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Thanks to another follower we have identified another scam that everyone needs to be aware of. This scam is called QFS Ledger Live. These scams promote the idea that they are linked to the QFS to make you think you can get ahead and get your crypto backed up.

These scammers are using the same Website designs and just using different names. They are simply using the same website build but setting up a new URL and then giving it a new name.

These scammers make contact with you via social media on fake clone accounts from other creates names, photos and videos so that it looks legit. They then point you to their websites to try and make it look legit.

Scam Site Details

Website: https://www.qfs-ledgersystem.com/

Company Name: QFS Ledger Live

Owners: No owners described, no company history

Type of Business: Pretending to be linking you to the QFS to steal money from people

qfs ledger live scam

My Overview

At first glance once again the site looks good. To an untrained eye, you can see why people might think this is legit, which is why it’s crucial to get this information out.

The scammers have taken the same website they have used for the QFS Ledger system scam and just created a new URL and changed the Site name.

Please check out my breakdown of their original scam.

qfs ledger system

QFS Ledger System Scam

If you come across a site promoting the QFS please be careful, it will just be a scam!

Be mindful of anyone messaging you on social media telling you that you need to protect your assets before the QFS!

And most of all, remember… Real Businesses don’t spend hours spamming people on social media for business. Only Scammers do this!!

Stay Safe and protect your crypto by keeping it in your own private wallet!

Don’t give anyone your Crypto!

Graham Hodsdon

If you come across anyone messaging you on social media telling you about protecting your crypto and sending you to a site or vault please drop me a comment below with the site details. I have spent years looking at businesses and I’m used to spotting scammers at work. My goal is to share this information to stop others from getting scammed.

Never send anyone your Crypto!

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2 thought on “QFS Ledger Live Scam”
  1. Scammers almost had me. They found me while I was on another creator’s TikTok live (called one love vegan). They created a TikTok acct and pretended to be you (@grahamhodson76 ). They asked to connect on Telegram where they also had created a profile with your identity. They had me create an acct on Trust Wallet and said I needed to back up the acct at https://qfssecurity-backup.com/. They very patiently walked me through transferring all of my crypto. Then something told me to google you because “you” were “so nice and patient”and I found this website and saw all the warnings. They were just about to have me transfer my Etherium then they would have had everything because that would be the fee used for transferring. Thank you so much for putting these warnings out.

    1. Hi Jeneice, I’m so pleased you found my site with my warnings in time. It’s so worrying knowing these scammers are stealing creators identity and stealing money from people. Frustratingly TikTok is doing nothing about it even though we can see there are hundreds of clone fake accounts of everyone. It’s so difficult to know if you are speaking to real people on there anymore. These scammers are everywhere copying creators and pretending to be them.
      This was the reason I started my site so that there was one place of contact that scammers couldn’t copy and fake, keeping people safe from scammers and giving them a place to check my real social media accounts so they don’t get scammed.

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