We need to be extra vigilant as we get closer to the Quantum Financial System becoming public. With the QFS-ledgersystem.com we have another fine example of what to be careful of. I was sharing this information from another of my followers on TikTok. So a massive thanks for sharing as it allows us to get this information out to help prevent anyone else from being scammed.

qfs ledger system

Website: https://www.qfs-ledgersystem.com/

Company Name: QFS System

Owners: No owners described at all and no company history

Type of Business: Linking you to the QFS

My Overview

At first glance once again the site looks good. To an untrained eye, they might think this is legit, which is why it’s essential to get this information out. There is next to no information on this site so once again there is no detailed information for you to read they are requiring you to contact them for information. It has a signal contact number and a WhatsApp link to chat with someone. but red flags show up straight away. This is another one-page website design to give them a site to send you as a landing page so it’s just not messaging you only.

Direct messaging customers

These types of scams rely heavily on direct messaging people to get them to invest with them. As I mentioned it has a WhatsApp link and we know scammers love to use WhatsApp as it is encrypted at both ends. This means that any authorities monitoring the internet can’t see what is being sent back and forth. Whatsapp is just linked to a mobile number too so it’s easy to just get rid of the sim and delete the account and the customer can never get back in touch. Scam and go!

Remember no legit business would message you on social media direct message to get customers. All legit businesses just focus on advertising and promoting their business to attack customers online just like brick-and-mortar businesses would do. They will never have the time to spam people on social media to get customers. They need to have massive reach to attack customers and there are billions of potential customers across the world. They won’t waste their time spamming messages across TikTok or Instagram. Can you imagine the workforce they would need to make this effective?

Fear-based language

Another sign is the language scammers use while they are messaging you. Legit businesses if they ever did cold call would offer promotions and try and get you to buy windows etc. Legit Investment companies won’t do cold calls.

Scammers message you and use fear-based language to try and put you on edge. When people are in a fear state they can’t think rationally or logically. Their mind goes into protection mode. They know that if they can do this they have more chance and tricking you into doing something by using jargon and confusion too.

They use words like…

  • Protect yourself from.. – implying you’re in danger of losing something
  • You need to be careful – stating something could happen if you don’t
  • Lose your money – creating fear or losing what you have
  • Miss out – could miss this if you don’t hurry
  • Limited time – implying you need to be quick which makes you nervous
  • Beware – creating the fear that you need help


If you receive any direct message like this you need to just block and delete!

QFS System Website

QFS System Website is a one-page website and these are some of the things you need to check for when trying to decide if it is legit or not.

  • How many pages and does it have links to more pages?
  • Do the links take you to detailed information on other pages or just go nowhere?
  • Hover over links and check the bottom left of your screen – where is it taking you? The bottom of your screen will tell you the link it is going to before you click it.
  • Does it have an about us section and is it detailed? Owners, company history
  • Check if the logos are small or blurry. This could mean a fake image of another company a clone site.
  • For investments to be safe they should be registered with a financial agency
  • Does it have a trust mark – Is it a legit link to the Trust site or just an image

Pages and Links on QFS System

This site is just a one-page website which can be relatively easy to make these days. There are a lot of companies thanks to the latest HTML that make it very click and place to create a site. QFS System has links on the site that at first glance look like what you would expect on a real website but once you start hovering over and clicking a few you soon see this is a very poor website.

Straight away at the top of the site, there are these links. The first already wants you to link your wallet. This link just takes you to a Contact Them page where you put a name and details so they can contact you. The way these scammers do this is the messaging you back and via WhatsApp talking you through step by step to link your wallet to their system and this allows them to just take all your crypto straight to them. As they say, you are backing your crypto so it’s safe and ready for the Quantum financial system. But all they are doing is just stealing your funds.

The next issue I found was these Google Pay and App Store links. Now when you normally see these links and click them they take you straight to the app store to their app or they take you to the Google Store app. These don’t do either of these things they are just images they have used and made clickable but just added their own website link to the image. Which means it just takes you to the top of the page.

The fact that they have chosen to use these images and then done this shows they were already trying to trick you into believing they are a real site and have their own app approved by both Google and Apple. This approval would normally show they were legit but in this case is a trick to make you think they are.

The 3rd issue with this image is that they have added a reviews image and apparently 63,739 reviews at 4.8 out of 5. This would be great if it were true but once again this is just an image that isn’t clickable and doesn’t take you to real reviews. This once again is a trick to make it look legit. If they were a real company they would be massively proud of these reviews and would link you to real reviews to read.

Links at the Bottom of the site

The links at the footer of the site are what you would expect to see but that’s about all they are good for. They have once again made it look legit but these don’t go anywhere. Even the About link or careers don’t even go to a position on the one-page website that would give this detail. Which you can do very easily. You can click a link and go straight to an exact paragraph on a page to let your customer read this information. Unfortunately or fortunately for us, they have bothered to link it to anything. They have just linked you to the top of the website page again just like every link on this one-page website. So massive red flags flying all over this website.

Then finally the links on the Discover More section about all the information you would want to know about a company all do the same as every other link on this page, all straight to the top of the page. So once again this is all for show as you scroll down the page. At first glance, it’s showing what you would expect but that is as far as it goes. It’s all for the show to make them look legit.

Linking to your wallet

These scammers are telling you that you need to back up your wallets to their system before we move into the QFS. They even put fear into you in the message at the bottom of their page where they tell you to back up your digital assets before the global event and blackout that’s coming.

