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This is an issue that is plaguing content creators around the world across all social media and platforms. Social media is full of scammer fake accounts. Scammers find creators with large followers and start downloading and copying their content. Then create an account with the same name as the original creator and even use their photos. Before my TikTok account was banned I had well over 120 fake clone scammer accounts that had been created. Scammers were copying my name, my profile photos and my videos and no matter how much I reported them, TikTok did nothing about it. ‘No Violation’ apparently! So TikTok doesn’t care about the obvious scammers creating fake accounts.

Understanding What Scammers Do

The danger with these scam accounts is not the fake accounts they have created as you find people don’t comment much on them. The danger is private messaging and commenting. 

These scammers create cloned accounts and then go to the original creator’s comments section on their videos. They then began answering the creator’s followers’ comments, To the untrained eye these then look like the creator answering their questions. The reason people get caught out is because there is a level of trust from the followers in the creator otherwise they wouldn’t be following them, This trust is what the scammer takes advantage of. 

They leave comments and start privately messaging them. This won’t catch everyone out, but they only need a small amount to not realise they are fake to profit from stealing hard-earned money.

Types of Scams

Their scams depend on the business or person they are copying and cloning. With card and palm readers on TikTok, they message people offering free readings etc. With forex traders, it could be auto traders with the promise of winning trades. Anyone discussing Crytpo or the Quantum financial system will be scams focused around crypto and wallets.

Types of crypto scams I’ve come across tend to revolve around telling people they can help them buy XRP or XLM or they are around tricking people into thinking they need to back their crypto up to keep it safe before the QFS is launched. 

The Best Advice to Prevent Being Scammed

The best advice I can give you will cover all scams across social media and will help prevent anyone else from getting caught out no matter what the scam.

– Never ever do business with someone who contacts you via a private message on social media to do business with you. Or leaves a comment telling you to contact them and they will help you with making money.

– Just focus on following people that are teaching you how to do things instead. The best creators will teach you to do stuff, not do it for you.

– Only do business with businesses that advertise properly to get customers.

– If someone contacts you, search their name on the app and if there are multiple accounts just block them as it will be a scammer contacting you. Real content creators don’t have time to first contact message people.

Why these Tips will Help

To understand why these tips will work you need to understand the differences between a real business and a scam.

A Real Business

  • A legit business does not contact people through social media and ask you to contact them.
  • A real business doesn’t have the time to get clients through private messages on social media.
  • A real business will create a website and advertise to get clients as they are trying to attract thousands of customers per day or millions. 
  • A real business will have a substantial website full of content and detail.
  • A real business website will have the owner’s details, the history of the company, contact details, certifications, multiple pages and a solid menu system to navigate. 
  • Being registered with Apple Apps is a great addition as Apple registration is very strict.
  • A real financial business will be registered with a financial authority like the FCA in the UK.

A Scammer

  • A scammer will have a cloned account of someone else they don’t go by their own identity.
  • You never see who the scammer is you will only receive messages or emails.
  • They hide their real identity 
  • A Scammer contacts via private messages on social media.
  • Scammers spend hours every day spamming out messages to people on social media because it’s a numbers game to them. They only need a few people a day to fall for a scam for them to make money.
  • A scammer leaves comments on other creators’ accounts pretending to be them and when you click on them it will go to a different cloned account.
  • Scammers have very basic websites they send you to. Usually, basic one-page websites look good but with very little information at all.
  • Scammer websites have links that look like they go for more information but don’t go anywhere.
  • Scammers websites use images of certifications to look legit but they aren’t clickable.
  • Scam sites have fake reviews that are just images and not linked to anything or aren’t clickable.
  • Scammers spend hours every day spamming out messages to people on social media because it’s a numbers game to them. They only need a few people a day to fall for a scam for that scammer to make money.


There are hundreds of scammers at it every day. There could even be whole teams of scammers working on one scam. We need to be vigilant and don’t get caught up in fear or excitement when someone contacts you offering anything.

Follow my golden rules above and it will keep you away from the opportunities scammers have to target you. 

