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Thanks to another follower we have identified another scam that everyone needs to be aware of. This scam is called QFS Ledger Live. These scams promote the idea that they are linked to the QFS to make you think you can get ahead and get your crypto backed up.

These scammers are using the same Website designs and just using different names. They are simply using the same website build but setting up a new URL and then giving it a new name.

These scammers make contact with you via social media on fake clone accounts from other creates names, photos and videos so that it looks legit. They then point you to their websites to try and make it look legit.

Scam Site Details

Website: https://www.qfs-ledgersystem.com/

Company Name: QFS Ledger Live

Owners: No owners described, no company history

Type of Business: Pretending to be linking you to the QFS to steal money from people

qfs ledger live scam

My Overview

At first glance once again the site looks good. To an untrained eye, you can see why people might think this is legit, which is why it’s crucial to get this information out.

The scammers have taken the same website they have used for the QFS Ledger system scam and just created a new URL and changed the Site name.

Please check out my breakdown of their original scam.

qfs ledger system

QFS Ledger System Scam

If you come across a site promoting the QFS please be careful, it will just be a scam!

Be mindful of anyone messaging you on social media telling you that you need to protect your assets before the QFS!

And most of all, remember… Real Businesses don’t spend hours spamming people on social media for business. Only Scammers do this!!

Stay Safe and protect your crypto by keeping it in your own private wallet!

Don’t give anyone your Crypto!

Graham Hodsdon

If you come across anyone messaging you on social media telling you about protecting your crypto and sending you to a site or vault please drop me a comment below with the site details. I have spent years looking at businesses and I’m used to spotting scammers at work. My goal is to share this information to stop others from getting scammed.

Never send anyone your Crypto!

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44 thought on “QFS Ledger Live Scam”
  1. Scammers almost had me. They found me while I was on another creator’s TikTok live (called one love vegan). They created a TikTok acct and pretended to be you (@grahamhodson76 ). They asked to connect on Telegram where they also had created a profile with your identity. They had me create an acct on Trust Wallet and said I needed to back up the acct at https://qfssecurity-backup.com/. They very patiently walked me through transferring all of my crypto. Then something told me to google you because “you” were “so nice and patient”and I found this website and saw all the warnings. They were just about to have me transfer my Etherium then they would have had everything because that would be the fee used for transferring. Thank you so much for putting these warnings out.

    1. Hi Jeneice, I’m so pleased you found my site with my warnings in time. It’s so worrying knowing these scammers are stealing creators identity and stealing money from people. Frustratingly TikTok is doing nothing about it even though we can see there are hundreds of clone fake accounts of everyone. It’s so difficult to know if you are speaking to real people on there anymore. These scammers are everywhere copying creators and pretending to be them.
      This was the reason I started my site so that there was one place of contact that scammers couldn’t copy and fake, keeping people safe from scammers and giving them a place to check my real social media accounts so they don’t get scammed.

      1. I have similar interactions with a Gentleman on social media suggesting I convert all of my crypto to XRP & XLM. Then move it to a ledger called qfsledger.org. At first I thought this person was legit but now I’m thinking it’s a scam. The qfsledger.org doesn’t have any bad reviews but my intuition is telling me this is a scam

        1. HI Andrew, yeah you have good intuition. This site is another scammers website template they have used over and over. They don’t have bad reviews as they don’t stay up long enough. They just change the URL and website name each time with variations of names using QFS ledger or vault. They run them for a bit until they have scammed some people, then close it down and start another up with a new name.


      2. I was led to get my wallet but none of the money went to qfssledger and I bought XLM and XRP straight from the ledger. 175k is all but lost unless I can get some help or knowledge of how I cam retrieve these assets. Please the real Graham I’ve actually got 5 of ur clones on messenger trying to get to my money. Yes five that seem to run in the same circle. Plus so many others with them that are scamming so many people. Please just let me know how i can get this money from the ledger and into the trust wallet. I’m 73yo. And scared these people are really crazy.

