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QFSPatriotsLedger was brought to my attention by followers of my TikTok account. A company claiming to protect funds before we merge into the QFS, the Quantum financial system. This all began with comments appearing in my TikTok comments by cloned accounts with my photo and variations on my name.

Then followers started receiving messages from a cloned account pretending to be me. This is where a lot of scams begin. So let’s dig deep into this scam and make sure no one else gets caught out.

Scammers search for reliable companies and websites and then use their names in their scams. The Patriot Ledger newspaper has been the South Shore’s newspaper since 1837. Based in Quincy. They then just as QFS into the name to make people think the scammers are working with the Quantum Financial System. Also by using the word Patriot it makes it sounds like it runs by Patriots fighting for the republic and using the word Ledger is used because one of the safest place to store your crypto is on a Nano Ledger.

You need to be really careful with anyone claiming they are linked to the QFS, Quantum Financial System, as it isn’t live to the public yet. The scammers will be working overtime to hoodwink people out of their cash claiming they are part of QFS because so many people don’t really understand it. Which makes it easier to con people. Also, it certainly wouldn’t be linked be such a basic company/site like this.

The QFS is bringing transparency and trackability to the world where the corrupt and the scammers can’t hide. Every transaction will only be able to be sent via the new ISO 20022 messaging system which every legit bank is now linked to ready to go. Once it goes live to the public everything we send will go via this and so crime and corruption won’t be able to hide as they will be able to see where everything goes and who to. Scammers won’t last long at all!

So for these guys to be claiming they are linked to the QFS it is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

These types of sites are being used to target people on social media. They find creators with a good following, then clone their accounts and then start messaging people pretending to be the creator the individual is following. I am seeing this a lot on sites like TikTok more and more every day. Where creators are having to make videos warning their followers of cloned accounts scamming people. So they definitely need to be stopped. They will be doing the same hundreds of creators and targeting hundreds of unknowing foll


Company Name: QFSPatriotsLedger

Owners: No names identified on the site

Type of Business – Claiming to be the most powerful Crypto Ledger

Rating – 0 / 5 Stars way too many red flags!

My Overview

At first glance at this website, you can see how the untrained eye could fall for it. It’s a clean, sharp website. They have price indexes being updated on the values of crypto. They have selected images that could make it look legit but that’s where it ends.

The site is just a one-page website which should straight away set a red flag. This means they don’t have very much information to share with you. It’s very much first-glance information only. There isn’t anything that would require you to come back to read more, which tells me they do all their work via direct messaging people.

Direct Messaging Customers

Scammers like to use WhatsApp as its end-to-end encrypted. Which means no authority can see the messages being sent. As you send the message Whatsap encrypts the messages and then when you receive the message Whatsap then unencrypts the message so you can read it. It’s great for the average person to make sure hackers can get any information you sending but this also keeps the scammers safe too.

Scammers focus all their efforts on spamming outbound messages via direct messages to people on social media. They then ask them to contact them on Whatsapp. They use all sorts of techniques to do this. Spamming definitely doesn’t show signs of a safe or legit business. A successful legit business will spend money on advertising to reach customers and will also have a referral system where they pay current customers to bring in customers.

Where scammers use the technique of spamming out messages to people on social media. This should stand out as a red flag to anyone. Unfortunately, this is where they catch people and they do this by using scare tactics and fear-creating language to hook people in. Creating the fear of missing out emotion (FOMO) which makes you do things quicker as you aren’t thinking rationally.

They will use fear-based words like…

  • Protect yourself from.. – implying you’re in danger of losing something
  • Lose your money – creating fear or losing what you have
  • Miss out – could miss this if you don’t hurry
  • Limited time – implying you need to be quick which makes you nervous
  • Beware or Be careful – creating the fear that you need help

They use fear-based language to put you in a fear state. While you are in a fear state it is very difficult to think straight, make rational thoughts or make decisions. You think you need someone else’s help instead of trusting your own thoughts, so end up relying on someone else to tell you what to do. When you put that trust into the hands of the scammer you’ve lost already.


If you get someone messaging you and you hear and see any fear-based language or the chat is making you feel worried or nervous.

Just walk away, end the chat and block them!

QFSPatriotsLedger Website

When checking company websites there are key things I check first.

  • Content of the site because this is where they represent themselves
  • Check the menu and the links
  • How much detail is there about the company
  • Check image and logo quality
  • Does it have a history of the business
  • Is it certified by anything or any business or financial institution
  • Having a Trust mark is a great sign too

Content of site

QFSpatriotsledger’s is just a one-page website which isn’t a good sign straight away. This in itself doesn’t mean it’s dodgy but it doesn’t show signs of a very solid business. The reason for this is it hasn’t been well thought out. A solid company will put a lot of time and money into designing its website as this is its shop window. What the customers see before they enter.

