How to Build a Website

There is always a time when a business wants to expand or increase profits. This is when they start to look at the idea of building a website.

Where do you start?

There are a lot of factors to take into account when setting up a site and the most successful sites take a lot of time researching and studying various ideas to help get the traffic needed to land a profitable site. If you don’t get it right then you’ll have a good site with no traffic. No traffic equals no profit.

I am going to talk you through all the elements you need to learn about in order to create a successful website.

Starting with:

How does a website work?

After all, how can you learn how to do something if you don’t know how it works. In this post, I cover the detail behind what makes a website function and how do we reach this information. This will give you a basic understanding and be enough to get you moving.


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How to build a website for free

Wealthy Affiliate sign up pageWhen you’re ready to start building you first need to decide on how. It’s a lot easier than it used to be as companies started creating software to help with this, they created a way to take the pain away from building a website. You used to have to know all the computer language called HTML to be able to code the pages. The computers then use this code to know how to render the website. Thanks to software like WordPress, life has got a lot easier. Now you just need to concentrate on the content on your website and the quality of the content.

There are loads of companies out there to choose from and all offering different levels of service. I will be reviewing all the offers out there, running through some comparisons and offering some recommendations.

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How to get your own Domain Name

Domain namesYou can’t have a website without a Domain name. Domains are a bit like the property of the website. Once you pick one and register it you can’t change it. If for any reason you decide you want to change it you will have to buy a completely different domain name.

You register a domain from 1 year upwards. This is then yours, you just need to reregister each year. There are hundreds of different sites where you can buy and register your domain. In this post, I will guide you on best practice and tips to setting up your domain name.



What is Hosting?

Hosting on the world wide webIn order for customers to find your website, you need to publish it on the internet. To do this you need to find a server company and rent storage space off them to save your site. These servers are permanently linked to the internet and when someone searches on their computer the servers send them the information for the site they are looking at. When you see a website has gone down, it usually means that the server that the website is stored on has gone down.

In this post, I will be recommending some hosting companies and doing a comparison with them.

How to Create a WordPress website for FREE

How to Create a WordPress Site for Free

Want to find out how to build a WordPress website for free?

Check out some great WordPress hosting companies that enable you to build your site for free and provide you with the support you need to develop a great quality site that will create free traffic to help your reach out to your customers.



What is HTML, try some I find useful

What is HTMLWith Software like WordPress, you don’t need any HTML coding knowledge but you can use them if you like. This is because WordPress has two windows, one for typing the content in Visual mode and there is also a Text window. The Text window enables you to add HTML codes to your pages and as long as you have done this write, it will then render the pages correctly.

This is a useful way to put a unique look and style to a template.

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