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Everyone is always looking for ways to better their lives and one of the things we are always looking for are ways of bringing in more money. The internet is usually the place we start looking. Unfortunately, there are also people out there who don’t want to work for a living and are happier conning people out of their money instead by lying or cheating. These are what we call scammers or con artists. They have no morals and don’t care how much pain and anguish they put people through. They spend their time looking for new ways to steal money from people and don’t care how they go about it.

Over the years I have always been looking for ways to earn extra cash and I fully understand how bad it is out there. Everything always looks too good to be true. In my search for ways to earn extra money, I’ve learnt how to spot them and so have decided to dedicate my time protecting other innocent people from being duped out of their money.

As you go down the page I will go through a list of some of the styles the scammer use in a hope to train you how to spot them so you also don’t get caught out.

Learn how to spot scams using my techniques

Scams to watch out for!

Pyramid Schemes

Is a business model that usually promises large profits for working as a team. Usually through promoting new recruits to then enrol new recruits themselves. The newest form the base of the model with the profits rolling up the ranks. These usually involve a few people making all the money and everyone else out of pocket. There are many different styles of pyramid schemes but they mainly consist of two types one that has a product to sell and one that just involves passing money up the pyramid.

Make Money Online Scams

There are loads of Legit ways to make money online and not all are scams. They are popping up all the time so I have pulled together some businesses I think you should stay clear of. Some of the signs are asking for money upfront before you even have access to anything.

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Home Based Business Scams

These are plastered all over Facebook, we are always on the look out for a business we can run from home in our spare time. Either looking for ways to earn some extra income or as a parent wanting to run a business from home while the children are at school. Either way, there are plenty of legit home based businesses and I am always added extra as I find them. But there are also some trying to pray on those of us needing some extra cash.

Binary Options Scams

Binary Options trading are programs made to do most of your trading for you. They are based on complex algorithms in the software that scan the market for opportunities and automatically trade based on the settings you have in place. The system in itself isn’t a scam and lots of people have made good money using these systems. Unfortunately, there are people out there that look for ways to scam money out of people and they will use any way they can to do it.

Email Scams and Hoaxes

These are the most common of scams and all you to do is check your email junk box and you’ll see hundred of them. They come in all sorts of forms and all out to scam you out of your hard earn money. I am going to talk you through some of the most common.

Personal Loan Scams

We all need to look towards a loan once in a while and scammers look out for consumers out for some quick cash to fix a problem they are in. Unfortunately, these scammers don’t care about the future repercussions of their actions and will sell you the idea of a personal loan while taking some money from you to set it up and sell your personal information on.

Postcode Lottery Scams

These come in the form of letters, emails and telephone calls. These are bogus and come with a promise of large payouts. The signs to look out for are asking for money first to claim the prize. Find out more about these types of scams by clicking the link above.

Phishing Scams

This is a term used for when scammers try and lure you into giving out personal information by pretending to be your bank or utility company. They even go as far as pretending to be HMRC – HM Revenue and Customs ask you to confirm some details as you have Tax that you need to claim that you have overpaid by. To Read more click the link above.

Telephone Scams

These types of scams range from pretending to be your bank, selling mobiles or even charities. To learn more about what to watch out for click here.

Nigerian Internet Scams

If you check your emails you will see a lot of these. They are usually pretending to be some government official or claiming they need money to escape the country ask you to transfer some money over. To Read more click the above link.


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