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When I first started posting my videos on Instagram my goal was to help share information to help wake people around the world from the lies and corruption that surrounded us. I knew I had looked at and watched hundreds of hours of videos and hundreds of searches on websites to learn more over my last few years. So I began by sharing a snapshot of this information to get people thinking and help them catch up with what they might not have seen. So that they could focus on what’s happening now instead. At the same time, I would try to point people in the right direction of where to look for more.

Major TIP – Stop watching the NEWS and stay away from the mainstream media.

Scammers on Instagram

I have always known scammers are out there. They usually hack accounts and then try to use these accounts to direct message people and hook them into their scams to steal money or crypto from them.

What I didn’t expect was what I began to see very quickly once I began to get a following. There was a sudden volume of scammers that started creating accounts with my name and they copied my videos and posted them on the fake accounts. They then started commenting on my videos talking to my followers and trying to hook them in. This wasn’t just 1 account as several started to pop up.

On my TikTok account, there are over 120 fake accounts used by scammers to copy my content. I have reported them on both IG and TikTok but none have been removed so far.

These scammers use social media for a reason. They are able to spam messages easily to people on a massive scale and then easily disappear afterwards by blocking and deleting accounts.

They start with spamming messaging to what could be hundreds of accounts and then reply to the ones that message them back. They then get to work talking about QFS and XRP and telling people to protect their crypto before the QFS. They are very creative and effective at targeting people and use fear techniques to make people think they need to do something or they may miss out if they don’t act now.

The sheer volume that is appearing now on TikTok and social media is insane. They aren’t even hiding now as they know the social media accounts aren’t doing anything. Facebook used to close accounts but I think there are too many being reported now for them to fix so they just tell us to block them. They find creators with big followers and start cloning people’s accounts and then pretending to be them. They then get to work spamming followers pretending to be the creator and trying to scam people out of their money.

I always thought it would just be massive influencers that are targeted. So I was surprised when my small account started getting targeted at first. Now I have scammers linking their fake accounts to Telegram and creating fake accounts there too. Big influences out there must be already used to this but it shows that they are targeting lower accounts too with just thousands of followers.

Tips to stop the scams!

  • Create a video or screenshots to make sure your followers know it’s your only account.
  • Log in each day on your platforms and search your name on the search box to view all the accounts that may have your name and photo.
  • Then make sure your BLOCK every account that has cloned you. This is important as they go into your comments and reply to your followers to make the followers think they are you. It looks convincing so I can see how people get tricked. Blocking them stops them from seeing your account and will force them to start another so just block them again.
  • You can report them… but nothing seems to happen.

This will help to protect your followers to make sure they aren’t being targeted in your comments.


These scammers are focusing their scams on the QFS and XRP as these are the hot topics at the minute. They are targeting people who don’t know much about it so they can easily mislead them into falling for their scams. Please stay vigilant and safe at all times.

Remember official businesses DON’T direct message people on social media.

Legit businesses use advertising to attract new customers to come to them instead.

Only Scammers spend all their time spamming direct messages or leaving replies to comments to get people to contact them!!

Scammers are able to spam thousands of social media accounts a day in order to catch people out. It’s a numbers game to them. Free money by misleading people into a false sense of security.

WARNING! – So if you receive any message from someone on social media about investing in XRP or linking your wallet to safeguard your crypto just delete or block or it won’t end well.

Meta Verified

Another thing I have done to try and protect people from scammers is pay for the Meta Verified so that everyone can see which account is really mine now. My ID has been checked and verified for this. So hopefully on Instagram, this will keep my followers safe from being messaged by anybody and should stop the scammers in their tracks.

To Summarise

Obviously, there are thousands of accounts and the scammers seem to be out in full force. So always be extra vigilant and mindful that if anyone messages you directly about any sort of business this should always raise a red flag! All good businesses and entrepreneurs will focus all their energy on sharing great content and advertisements to promote their businesses. As they are looking for a large repeat customer base.

People who focus on messaging you directly are either scammers or people really struggling to find business, either way, it’s best to stay clear. Any entrepreneur who messages you directly to gain business is not delivering the best behaviour anyway and this isn’t duplicatable so you won’t have the right support and the business will not go anywhere, so as I said it’s best to stay clear.

