Beware of scammers telling you they can link your wallets to a ledger ready for the QFS. There are no early links and anyone offering this is trying to scam you. Stay safe and stay vigilant.

Remember – No legit business will direct messages people on social media!!

All legit businesses focus all their efforts on great advertising and reviews to attract customers to them. They do not have the time to spam messages to individuals on social media.

If you have had any experience in this scam please share below in the comments. This way we can help to make more people aware and stay one step ahead of the scammers.

2 thought on “Early links to the QFS – Scam!”
  1. Graham Hodsdon Screwed me outta $70,000 worth of XRP & XLM August 3rd, 2023….I got my Guys/Lawyers on his trail!!!!
    Graham Hodsdeon he’s a TRUE SCAMMER AND THIEF….he got me to send my funds into https://quatumsystemledger.com to keep my crypto safe, I unfortunately did it and NOW I tried to withdraw my XRP they yell me I have to pay $5000, BEFORE I can withdraw any funds at all and I kn ow for a fact, he is scamming me for another $5,000.
    GRAHAM Hodsdon is NOTHING but a common thief!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry you have been scammed but this wasn’t me. I wrote an article about this scam back in June https://grahamhodsdon.com/qfspatriotsledger-review/ and it looks like they have now taken the original scam site down and replaced the name quantumpatriotsledger.com with quantumsystemledger.com. I have been working hard to expose as many of these scams as possible. TikTok permanently banned me from being on TikTok back in the first week of July while I trying to get the 120 fake clone scammer accounts removed for copying all my content and then messaging my followers and pretending to be me, pushing these scams. As you can see in my review its the exact site, they have just removed the old name and republished the same site again with a new name to system. TikTok are doing absolutely nothing about these scammers and it was really stressing me out. All i ever got back were ‘no violation’ reports back. I spend more time trying to warn people of these scams then trying to share the information of the worlds corrupt elite. Instagram are also doing nothing about these scammers all I get back from IG is ‘we get to many reports so we delete most reports that aren’t important.’ SO scammers aren’t important to them. it makes me so angry. Twitter is the only app actually doing anything and remove the scammer fake clone accounts of me the same day. This is a problem hitting all creators with any decent following across all of social media. I keep warning people that there are now early links and there is no system we need to back anything up to before the QFS. We will all get access when the system is publicly announced. We just need to keep our crypto in a private wallet and don’t send it to anyone or any system at all no matter how good it mat sound.

      Once again sorry you have caught out by these scammers. They won’t get away with this once the QFS launches which is why I think they are going at it so hard while they can. I will share this new adaption to the scam to help prevent anyone else getting scammed.

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