

  • 2 free Websites
  • Free Hosting
  • 2 free domain names
  • A wealth of community there to support you through your journey.
  • Video Classes
  • Tutorials
  • Videos delivering step by step tuition
  • My personal support every step of the way.
  • Starter members also get full premium access for 7 days for free!

Don’t just take my word for it, give it a test drive yourself and join us over at Wealth Affiliate for free, hit the link below and unlock your potential and most of all enjoy!


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My Name is Graham. Let me know if you found this useful in the comments below, would be great to hear from you. Also if you need any advice please drop me a message below.





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