Menus and Links

I went straight to the links to see if they had other pages. There are standard pages to look for like disclaimer pages, about us pages, company history or company information pages. No additional pages were present which also means they don’t want to share much information, which is another red flag. There weren’t even any pages about the owners or where they are based. So in others where there was no way of getting back to them if something happened, ie untraceable. Only a contact us box to an email setup for this website. So once they have you and take your money or crypto they can never be found.

The only menu on the site just took you to positions on the single-page site. So instead of sending you to a new page with more information it just moved you further down the page.

Even the About QFSPatriotsLedger was so vague claiming to be the best and have loads of clients but no reviews on their site. It’s always easy to say you have something but with nothing to back it up you need to take it that they don’t have them.

Also several bad English mistakes in the About section. This can also be an extra sign that it is a scam. When they don’t get the English language correct or it doesn’t read correctly. Which in itself is a silly mistake that no real company would make. Their content would be checked by software and editors for grammatical errors and structure.


The one-click easy approach is part of the techniques they use. Targeting people’s vulnerable points. It’s easy to do. Targeting people that maybe scared of losing their crypto or even people who might be new to crypto. People who might be starting in crypto because they were recommended to by friends and family and people will have minimal knowledge.

To hook them in they are offering the easy approach. They even say their site is designed for people who have never used an exchange! So they are even telling you that’s who they are targeting. They hide all the details and do it behind the scenes. While they steal your money.

Company History or information

On there is no history of the company or even who owns it. The only detail is that it has been around since 2015. I think we would have come across this by now. It’s nice an easy to add a number. Maybe it might have been more believable if it was more recent.

Images and Logo Quality

The images they use are just standard logos and icons and also they have added a live trade link which shows the current prices which is really easy to add to a site. So nothing that makes it anything special. They have really tried to do too much. They have just kept it basic.

Images and logos are a great way to spot scams as you get a lot of fake websites pretending to be real companies. They copy real websites, the best they can, to trick you into thinking they are the company to get user and credit card data to steal funds. The images they use, in my experience, tend to be less quality, fuzzy around the edges and pixelated. This is usually because they have copied the logo from somewhere and tried to add to emails or websites. They may also copy companies and change them slightly like a UPS scam I saw where they looked the same but the company was USP instead. Same colour, same font but slightly different name. So a first glance you think it’s legit.

Linking to Your Wallet

One issue that has appeared that makes QFSPatriotsledger become a scam is they start messaging you telling you that you need to protect your crypto before you move into the QFS. They then send you the link to the QFSpatriotsledger website and they tell you first you need to link your crypto wallets to their exchange. All the time telling you they can help protect your crypto before they move it into the Quantum Financial System. Once you’ve linked your wallet though you will never see your crypto again.

This probably isn’t the only line they use as the site says it takes a variety of investors. So it could be they use all sorts of hook lines scams to send people to this site to them steal their crypto.

There are hundreds of different scams out there. Similar in style but always look and sound slightly different. The techniques though are similar as there is always a hook of fear, followed by a way they can help you and then some payment or service they can provide. Then once they have your money they will be gone. They like to use social media because they can easily block you straight away afterwards and you then have no way of getting back in touch with them. Just one click and they are gone.

WARNING – Never send anyone your crypto no matter how good it sounds. Whether it’s for great returns or in this case pretending to be the system that they are arent. Keep your crypto on a PRIVATE WALLET that only you have access to.

What is a Private Wallet

A private wallet gives you a keyphrase made up of 12 to 15 random words. Without this phrase in the exact order, you can’t access the wallet. So never store this on a computer or digitally. Just write it on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe offline.

If you ever lost your phone or your laptop broke you would download the Trust Wallet app again for example and then click already have a wallet’. It would then ask for the key phrase first. Then it would ask for the usual like name, email address, phone number etc. But without this key phrase, you will never gain access again.

Examples of Private Wallets are Trust Wallet and LOBSTR. Both of these two will give you a key phrase when you register for a wallet. This is randomly generated and only you will see it.

My Final Verdict


Company Name: QFSPatriotsLedger

Rating – 0 / 5 Stars – SCAM

In my opinion, I would stay clear of any dealings with this site. Way too many red flags highlighting techniques that scammers to say it’s just another scam website. Scammers social media accounts to spam messages and hook people in and then direct them to websites like this. While as they say ‘they do everything being the scenes’, they take your crypto and you never see it again.

No names of anyone on the website, No company history, no nothing apart from a few paragraphs saying how great the company is. No even any fake reviews. They have just put together a quick website to steal money from hard-working individuals. These types of sites keep going until they get caught and then they take the site down and create a new site under a different name and carry on.

