Graham Hodsdon



Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon, I began

waking up from the corruption

and lies around 3 years ago.

Then in early 2023, I began to see

the fear increasing and I knew I needed

to do my bit to share this knowledge

to help remove the fear and

wake up with the rest of the world.

I started on my TikTok account @grahamhodsdon with over 20 million views and 96,000 followers but TikTok permanently banned me. You know when you’re sharing the Truth when TikTok permanently bans your account! Please follow me on X/Twitter @GrahamHod1 and Rumble.

X is my main platform now.

After seeing all the fake accounts and scammers manipulating information I decided to create my own website to create a central point of contact so my followers would know which channels are mine and hopefully keep them safe from the scammers.

Latest Posts

Are You Ready to Wake Up?


I absolutely loved this film. I must say a massive thanks to Nick Alvear and Lion Good Films for creating such an incredible documentary and pulling together all the information people need with proof, presidential executive orders and documentation about what's really been happening over the last few 7 years and more.

Learn about the incredible future that's coming and learn about lies we have been distracted with...

New World New money

My Original TikTok Account was Permanently Banned in early July 2023! Please be vigilant, anyone contacting you on TikTok will be an impersonator and scammers just block and report!


WARNING - I will never message you FIRST and I will never ask you to send me anything or do anything for you in regard to Crypto, financial or investments in any way. All the information I share is for educational purposes only so you can learn for yourself.

IMPORTANT! Anyone who messages you saying these things will only be scammers on fake clone accounts pretending to be me. TikTok and Instagram are doing nothing with these Scammers, so please be careful.

Beware with news of the Quantum Financial System spreading there are swarms of scammers trying to scare people into giving them their crypto. Please remember you don't need to do anything with your crypto before the QFS.

So don't give your Crypto to anyone keep it in your own private wallet.

Stay Safe During the Transition

Learn how to spot scams and be aware of what scams are currently being used...

Learn how to spot scams

See below some scams we have already come across so you can get an idea of what to be careful of.