        1. Hi Evelyn so sorry for the delay I’ve had a stroke recently and been going through recovery. I’m so sorry they have done this to you. Once I started seeing what these scammers where doing I built this site to help get the information out to deter people from these scammers. The scammers are cloning everyone on all social media, you never know who your talking to now or its even really them.
          I would highly recommend you report these scammers to the police with there website details and wallet addresses. Depending on your country there will also be cyber crime units that can report it to. The criminals need to be stopped.

    2. I have just been contacted by One Love Vegan too.
      I was scammed by a clone “Graham Hodgson tik tok account. And walked through setting up a Trust wallet and then my money literally disappeared before my eyes! I got really angry with the scammers and they gave me a link to a QFS ledger and told me to ask them to put my money into XRP and XLM . I tried to withdraw it as I realised something was wrong . The “platform” required a minimum withdrawal of 5,000. 10 x my balance it was the same QFS as you have stated! I now have no access and my money is gone!
      No this One Love Vegan is trying to do the same . I told them NO .

      1. Hi sorry to hear this. There are so many scammers now you never know if you are talking to the real person. Everybody is being copied and cloned now. That’s why I made this site to show people my real accounts and shed light on these scammers and their techniques. QFS ledger is a definite scam too unfortunately.

    3. I hope I’ve not just been scammed only put 150 in but you can’t move it about. Apparently you need $1000. I don’t know how true that is if you never look at it for me it’d be much appreciated. Cheers Spencer

      1. 1 wouldn’t add anymore in. Any site saying they are part of the QFS or backing up your crypto are definitely scams. Anything that’s isn’t face to face or a secure way of verifying you will just be scammers targeting people. When I began seeing these scams pop up I knew I need to share this info to help people stay away from these scammers

    4. Hi ….I was scammed by a man that approached me pretending to be Graham Hodson. He took our life savings as I thought I was investing with QFS. Of course after finding this site with the real Graham I pray that if you have any knowledge of what I can do that you will get back to many for any info. It would be a blessing I could retrieve at least some if our assets. Thank you Graham.

      1. Hi sorry to hear that you as targeting by another scammer. Unfortunately all we can do at the minute is report it to our countries Fraud squads to try and tackle these fraudsters. Send them the wallet ID’s you sent your assets to and the name of the sites and systems to try bring their sites down. But it is so difficult as they are pretending to be people by cloning accounts you don’t know who you are talking to or which country the money is going to.
        The level of scams and scammers has massively increased and TikTok, Instagram and Facebook aren’t doing anything to prevent it. X is the only safe platform now. The scammers are on X but they are being closed down but on Telegram, IG, FB and TT they are roaming freely and not being touched, its crazy.

        I will continue to do what I can to get information out to educate and to protect people from these scammers. Its so difficult as new scam site go up daily and each time slight tweeks from the next. Education and sharing incidents and experiences is key to help prevent them from targeting others.

    5. I was led to get my wallet but none of the money went to qfssledger and I bought XLM and XRP straight from the ledger. 175k is all but lost unless I can get some help or knowledge of how I cam retrieve these assets. Please the real Graham I’ve actually got 5 of ur clones on messenger trying to get to my money. Yes five that seem to run in the same circle. Plus so many others with them that are scamming so many people. Please just let me know how i can get this money from the ledger and into the trust wallet. I’m 73yo. And scared these people are really crazy.

    1. Hi Wanora, thanks for reaching out. My concern with people using WhatsApp or messages is that you don’t know if you are really talking to the person you think you are. There are hundreds of scammers creating fake clone/copy account of real people and then using these accounts to scam people. I would always recommend getting them to send a voice note or a short video to prove its them. Just tell them what to say so it can’t be faked. Also most real businesses don’t spend time on private messages as they don’t have the time to do this its just not productive. A real business needs to reach hundreds if not thousands of people a day. Also its takes time to produce material to share so they don’t have time to private message.

    1. Hi Iain, Thanks for sharing your experience. So glad you found this information in time to prevent you from being scammed. My hope is that my posts become more and more visible to prevent others from being scammed too.
      Thanks again and stay safe.