All you can do is stay vigilant and learn what to look for to see if they are scamming people.

Check out my How to spot internet scams for tips and tricks to stay safe.

TIP: You need to be very careful when it comes to anything to do with crypto. Never send your crypto to anyone and never tell anyone the secure phrase of your private wallet. Stay safe at all times.

Hi, I’m Graham, I am the founder and creator of I hope you found this article helpful. Scammers are everywhere, they won’t go out and work for money. These low-vibrational people prefer to steal money from struggling families instead.

I will always try and fight against this and try to help people be safe. There are scammers using all types of media to con people. They are using phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp, social media and across the internet. They target people and use techniques to put fear into them so that they end up sending money or crypto to them. All we can do is stay sharp and stay a few steps ahead of them by learning how to spot telltale signs so we don’t get caught out.


22 thought on “QFSPatriotsLedger SCAM Review”
  1. LOL – it’s never good to see a zero rating anywhere in a product or service review! This is a HUGE flag and should serve as a strong warning to quickly run away from this “opportunity”. 

    It’s crucial to raise awareness about scams related to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) – scammers often take advantage of people’s lack of understanding and use fear tactics to deceive them. Thank you for sharing this insightful info.

    1. Hi Aly, Yes definitely, I hope more people find my article when they get approached about this company so they see the zero-rating. These businesses needed to be shared to hopefully prevent more people from being caught out. You are so right, with the QFS coming we need to make sure more people are aware of what’s involved so they don’t get caught out by scammers sharing misinformation to trick people into sending them their hard-earned money through not knowing.

        1. Sorry to here that Ian. These scammers are getting creative. It’s like a minefield out there. Social media apps need to be more proactive at dealing with these scammer cloned accounts. I hope by getting this information out we can prevent more people from getting caught out.

  2. It’s good that your followers contacted you about this scam. When someone contacts individuals on social media it’s always weird to me. It means that they already tracked you and they know you might be interested in their proposal. They also know that you’ve got crypto!!!People must be very careful about scammers, they are more and more sophisticated than we think.

    1. Thanks, you are correct they are getting more and more sophisticated. You used to be able to spot scam sites a lot easier but now everyone can build websites you don’t need to know HTML anymore, it’s all done for you now with a few clicks. When you get direct messages this should always be a red flag. Successful businesses don’t need to message people on social media but scammers spam messages constantly hoping someone will bite.

  3. Thank you very much for this informative article. It is a word of caution against scammers and unveiling the concept of QFS. The finance houses need to carry out more awareness of QFS and how it relates to transparency and trackability. It will strengthen people’s confidence in the financial sector globally

    1. Thank you for your great feedback. You are so right there needs to be more awareness of the QFS. At the minute the information is being held back by mainstream media and governments as the QFS brings an end to the corruption and money laundering as it’s unhackable and traceable which the powerful elites don’t want. We must share this as much as possible so people don’t get caught out.

  4. I recently came across this informative article reviewing QFS/Patriots Ledger, and I must say it offers valuable insights into this financial tool that promises enhanced security and control over personal finances. Your thorough examination and analysis make it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring alternative solutions for managing their financial assets.

    What impressed me most about this article is the author’s attention to detail and their commitment to providing an unbiased review. The article delves into the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of QFS/Patriots Ledger, offering a comprehensive overview that allows readers to make informed decisions based on their individual needs and preferences.

    I highly recommend this article to anyone interested in exploring QFS/Patriots Ledger as a financial management tool. Your detailed review, impartial analysis, and emphasis on security and control make it an invaluable resource. By diving into this review, readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of QFS/Patriots Ledger’s features, weigh its potential benefits and drawbacks, and make informed decisions regarding their financial security.

    1. Hi Pasindu, I really appreciate your time leaving such a great comment on my article. Thank you for the detailed feedback. I am so pleased you have found it useful.  I do hope my article reaches more people so that they can make a more educated choice about using this system. I hate to see people caught out by businesses like this and we need to do what we can to help educate others on how to spot businesses like this so they don’t get caught out. Teach people what to look for so they can see the signs too. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks Graham! Wow! scammers are everywhere, aren’t they. I had no idea the depths someone will go to perpetrate a scam. You are right about them targeting on social media. I have gotten a few messages on there and luckily; I had the sense to see them for what they are and quickly delete them.It is definitely a growing trend and as long as people are falling for it these people will continue.

    Great article. I like the topic and the length of the article was great. Very informative. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandi, thanks for your great feedback. They certainly are everywhere. I am noticing it becoming a very big trend across all the main social media platforms. We need the platforms to step up and start sorting this. As you mentioned, the more they get away with it the more they will keep doing it. All we can do is stay vigilant and keep sharing what we see to hopefully prevent others from getting caught out. 