So it’s a great TIP to just not reply to or just block anyone you don’t know who is offering you a business or investment

I hope you find this useful. My name is Graham Hodsdon I’ve dabbled in a lot of different businesses and investments over the years and one thing I’ve learnt is there are no easy wins from strangers. If you are lucky and find something through a friend you know and trust then that’s up to you. But one thing I’ve picked up over the years is how to spot scams. They all follow similar patterns and techniques.

Also if you do get contacted by anyone on Instagram and want to share the scam to help others stay clear of it. What it was called, what they were promoting to you or even what site they pointed you to please leave a comment below and ill look into it and share it too.

4 thought on “My ONLY Instagram Account!”
  1. Hello Graham, I have you on my FB as a Friend “Karen Snider. ” I wanting you to confirm that you are indeed confirmed as friend.
    As I have been messaging you and it appears it is a DM on your FB page. Can you confirm that with me? If so I would like to continue with our messages.
    Thank you for giving us updates on the financial aspect of what is going on. You have mentioned on your FB account that you would help with some of the set ups with the Quantum Financial System. in regards to having a ledger set up. If that is again your offer and is indeed you I would like to further our messages. If not you then please alert me on my FB page in DM . If that has been someone who has hacked your messaging on FB how would you know? And isn’t there a way to alert FB of that? I have been tricked before but caught the one trying to be a relative of mine. I would like to also say that I am praying for you and your time spent on getting us information. I hope we can have a long term friendship as we see the changes for the good. I would love to travel to England some day. I have distant cousins who live in Surrey. I like your website. Thank you again and BLESSINGS ABUNDANTLY
    Karen Snider from USA California

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for reaching out. It sounds like a clone fake account as its the scammers offering help to set up the QFS accounts and linking them to ledgers. For my real Facebook account please click my social media icons on my home page of my website and send me a friend request. Once these scammers trick you to linking up your wallet your crypto will be lost so please don’t link anything up to your wallet. Check out my article about the QFSpatriotsledger Scam for info about this scam they are pushing. Be very careful of anyone offering this service. We will only get access to the QFS when its a publicly announced and launched and even then we will have to go through strict ID verification in order to get access to it. This launch will begin a new era and remove corruption. Be careful of anyone offering to do this for you as this will be scammers trying to target people. Exciting future ahead we just need to stay safe in the meantime. Thanks again for reaching out looking forward to staying in touch on this journey.

      1. Hi Graham, Thank you for responding to my email. Yes, it was as you said. There is a person who has cloned you and although I thought it was you I had some concerns. The person took me to a site called worldquantumledger.co It shows that I have funds so it looks ligit. This was not a large amount of money but I do not have much to invest. I was taken step by step to take my funds from my wallet to the ledger. I have the messages in my messenger file. I am planning on printing it out. Another person responded to what happened to her possibly by the same imposter. She had filed a report with ic3.gov Internet Crime complaint center. I hope to report as well. Something you may want to know and share with others who may have been scammed. I so much appreciate you helping to educate us, keeping us informed on current news.
        I have been checking with your FB, I requested to be your friend. I have telegram and signal. and I hope to get on some of the safe social sites . I also have seen you on TicTock but I do not like some of what is on there. I learn best by following steps and watching how to. Once I get the hang of how to do a task etc. I like to help others. Have you ever thought of a webinar? Or Zoom? having an instructional video? Your website is great!
        For now I am very busy taking care of my mom, I hope to be able to take her to a medbed or one of the EESystem locations.
        Thank you again and tell your family thank you for the time it takes for you to be busy with this. Prayers for your son and what you shared. Keep on believing the best, and the best is coming soon . Best regards Karen Snider

        1. Hi Karen, thank you so much for your kinds words. I really do appreciate your support. It does take up a lot of time each week to post so when I get issues I need to sort it sets me back and then need to get caught back up. Thank you for sharing your experience because this helps others to stay clear of these scams. I will check that site out straight away and write another article to hopefully reach out to more people to stay clear of it. I have thought about doing zooms its all about timing for me as I have a very busy schedule each week. I do look forward to doing one soon. My best wishes to you and your Mum and I hope you get access to the Medbed soon. I will try and stay head of these scammers and keep people informed best i can. Thanks again and its great to be with you on this journey.

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