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Once you start seeing through the lies and corruption you start to dig deeper. They always say to find the problem you just have to follow the money. Let’s start with the US central banking system. What is the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve system? To answer this we need to go back to where it all started and also look into who owns the Federal Reserve and who runs the Federal Reserve.

How the Federal Reserve was created

Initially, they tried to get it passed into Congress but some of the wealthiest members blocked it from being passed. So they waited for the right time to push it through again. Is it a coincidence that the majority of these members that blocked the elite’s Federal Reserve Bill all died on the Titanic? That’s a story for another post.

They then waited two years and then the Federal Reserve was brought in during the Christmas break when most of Congress was on break. This alone was unconstitutional. It was never officially passed fully through Congress.

The elite families had now managed to Create a central Bank in the US that looked after the United States funds. They then created the IRS to collect taxes that went to the Federal Reserve and they then created the FBI to police and look after the Federal Reserve. Both government bodies working to protect and fund the elite’s Central bank.

Why is the Federal Reserve so Corrupt

The Elite Families central bank, the Federal Reserve, has since controlled all the boom and busts. They would create the crash then buy things cheap and then sell them off once they had brought the economy back up. The Federal Reserve always profiting from the US citizens struggling.

They created the 2000 dot-com bubble and the bust. The internet was becoming more widespread. The FED then raised interest rates 6 times and crashed everything again. People’s portfolios were whipped out.

The FED then brought rates down and real estate became popular because people realised they had been stung by shares in the internet businesses. So they decided they needed to switch to hard asset investments instead, something they could put their hands on rather than shares.

This then created the real estate bubble. The FED began buying mortgages from banks and selling them around the world. You see the fed was only really allowed to invest in government-back securities. But it is written into the rules of the FED that if there is a crisis in the economic system they can design something to deal with emergency lending to rescue the economy. So this allowed them to create what they called ‘special purpose vehicles’ that allowed the fed to invest in securities that weren’t on the charter like stock and collateralised dept. They got greedy there was no liquidity and the financial system came crashing down in 2008.

What gave them this power was Obama, he allowed the Fed to run the whole show instead of answering to the US Treasury. They no longer needed authority to make decisions they were making their own decisions. They bought things cheap and then sold them off when the economy improved which made the FED tonnes of money.

Trump takes back control

The Federal Reserve Bank

A team of white hats put an incredible plan together. The plan was brilliant because they had to be careful, they couldn’t be seen to be going after the Federal Reserve and bringing down the corrupt Elite family’s Central banking system. There are too many sleepers and he the Cabal could have spun as a coop and rallied people’s support for the current Biden corrupt regime. 

Instead, the white hats plan devised a brilliant plan to take over the elite’s central banking system and turn their own system against them and then watch them destroy themselves from the inside. Their own system is bringing them down and Imploding them from within.

The plan was brilliant and during the time we were being lockdown Donald Trump slipped a ‘special purpose vehicle’ into the Carers Act. A clause was added which meant the US Treasury now controlled the Federal Reserve instead. Which is the way it should always have been. The scheme merged the FED and the US Treasury into one organisation and guess who was made the Chairmen, Donald Trump.

The Treasury had now taken the purchasing control away from the FED. A very clever plan by Donald Trump and Manusion, They had managed to slip it into the Carers Act while they were trying to lock us down with COVID. 

They also managed to take control of the Federal Reserve from within. Before the 2016 Elections, Hilary hadn’t filled the two seats that had come available on the Federal Reserve Board. There was no rush as they thought Hilary was going to win for sure. They were in for a shock.

Trump won the elections and he filled those seats with his men. Two more people then retired so this left 2 more seats. They then promoted Powell to chairman so that freed up another seat so Trump filled all 3. They now had 5 people on the board.

The Fed was backed into the Treasury using the cabal’s own special-purpose vehicles.

The first thing the Treasury did in 2020 was to audit the Federal Reserve and found 1.2 Trillion unrealised losses. This money was missing and unaccounted for. People were then arrested at the Federal Reserve.


BlackRock was always the asset manager for the Federal Reserve and did all the purchasing. Now the US Treasury controlled the FED, so through the FED the US Treasury now dictated to Blackrock what it was to buy and when. It was written for example that the Fed had to buy assets in 2020 and liquidate in 2021. They weren’t allowed to keep hold of them like they used to and sell them for a profit. Now they were buying and selling at negative equity against their balance sheets.

The FED was now made to sell off a year later and take the loss each time. Making the Fed now take the losses for the US instead of the US Treasury taking the losses for the FED.

It was also written in the carers act that these special purpose vehicles were ‘in perpetuity’ so for an indefinitely long time. So the Treasury now had indefinite control of the FED and there was nothing they could do about it.

The Elites always said ‘When you control the money you control the world’. So the white hat’s plan was to target their money first. They knew that once they had removed their money they would remove their control.