  6. Over the years I have learned to be extra vigilant when paying out my hard earned cash. I alway Google to find reviews on the product and especially take note of any downsides and bad experiences the company in question has. Thank you for your tips on what to look for before bringiing out your credit card. It is a good idea to check how many years the company has been active and look at the domain age. 

    1. Hi Michel, excellent, yeah you definitely need to fully check any company before you pay for or invest anything. Some people tend to fall for scams because of the fear of missing out but there are no quick wins or get-rich-quick schemes. Like you do they need to be extra vigilant to thoroughly check reviews and feedback sites first. there is always feedback somewhere from someone that has already been caught out.  Yeah definitely, a great tip is to check the length of time a company has been around because it’s easy for them to put a date on the site but you can check when a domain name was registered easily and see when they really started. 

  7. As you mentioned there are way too many red flags with this one. Its amazing in what lengths scammers go nowadays to strip people from their money. Thankfully we have review websites like yours that can expose them and really protect us from nasty situations. I think this is a plague affecting the whole online world and not only crypto. Its the sad reality and why online businesses very often get bad reputation.

    1. Hi Stratos, 100%. Scammers are all over the internet and constantly looking for new ways to steal people’s money and crypto. Like you said it’s not just crypto. For now, we need to try and stay one step ahead of them and when anyone comes across a scam they need to share as much as they can to prevent others getting caught out. Once the ISO 20022 messaging system is fully live across the world and all banks are fully linked up scammers will not stand a chance. With ISO 200022 finances will be sent via the Stella blockchain and the blockchain is fully stackable and traceable. Any funds sent anywhere will have a sent and receive wallet address and also a traceable transaction reference ID. Corrupt individuals will have nowhere to hide. 

  8. Thank you Graham, I am really glad that you decided to write this article about the QFSPatriotsLedger Scam that you first noticed circulating on TikTok first and foremost because I am like those people that you mention at the top of the article who don’t really understand what is going on with the merger into the Quantum Financial System.

    The appearance of a one page website should definitely be a red flag to anyone who is enticed enough to click on it. The way you describe the encrypted messages on WhatsApp it sounds like the platform was created with nefarious intentions in mind.

    Is the “one click” approach used by QFSPatriotsLedger a tactic that has been circulating for some time or is it new to this particular scam?

    1. Hi Joseph thanks, I will be linking my videos on the QFS onto this site to help others learn more about it. I started on TikTok and found there was a huge need for sharing this so I began doing videos and it went crazy. The problem with TikTok is the scammers are allowed to run wild on there and nothing is done about them so it prompted me to start warning people about the scams too, The one-click technique is all about making it sound easy for those who don’t understand crypto and are worried about doing something wrong. Scammers target prefer to target these types of people as they are targeting their weaknesses. Scammers are thieves and need to be stopped.

  9. From a news site on Telegram someone suggested I open a TRUST WALLET and then secure it at this QFSPatriotsledger site. I had $150 in crypto in the TRUST Wallet. I transferred to this QFSPatriotsledger and my money disappeared. Their “service” is no existent. Whoever is behind this site should be in jail forever. God knows how many they have scammed.

    Youir advise here is all good. Sadly, we are often being pushed and hurried and forget to carefully check everything.

    1. Hi William, Sorry to hear you got caught out thanks for sharing your experience so others can see what’s going on too and hopefully save others from being caught out too. That’s the problem with Telegram and fake accounts, it so difficult to know who to trust or who you’re really talking to. It’s scary how many people they must have caught out. Yeah unfortunately it sometimes to late as the scammers use fear of missing out tactics. When in fear we don’t think rationally and make wrong decisions and then they have you. My only hope is that we get enough information out to warn more people so they know what to look out for.
      Thanks again

      1. Hello i have sent my XRP from my trust wallet to quantumledgerpatriots
        I would like to know if it is a really website where my coins are or it is a scam.
        I can get access to the ledger but i can’t withdraw it back toy trust wallet as it is saying i should have 5000 XRP which is impossible for me to get.
        Is it real or i lost control of my XRP on this quantumledgerpatriots?

        1. Hi Irfan sorry for the late reply I had a stroke and was going through recovery. Unfortunately this is definitely a scam that I came across quite a lot of times. Lots of people have been scammed by these criminals. They always have the catch of needing to have a minimum of 5k invested just to withdraw making you add more just to try and get it out only to never be able to get it back.
          Unfortunately any site promoting QFS and ledger are all just scams.
          Just keep all your crypto safe on your own private wallet.

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