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If you are currently looking into building a website and wondering how to make it successful or already have a website but finding it hard to create traffic to your site. Then you will need to be looking for a keyword tool to help support your SEO ranking, and search engine optimisation. This is the secret to achieving high Google and other search engine rankings and can be the difference between a successful site or your site never found by customers. In this review, I will share with you what is the best keyword tool for free to help you make your site really successful.

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Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

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Why you will need a Keyword search tool?

Keywords are the key to opening up free traffic to your site as they are signs to Search Engines that your site is what their customers are looking for. It’s not just as easy as calling a post what you like and hoping someone will find it. Keywords are the words or phrases people type into search engines like Google when they want to find something.

This is where the keyword tools come in handy as it allows you to explore different keywords and it will tell you how often people search for that term, how much traffic that will get you a month and also how many competitors have this same keyword.

This is the most important advice I can give you, focus on the competitors. There is no point in having a keyword that has been searched on average 5000 a month and creates 1000 traffic per month if there are 500 sites with that keyword. This would mean you have hardly any chance of catching many of those customers because there is too much competition especially if you have a new site.

As you can see once you complete your search it tells you the searches, Traffic and competition. These help you to find great keywords by using the information from Google search results. This information is vital to the success of your website.

To use this tool sign up for Wealthy Affiliate – it’s free!

Secrets to Choosing the Right Keyword!

To decide which keywords to use you need to understand what this search is telling you so that you can keep trying different keywords until you find the best possible choice. This helps you to maximise the potential of your posts to attract customers to your site.

Understanding the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool menus:

  1. Keywords Used by Customers: These are the results that Google see typed into search bars when customers are trying to find what they need. It populates a variety of Keywords based around the phrase you have typed into the search bar.
  2. AVG: These are the number of searches that a keyword is typed in per month.
  3. Traffic: This is the amount of traffic you could see hit your site if you are on page 1 of Google search results.
  4. QSR: This is a number of competitor websites that use this exact keyword. Your aim is to stay below 100.
  5. KQI: Quality Keyword Indicator Green is Great, Yellow is ok and Red is Poor.
  6. SEO: Score based on traffic competition. the higher the score to 100 the more likely you will rank for this keyword on page 1.

Putting theory into practice

Looking further down the list with this keyword I find what looks like a great keyword to use.

The Keyword ‘keyword research tool’ is used around 4825 times a month and would produce about 821 clicks to your site if you’re on page 1 of Google searches.

This as first looks excellent but this is when you need to check the ‘Get QSR’ tab the result is not great for this one as the competitors are way too high. Having 156 competitor sites means you will struggle to get traffic from using this keyword. Especially if you are a new site. So you need to keep this in mind at all times. Aim for below 100 if you can.

Another example is finding a keyword that gets you really excited when you see the traffic in the 10’s of thousands. For example, you might get one that has 60,000 searches a month and could generate 10,000 clicks to your site each month if you’re on page 1 of Google searches but it has 350 competitors.

Putting it another way in order for customers to find your site you need to get a ranking on Google and need to be within the first 20 pages which means within the top 200. So if there are 350 competitor sites unless you work extremely hard at getting your page perfect you might not even be found even with that many searches.

So these types of keywords seem great but are not best for creating free traffic for your site.

So to summarise use this as a guide for the QSR to select a keyword with the right amount of competitors

200+ = Too many competitors stay away

100-200 = Not bad but will still be quite competitive

0-100 = Just the right amount to stand a chance at playing for first-page rankings

Top Tips when Searching for the Right Keyword!

Keywords are your starting point for creating any post or page on your website. If you are trying to increase traffic, which everyone is then you need to select the best possible keyword first. Then build your post around this keyword.

The best tip I was given for creating free traffic for my new site was to aim for ‘low-hanging fruit’.

Aiming for the ‘low-hanging fruit’

This is a phrase we use in wealthy affiliates and it’s another great tip for you. It means aiming for the low competitor keywords as they will deliver you a much better result. For example, a keyword that has a very low competitor count but an average traffic of 50 to 100. This will deliver you better results over time for a new site. If you imagine having a site with 50 posts all pulling 50 to 100 clicks per month, that soon adds up.

I started digging deeper with keywords from the keyword making money online and came across this keyword:

How to make money online as a kid

This is a great ‘low-hanging fruit’ example of a keyword.

This will deliver 74 clicks per month and you only have 27 competitor sites.

Additional tools within the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

When researching keywords there is a useful feature within this tool that allows you to save keywords in lists so that you can compare them after to find the best ones. This also then helps you to build keywords for posts you thinking about writing too.

To do this all you need to do is tick the box next to the keyword and then click the ‘Save to List’ button.

You then just go to the ‘Saved List’ tab in the top right corner to view these lists and work out which is the best keyword tool to use.


This is a fantastic tool to use and you certainly open up new ideas for your website. The ability to identify how many searches each keyword is used in and how many competitor sites are out there make this tool an excellent addition to a site builders kit bag. This allows you to create posts that generate free traffic to your site using SEO.

To use this tool you need to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate but this is free to do anyway.

Start finding the best Keywords!

Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon I am the creator of this site. When I said I would share with you what is the best Keyword tool for Free I mean it. This tool is fantastic and I hope you find this tool as useful as I have. It is amazing how easy it is to pick the wrong Keyword in the past. This makes selecting the correct keyword to use so much simpler. I now use this to create new ideas for my next posts.

If you would like to share your thoughts below then please leave a comment below. I would love to hear how useful you find this keyword tool to be.

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