This shows their whole intention. They know a change is coming. They are fully aware of the Quantum Financial System that is coming. This was their motive for setting up this scam. To fear you into linking your wallet to their system. I believe they are trying to look like they are the QFS!

The problem most people aren’t fully aware of the QFS or how it works so they can say what they like and you could believe them. As long as they use enough fear language and baffle you with QFS Jargon.

I will do an article on the QFS to help more people understand this and how it’s coming to stop this type of corruption. Where all transactions are trackable and traceable so criminals and scammers will have nowhere to hide.

WARNING – Never send anyone your crypto no matter how good it sounds. Whether it’s for great returns or in this case pretending to be the system that they aren’t. Keep your crypto on a PRIVATE WALLET that only you have access to.

Private Wallet

A Private Wallet is the safest place to keep your crypto before the QFS. Then once the QFS goes to the public we will learn how to move this to our Quantum accounts and if we can. I believe most crypto tokens won’t make it to the Quantum accounts and we will need to see if there are any buybacks or not.

A private wallet uses a keyword phrase to secure it. A keyword phrase could be 12 to 15 random words in an exact order. Even the same words in a different order won’t work. This is produced when you first activate and sign up for a wallet. You then have to keep this safe offline and not on the internet. The best way to do this is to write it down on a piece of paper and then lock it away somewhere safe in your home.

If you were to ever lose your phone or replace your phone you need to download the wallet again and then it will ask you for your keyword phrase. If you don’t have this you can’t access that wallet. So keep it VERY safe!

If you don’t have a private wallet then I would recommend LOBSTR, this is a Stella wallet. This is one I use and I’ve heard is being used as a bridge wallet into the Quantum Financial System. A wallet we can use while we go through the transition.

Always Keep your Keyphrase Safe and NEVER EVER tell anyone what it is!

My Final Verdict

Website: qfs-ledgersystem.com

Company Name: QFS System

Rating: Definite ZERO rating – SCAM

I was sharted this company by one of my followers on TikTok. She messaged me to check if it was really me who messaged her as a scammer with a clone account was messaging her and sent her this link to back up her crypto before the QFS. As you can see from what I have shared I believe this is definitely a scammer at work. There are far too many issues with this site that make me believe it is fake. This is just another destination site they are sending people to in an attempt to make them look legit.

I hope that following my tips for breaking down this site will help others to see through the scams and hopefully prevent others from losing their money or crypto.

Scammers are aware of the QFS coming and are setting up these scams to try and con people out of their crypto. I personally think the activity of these scammers has ramped up because they know they won’t be able to do this once the Quantum financial system launches publically.

Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon I am the creator of grahamhodsdon.com. I am also the account @grahamhodsdon on TikTok which is where I began sharing and helping people. On the journey to becoming decentralised, we are always looking for ways to create an income online. This can be a minefield full of scammers looking for targets. I hope you find my tips to analyse scammers’ websites useful to equip yourselves with the knowledge to spot them easier and make the hunt for additional income less stressful and with a lot fewer pitfalls.

Bitesize Tip on the QFS

Any businesses that promote that they are part of the QFS but ask you to deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litcoin or other ALT coins are more likely to be scammers. As most coins won’t be part of the Quantum Financial System.

I personally only collect XRP and XLM now as these are the two main tokens being used by the QFS. The Stella blockchain will be what they use to transfer our funds and send them back and forth and XRP will be the liquidity token.

So for example – When sending Sterling Token notes from the UK these will then be instantly changed to XRP. The XRP will then be sent to the American waller for example and change to United States Token Note and land in our American friend’s wallet.

8 thought on “QFS-Ledgersystem Scam”
  1. I was researching QFS and was wondering why I couldn’t click on the Apple Pay link. That rang an alert bell which is when I found your article.

    Thanks for the warning, and it is amazing the lengths that people will go to to scam other people out of their hard-earned money. I also don’t know that much about different types of bitcoin, so it was great to find out more information on this topic in this article.

    1. Hi Michel, Thank you for your support. I’m so glad you found this article so you could be protected from it. These signs begin to stand out once you see more of them. The links that you can’t click, copied images and dodgy links. We need to stay vigilant at all times and take the time to explore any sight sent our way. Stay safe.

  2. The qfs website serves as yet another example of the caution we need to exercise. 

    Based on my personal experiences, I have encountered various scams that exhibit similar patterns, as you mentioned in the post. Sharing this information is incredibly valuable in raising awareness and safeguarding others from becoming victims of scams.

    Could you provide further insights into the steps individuals can take to safeguard themselves and their investments amidst the growing prevalence of scams and fraudulent schemes in the digital age?

    1. Hi Miadinh, Yeah they all seem to follow similar techniques and once you identify these it becomes easier to identify these scammers’ websites. It is so difficult these days to find safe and legit businesses to use. As we get closer to the QFS scammers will be getting more and more creative so I plan on sharing more ways to protect yourself and your capital.

  3. Thank you for shedding more light on QFS. As you rightly identified, the one-page website is a red flag for the website. The presence of other pages and links to them demonstrate trust and authority. The top of it is the poor navigation on the links like you mentioned. We need websites that we can trust and build good relationships.

    1. Hi Parameter, I’m glad you found my post useful. I hope more people see this information so they can equip themselves with this knowledge so they can spot similar scams. So they too can navigate through the online minefield of scams while looking for safe ways to make money online. 

        1. I would stay clear of both. Don’t give anyone your crypto and certainly don’t link your wallets. Your crypto is safe enough on your private wallets where nobody can access it but you.

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