  2. There are two separate accounts messaging me on Facebook telling me to transfer my XRP and XLM to qfledgers.com I was about to do it tonight but my instincts are telling me I might be getting scammed. Are you familiar with this site? And currently my crypto is on my nano ledger x. Is it safe there?

    1. Hi thanks for reaching out. Yeah your instincts were right. This is definitely a scam site. No contact details no business info. Also The fact they claim to also be the QFS. Stay well clear of this one. I’ll share this info on this site. My hope is we can stay ahead of these scammers and get the scam site names out there to prevent others from being scammed.
      Thanks again

    1. After checking the site you can see all the signs of a scam site I’ve been seeing on all the previous scams. It looks good as far as scam sites go but definitely a scam. Don’t do anything with that site, stay safe


  3. I was Dm’d by a scammer I knew he was one but I kind of just played along to see what he would ask and then I’d be like “I know you’re a scammer”. So he got me to register to a fraudulent QFS wallet email and password, but I didn’t put anything in it. I’m okay right?
    Regards Jimbo

    1. Hi Jimbo, I’m glad you followed your gut. As long as you didn’t add any of your wallet addresses or give over any code keys you will be fine. They can’t get access unless you give them access. Stay safe

    1. Yeah another scam site. We really have to be careful. These scammers are getting very convincing now. Cloning accounts and pretending to be them and then sending them to these sites.

  4. Hey Graham.
    I watch your YouTube channel love your content. I’ve got two different guys on telegram that are bothering me about securing my assets in the new qfs. Is that even possible yet? Wanted to give you there info… one is @Dr.ScottYoung and the other is @officialquantumsystem. I’ve followed you on X, if you can let me know what you find out.

    1. Hi Carl, thanks I’m
      Glad you found my content helpful. Just trying to help people through the fear. n my experience of seeing the scams that have already caught people out anyone messaging you telling you to do this will be a scammer.
      Real companies especially something as a massive financial change won’t message you on Telegram or any social media. These scammers are just using fear and tactics to take your money.
      Don’t go by the names either as the scammers just clone real people so you never know who you’re really talking to. Also when the time is right in order to stop the corruption you would need to verify who you are first.
      Just keep your assets in your own private wallet. A Private wallet is still the safest place to store your assets. Don’t give your funds to anyone.

  5. I was approached by someone with a familiar/famous name on tiktok promoting qfs-ledgernetwork. He was all too helpful. After reading your site. I believe this is a scam also. Do you think so? He almost had me. But my bank saved me. Thank God for the banks scam security.

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply I had a stroke recently and been going through recover. I’m starting to get my energy levels back so will be posts more promptly again. Any site that suggests QFS with a ledger system are just scams at the minute. I have seen loads of examples and more pop up by the day. I would recommend staying away from them. Just keep your assets in your own private wallet it is the safest place. Scammers are pushing the notion that people need to back up their assets to protect them, this is just not true. They are just pushing this fear concept to stealing thousands from people.

    1. Yeah I would say it is a scam. There is nothing to check or reference before your join. Once you join, they then have your details to target you with messages and try to tell you that you need to back up your assets before you lose it. But really they will get you to send them you crypto and you’ll never here from them again.

  6. Hi Graham, Really pleased to find your website. I think I just got scammed by Monica Anderson on facebook. She recommended me one qfs ledger website where I had to connect ny trust wallet ( by giving my 12 phrase key) and then took me through sending my crypto from an exchange to that trust wallet. This is the website https://qfsledgerbackup.com/ looks very legit . Now they got my email address and personal information.I did signed up and then connected my trust wallet there. She took me through the process very carefully and took her time to answer all the questions. I would love to show you all of the messages. Since is not a first time ppl tried to scammed me I wasn’t sure what to do. I only transferred XRP a small amount to check if is working. Then she keep on asking me to do same process with XLM and I said I can do it myself, so was keep asking to follow this with her. Can we report this website I am not sure what to do so that noone else will loose thier money. Please advise, hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Anna