Crashing the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

In 2020 and 2021 the Fed printed 80% of all the USD that exists today. The white hat’s brilliant plan was to take control of their system and let them blow themselves up. It’s all about supply and demand. The more you have of something you reduce its value. So the more money you print, the value decreases and creates higher inflation. Their system began collapsing from the inside, the Fiat USD began to decrease in value, which began to damage the economy and lowered the purchasing power of the USD. It also hurt their bond investments which was the whole entire balance sheet of the federal reserve. The white hats then through their special-purpose vehicle also made them buy more government bonds to destroy their balance sheet even further. They are now insolvent and in April 2023 the Federal Reserve announced losses of 80 billion operating losses resulting in a negative capital of $38 Billion. That’s not including the $1.2 Trillion that was unaccounted for in the Audit that the US Treasury conducted after taking control of the Referal Reserve..

The death of the Federal Reserve

Now the global elites have lost their central bank in the US which they funneled money through the back door of the US Treasury. This means the Elite Banking families have now lost their financial control of the US. Now the Corporation of the United States is now bankrupt. Enabling the New Republic of the United States based on the Constitution and asset-backed currency, to take back control. With the death of the FED comes the death of the IRS which was set up to Tax us to fund the elites. 

If you visit the Federal Reserve building there is nobody going in and out. They have a boarded wall going around it which makes it look like the construction going on to the sleepers. The same has happened to the IRS building. 


Now they have lost their financial control of the United States of America and lost their central bank we are now watching the steady move away from the Corporation of the United States to the asset-backed New Republica for the United States of America. This is a massive change and for those now awake it’s great to see these things happening. It all has to happen steadily so those that are still asleep or unaware of the corruption don’t get shocked by the change. As far as they are concerned they are seeing the Biden regime destroy the country and they will want change to take place to save the country. 

Behind the scenes, the entire banking system around the world has been changing over. Led by the BRICS nations and the quantum financial system which is asset-backed in order to remove the corruption in the world’s banking system. Using blockchain technology makes the system unhackable because for each transaction to take place it has to have multiple confirmations which are verifications by random servers around the world. You never know which one will do it so people can’t hack it to falsify it. this is what makes blockchain so powerful in the war against corruption. Blockchain technology has always been the people’s currency technology.

The white hats don’t like the banking system but the infrastructure is already in place. So we are watching the white hats take over their system and change steadily moving it over to a blockchain messaging system which allows the white hats to monitor and track all monetary transactions to prevent anyone from taking control of the money again. Sovereignty is being given back to countries and their people. We will soon hold our own money in digital wallets instead of the banking cabal holding all our money and making themselves rich. 

Will there be more bank closures?

There will still be a use for banks so they won’t disappear altogether but we will see more bank closures as they move or fail to comply with the quantum compliance banking system with Basel III, Basel 4 and Bretton Woods compliance.

Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon. What do you think of what’s happening? How much have you seen? Are you looking forward to seeing these changes fully implemented?

After reading this I hope you share it with others to help them see what’s really been happening. Start searching on Duckduckgo as this is a great search engine that blocks the Google filter. Also If you would like to read more about the corrupt Federal Reserve I would definitely recommend following a great team called the QSI team, Quantum Stellar Initiative. where I first found this information which prompted me to look myself. 

They have done hundreds of hours of research where they have uncovered all this information and they backed up everything they share with evidence. they also prompt you to continue your own research so you can see for yourself. You can follow them here

4 thought on “What is the Ferderal Reserve Bank”
  1. A lot of information here spells out how the Federal Reserve started and gives an interesting account of how the rich wanted to, and continue to exploit the system for their own benefit. The rich have NEVER been accepting of helping the have-nots. This is why it is so important to have some type of income protection vehicle for your own assets and always strive to have multiple income streams in place. In doing so, a backup system is always available to protect your assets.

    1. Hi Steve, So true, the top 5% have always controlled 95% of the wealth. There has always been enough money to fix everything but there is no profit in that. You’re absolutely right we have to look after ourselves and our families by creating our own income streams and trying to break away from the debt system they have set up. It’s all about decentralising ourselves and breaking away from their systems and creating multiple streams.

  2. Interesting commentary Graham.

    I’m Australian and we to have a reserve bank too, but it is separate to the treasury department. 
    And, like your reserve bank ours also sets the interest rates and gives out forecasts. Most which turn out to be wrong.

    For instance, midway through 2022 they said there would not be a need for any interest rate raises until 2024.

     I think there has been 4 just in the first half of 2023!

    As for digital wallets many Australians are opting for cash. 

    They don’t trust a cashless society, and many people are only using the plastic if they need to. 

    1. Excellent, I’m glad everyone is staying away from any cashless systems. That is their last attempt to control the cash. The new Quantum Financial system still uses cash or Rainbow currency. All new currency will be asset-backed so no country can print more cash than they have in asset. We will also hold our own money on wallets which you can use to draw cash from cash machines via NFC connectivity like we use at the minute to pay in shops now. Cash machines have already begun to be upgraded.

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