Once they steal your money they are gone and it is nearly impossible to get your money back. Scammers cover their tracks. They hide their true identities and hide behind fake names, fake profiles and fake accounts. They also hack real people’s accounts and scam people so that it looks like the owner of the account scammed them.

 So if you learn to stay away from the too-good-to-be-true situations or the FOMO, fear of missing out situations, we won’t get scammed. 

The only way to earn money or create a business is to learn how to do it yourself from others, There are no quick wins or systems that do it for you, no matter how good they sound or how much they offer it.

Let’s learn to spot scammers before they catch us unaware.

And most of all if you do get scammed please be very vocal about it so that everyone is made aware of it quickly before they catch more people out. 

Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m the creator of this site. My aim is to help as many people as I can as we move from this corrupt modern slavery system to the New World of peace that is coming.

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14 thought on “Beware Scammer Fake Accounts”
  1. Graham,
    Can I ask what your account is on Instagram? I thought it was you that I was speaking with, but then began to question after reading these messages.
    Thanks for any info, appreciate your posts. The Instagram account I’m following is Graham Hodsdon Official, with the title grahamhodsdon_001.
    Just trying to verify that is your account

    Thanks in advance

    Tim O

      1. Hi, I was fooled by scammer Graham Hodson who took me for our life’s savings. It was over s few months period and I had no idea what hit me. Truly a smooth talker and had our assets without even blinking an eye. I’ve recently heard there are QFS agents who can possibly help you to retrieve your assets. Please anyone let me know if this is true and whom I may contact.

        1. Sorry to hear you have been scammed by someone claiming to be me. Was it on TikTok? I came off TikTok for that very reason. Scammers where cloning my page and the trying to scam people and TikTok did nothing and do nothing. TikTok is a scammers paradise. I had over 130 scammers setting up accounts last time I checked and TikTok don’t care. That’s why I moved to X at least they remove all scammers accounts. I would be careful of anyone messaging you claiming you to be a QFS agent.

          Remember anyone messaging you on social media trying to get you to do anything financially is a scammer. Real businesses don’t have time to message people on social media and talk people through.

          My videos were all about waking people up from the corruption but have been copied and edited to get people to do stuff with crypto.
          I don’t hold crypto or promote any crypto at all. Anyone messaging you saying these things are scammers so please just block and report if anyone does.

    1. At the minute any website claiming they are QFS linked is definitely a scam, What is the actual website link they sent you so I can check it out. We don’t need to do anything at the minute but these scammers are telling people they need to back up their crypto before the QFS calling them vaults. these are all scams. We just need to keep our crypto on our own wallets for now. Beware scammers are out in full force at the minute.

          1. Thanks for the quick response! I opened an account a few months ago with They stacked my xlm there. This company that I wrote to you about does the same thing. They said they were going to consolidate my funds in After they do that, I’m going to try to transfer it all out into a trust wallet. I’m so tired of scammers! Thank you for all your help and have a great day!

          2. Glad I could help. It is most likely the same scammers as they just keep putting up new sites doing the same thing. People have messaged me saying I need to put my XLM into a vault ready for the QFS.
            Remember the only one that will get access to your account is you and only when it is ready and it will be face to face. This is the only way to stop corruption in it tracks.

    1. The issue was we didn’t know which ones would or wouldn’t. From what I’m hearing the banks that aren’t corrupted are being protected and having gold sent to them by the white hats to make sure they pass Basel III and IV compliance but the banks that are corrupt are being left to crash. Then Good banks are then buying them up. When SVB UK went down HSBC then bought them out.
      Banks will have a purpose as wealth managers but they wont hold our money we will hold our own. And yeah I’ve heard over and over that the Quantum Computers have been mirroring and watching all transactions for some years now. So we don’t need to worry.
      We’ve been told for the last few years now that we just need to make sure we always have enough cash at home to last 3 to 4 weeks and this is purely a just in case scenario.

  2. Thank you so much for answering This is what i was hoping would happen, but there are so many people on social media saying so many different things that i didnt know who to believe! God bless you for helping the white hats!!!

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