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Create your own online businessIf you’re like me you’ve spent hours on the internet trying to learn how to create an online business, as I’ve always known the internet was the best place to make money I just didn’t know how. Unfortunately, every time I searched the term ‘creating an online business’ I ended up coming up against scam after scam. I found myself having to check and double check everything I looked into, just in case, they were just out for some quick money from me and then do a runner.


This is why I created this site to protect everyone else like me and show them the best ways and safe ways to make money online while exposing the scammers and preventing them from scamming others.

Well, I can finally share with you the best way I have found to get you started online that will help teach you how to make your very own successful online business, the right way. What I love about them is the training is so easy to follow but go into incredible detailed that anyone can do it and as long as you follow the step by step training anyone can be successful. They even use video tutorials within each lesson to make it even easier to follow.

Wealthy Affiliate UniversityI can hand on heart say joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best thing I ever did. From signing up for free to the end of the first 24 hours I knew I had finally found the best place to help me be financially free. The bit that really caught my eye is they genuinely say as long as your willing and motivated to do it, everyone can be successful. That to me was a breath of fresh air.

I always knew to be successful I would have to work hard at it but it’s funny how every business I came across before always told me otherwise. I was tired of hearing get rich quick, say free then continuously ask for money and send up sales or telling me just click and they will make me rich. Well, this fantastic community is free to join and you can stay free if you like. They are honest about the effort you need to put in and it’s a community full of like-minded people.

Well If you take the time to read my post you be really glad you did. I know I was when I first found them.

Why I Was Looking Online

Make money onlineThe reason I was looking online was its the only other place I could go to find more money that didn’t involve picking up a second job or additional part-time work. The internet offers a world of opportunities from ways to save money while shopping to various levels of earning money. The more I researched the more I found blogging was the best was to create additional residual income.


Residual income is money that keeps flowing after the original effort has been completed. In other words, its continues to build up without you doing anything else.

I began to look into the potential of blogging and how you can turn a website into an income. This is where Affiliate Marketing kept coming up. This is where you create a blog that is rich with content, in other words, quality pages that people want to read. You then create a site people can trust and keep coming to you for information. The next step is to monetize your site with affiliate marketing adverts. You then get paid a commission for every product that gets purchased.

Earn commission from every sale

See my post How to create a business from a website to see a summary step by step way to do this. This got me excited over the years and encouraged me to search and search for some way to learn how to do it.

Unfortunately, over and over I struggled with trying different schemes and businesses. I had all sorts of issues from not fully understanding how to successfully set up a site or having to keep jumping onto google to find the answer. I bought loads of books but I still kept hitting stumbling blocks.

Then when I finally did get a site up I wasn’t getting any traffic or had coding issues. It was just one big stress I didn’t need. I even considered going to a night course to learn HTML. Well, the beauty is you don’t need all that and now I know how I’m going to show you how absolutely anyone who is determined can make a successful online business.

As I said this isn’t a get rich quick scheme it will take time and effort but as long as you have the drive to succeed you will be amazed at the potential at your fingertips. I’ve always had a strong gut feeling about companies offering easy ways out. Offering untold riches just for signing up and using fake claims by celebrities.

I’ve even had one company that did seem really legit that I stupidly put my mobile number into that called me for days and days after trying to talk me into it. I’m sorry but ALARM BELLS, anyone who is desperate for you to sign by hounding you is screaming dodgy. Thank goodness for block call on a mobile.

Why Didn’t I Succeed Before?

Why I didn't succeedHere are some of the reasons I think I went wrong with all my previous attempts before at running my own business.

  • Little to no training given even though they had my money
  • Lack of knowledge of where to start
  • Little to no support when things went wrong
  • Continuous up selling for things I was told I needed.
  • Little to no traffic and no understanding of why?
  • No income coming in even after I had the site up for years.


I then thought back to what held me back from getting through all these issues. Stress and frustration were continuously going against me and the lack of understanding? There was also the fear of the unknown. They were all reasons why I haven’t achieved success back then. Several times I went through months of searching and working on something to then have it die out and I go back to just working more hours at work to make more money.

Now it’s your turn to take back control of your life!

Time to start your online business!

There are just 3 things you need to create a successful online business.

1 – Have the determination to succeed and the willingness to study and work at it.

If you have the determination to succeed and willingness to do all the training you be well on your way in no time. It won’t be long before you get your first site up and running and best of all you’ll understand how to drive the all-important free traffic straight to your site, the right way!

2 – Continuous support and help from others who are already skilled.

It’s always best to work with someone who has already learnt how to do it and been successful. They can save you the time of making the same mistakes they did and give you the heads up. This way you are able to gain success even faster and you’ve been trained how to do it. You also don’t struggle alone, the slightest hurdle and myself and the rest of the community will be there with support.

3 – Own your own website and support to drive performance and growth.

Setting up the website and creating the traffic is the biggest challenge. There are systems set up that can take care of most of it for you. You just need to bring your creative side to create the traffic creating content.

Get started with wealthy affiliate

Sit on your sofa grab your laptop and get learning how to unlock your potential!

Does this sound good to you?

Then it’s time to get started and it’s Free to get started!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It’s FREE to join the community and you even get

2 free websites.

So what else do you get for free starter membership

Fantastic Help and Support:

  • Continuous help and support any hour of the day from a wealth of knowledge.
  • Ability to even get personal help from the two founders of the company Kyle and Carson.
  • Help and support from a community of thousands of like-minded individuals
  • Live Chat Support anytime you need it
  • Ongoing discussion groups for you to take part in

2 Free Websites:

  • Fully Functional WordPress sites
  • All the support and feedback on your site to help you create a fantastic income.

The Incredible Amount of Training:

  • Continuous weekly video classes and archives of every class to study at your leisure.
  • Video Tutorials galore.
  • Courses.
  • Entire classroom running continuously.
  • 10 years of experience is training others
  • Continuously updating the training in line with current market changes and search engines adaptions.

All this is free when you sign up and gives you the chance to test drive it yourself.

You will honestly blow your mind at what they have thought about to help create the right support for you to be successful. I know I did! Their sole motivation is to help others do the same as they did and help you create your own business that brings in a monthly income. Like I said, it’s like minded people who have already been where you are, wanting to share how they succeeded and guide you along the same journey.

You will know if this is what you are looking for and if it’s is, your journey begins today!

If you are, then get ready to start working towards creating £1,000 to £20,000 a month in residual income!

That is the reality of Affiliate Marketing!

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Graham Hodsdon


I’m Graham, I hope you find Wealthy Affiliate as amazing as I did for creating an online business and if you decide to join hook me up on this link Graham Hodsdon. Also please ask me if you want any advice by leaving your comments below or share your thoughts.

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