Thanks to another supportive follower I have been made aware of another scam called QFS Security-Backup, that is being used to con people out of their money. So let’s get sharing this too. I know this is definitely a scam as it is being shared by another fake TikTok clone account pretending to be me. The scammer is using my name, my profile photo and also posting all my videos copied from my original account.

Everyone needs to be really careful of anyone on TikTok as you don’t know if you are really talking to the same person or not. If anyone messages you about anything just search their name in TikTok and if there are loads of copied fake accounts just don’t respond. 

Remember the real creators don’t have time to direct message people to start conversations in order to create business. this is why they spend all their hours creating video content to reach out to millions of people at once.


Website: https://qfssecurity-backup.com/

Company Name: QFS Security-Backup

Type of Scam: Trying to get you to link your wallet

QFS Security-Backup Website

This is a very basic scam site. Even going by all the sites I’ve seen so far this is the most basic site set up to scam people. There is very little content on there. With very little content this should start to create red flags. 

Remember it doesn’t matter how patient they may seem or helpful. These scammers are professionals at conning people out of their money. They know what techniques and phrases to use to create the FEAR they need to make you think you need to do the. The FOMO kicks in, the fear of missing out. 

This is just another scam used to trick people into thinking they need to back up their wallers before the QFS or they will lose their crypto.

Please be careful of these scams as they are everywhere. 

Your safest place to keep your crypto is in your own private wallet where it is safe as only you can access it. Nobody or the system can take it from you without your key code.

The content of the Site

There is little to no content on this site. they just go straight to the point, They just want you to link your wallets to their system so they can steal your money.

The technique they use is to talk you through adding their so-called exchange to your wallet and then they tell you to just click ‘SEND MAX’ so they can so-called link your waller to their system to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, the minute you hit SEND MAX you have just sent them all your crypto and you will never see it again. You can’t reverse the transaction either. Once they have it, it’s gone. It’s now in their wallet and they have just stolen your crypto from you.

They will tell you it’s all linked and safe but the minute you start asking questions about how do you access it or can you have details about it. They will just block you from messaging them and they are gone.

Company History

Instant red flag as there is no company information at all just one email address. No history, no detail absolutely nothing to follow up with. You just have them on direct message through Telegram or Whatsapp and the website. All of which can just be deleted, blocked or removed and they are gone. 

They will just take down the website to rename it as something new and republish the same scam again under a different name.

only one email

Menus and Links

A sign of a good business website is plenty of detail and menus and links to navigate around the site. On QFS Security-backup there is just 1 link active link to the page that takes you straight to their setup of linking your wallet to their system. Every bit of information that is clickable on this site just takes you straight to the scam link-up page.

BIG Red Flag straight away!

Images and Logos

Very basic site and basic images. They have just copied all the logos to all the main wallet and exchange providers to make it look official so you link your wallet to their system.

Limited information

Signs Of Being a Scam

Like I mentioned at the beginning even if I didn’t look at the site because this is being pushed by someone that has stolen my identity and is pushing this scam tells me straight away it’s a scam and everyone needs to stay away from it.

This is just another one-page scam site with next to no information on it which means they will do all the buttering up to you via direct message from a social media site.

I’ve mentioned this over and over but real businesses do not have time to direct message people on social media to get business. they just wouldn’t make enough money to run their business, Real Businesses use advertising and create videos for people to watch to get their information across and spend all their time promoting and creating material to promote with to enable them to reach millions of customers instead. ONLY SCAMMERS spam messages out on direct messages through social media!

Linking your wallet

linking your wallet scam

This seems to be the key focus of all the scams that promote the QFS on their sites. Their goal is to put you in fear that you think will lose your crypto when the Quantum Financial System is publicly announced and activated. They make you think that you need to protect your crypto by linking it to their systems to keep it safe. Where in fact the safest place is your own private wallets. Once you link your wallet to them they then tell you to send over your Crytpo to link it but in fact, you are simply sending them your crypto and it’s then gone, stolen from you.

Remember when we move to blockchain wallets and the new style banking system for all our daily activating and stop using bank accounts this will be done publicly and will be done face to face. This is the only way they can move from the current corrupt binary banking system to a new stackable and traceable financial system. they will not allow the corruption to just move over to this new system that has been put in place to stop the corruption.

My Final Opinion

Website: https://qfssecurity-backup.com/

Company Name: QFS Security-Backup

Type of Scam: Trying to get you to link your wallet to take all your money

Rating – 0/5 Stars STAY AWAY this is a definite scam!

It is a minefield out there trying to find safe and legitimate businesses to either work with or use. Please be careful and have a read through some of my posts and I hope they will give the techniques and ability to see through scams a bit easier. making the journey a little less stressful. 

When you look into something you feel fear kicking in by being trapped in the fear of something happening or the fear of missing out. Just step away from what you are doing until you can think more clearly about it. Once fear kicks in the rational thought pattern is very difficult which means you are susceptible to manipulation from people you think you can trust.

If you have crypto or learning about crypto please be careful over these coming months as there will be loads more scams out there popping up all the time trying to manipulate you into sending them your crypto. Just keep your crypto in your own private wallet and don’t send it to anyone unless you know for certain it’s a legit business that you have thoroughly checked into.

If you aren’t sure just send me an email to ghodsdonawake@gmail.com and send me the link to their website and I don’t mind having a look to give you my opinion if it could be a scam.

Stay safe and please share these posts on your social media to help spread the awareness of these scams. Also if you have had any experience with this scam please see and comment below to help support others.

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Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the founder and creator of grahamhodsdon.com. I hope you found this article helpful. Scammers are everywhere, they won’t go out and work for money. These low-vibrational people prefer to steal money from struggling families instead.

I will always try and fight against this and try to help people be safe. There are scammers using all types of media to con people. They are using phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp, social media and across the internet. They target people and use techniques to put fear into them so that they end up sending money or crypto to them. All we can do is stay sharp and stay a few steps ahead of them by learning how to spot telltale signs so we don’t get caught out.

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