    1. Hi Anna, yeah definitely another scam site. Same style a all the rest just made to look like a legit site. Showing all the signs that all the previous versions of this QFSledgerbackup that these scammers have used before. They just keep spamming out different variations of the same style site. Thank you for sharing you experience as this all helps to get this information out to prevent others from being scammed daily.
      They are very convincing but that’s why they are professional scammers. I wouldn’t have been Monica it will just be another scammer copying her content on a fake profile and then pretending to be her to scam people. Once they get your private key phrase they have your wallet and funds. We just need to keep hold of all our own crypto on our private wallets where its already safe.
      When scammers started creating fake profiles of me it really started to stress me out as TikTok, IG and facebook arent bothered. These scammers run free on their platforms. But then I turned my attention on them and started fighting back to help prevent others from being scammed too.
      Stay safe and thanks again for sharing what happened as this helps us all.

  7. Hi Graham, I received a message from someone on telegram that is very well known (5m+ subs on youtube and 3m+ on IG) they wrote “recently i have been reaching out to a few followers to teach them about asset management and making passive income. Personally I chose a few people to begin with. I can have my representative guide you through.”
    I haven’t even clicked the link yet but I am curious if this is legit or not. I assume its not based on the above communications of others experiences that seem similar. They are saying to invest in gold backed currencies like XRP. Please let me know what you find. It is confusing because I don’t think someone can have the same telegram name and this is a person with 20k telegram subscribers and then I just somehow was selected to message seperately? Doesn’t seem quite right.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Allie this is the problem. Scammers target people with large follower accounts as it shows people trust them. They then copy there name, photos, videos and create clone profiles on all social media where they don’t get stopped like Telegram, TT, IG and FB where they run free. They are unchecked and no matter how many reports get raised nothing happens. X is the only safe platform these days.
      So I would most certainly say what you have seen is a scammer clone account using someone’s content to scam people to give them their crypto and never to be seen again. When I was banned on TT for talking about the corruption in the world, there were 120 plus fake accounts using my name, photos and videos with all my content copied and altered. There will be more now, I am only on X now, I don’t use the rest for this reason.
      Followers then see there content and think its the real person. These scammers are very convincing and professional. They use the trusted profiles of people to scam people behind fake clone accounts. They are stealing thousands from people.
      Remember real businesses don’t have time to spam message people only scammers do, they only need to scam a few people a day and make thousands.
      Stay Safe and keep your crypto safe in your own private wallet, never give anyone your crypto, wallet addresses or your key phrase.

  8. Please let me know if this site listed below is legitimate and if not, please refer me to a credible place! Thanks smear of time, Michael


    1. Hi Michael, Yeah this is just another copy of another scammer style website. Same style and layout but slightly different. Stay away from any site claiming to be part of the QFS or referring to ledger wallets and QFS together. They are spreading the fear that you need to back up your cyrpto this is just not true. The safest place to keep your crypto is in your own private Stella network wallet! A wallet that you have a private key phrase for. Don’t tell anyone your key phrase or give anyone your crypto. You keep it safe with you. All sites out there promoting this backup are all scams and more and more versions are popping up. They run for a short while scam enough people, then shut the site down and bring another up with a slightly different name and do it all over again.
      Stay safe

  9. I had my money taken from qfs scammers. There are more scammers out there than anything else. Now i know there is no qfs account, I used to think their was. I also have scammers out there saying they can revocer my assets which i believe to be nonsense. Scammers all claim to be Graham, Juan O Savin and other teuthers out there. What do you think Graham? No getting back assets that you have been scammed put of, seems best to just cut you losses and move forward.

    1. Hi AJ sorry for the delay in replying. Yeah it is crazy now. More fake sites, fake profiles appearing everyday. It’s impossible to tell anymore who is real or not. There was over 150 fake accounts of me on TikTok before I left TT.
      It’s the same style fake QFS sites just modelled slightly differently. There isn’t any qFS account yet for public and that’s why these scammer are at it making the most of the confusion. When it’s time we will all know about them as everyone will be using them. But for now we just need to sit back and get on. I’ve spoken to so many people now that have been scammer and some in 10,000 it’s crazy. All we can do is report to local authorities cyber or scam departments but I can’t see us getting anything back unfortunately as they will all be working for different countries. All we can do is report in hope that we can and also in the hope it stops others from being scammed.

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