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I just had a reader message me about this site Quantumsystemledger.com and that he was scammed by this website by someone pretending to be me. I wrote an article exposing this scam back in June. Unfortunately, it looks like these scammers have rebranded this scam from the one I exposed which was qfspatriotsledger.com. Please be careful of any scams saying they are either linked to the QFS or telling you to back up your crypto before the launch of the QFS.

We need to be extra vigilant as we get closer to the launch of the Quantum Financial System. There will be scammers out in force taking advantage of people who don’t understand what is coming.

I don’t need to write a full review on this site as the only thing they have changed from the original scam site is the name.

To deep dive into this scam and to learn what to look for on scammer websites so you know what to look for please check out my original article on their original scam site QFSpatriotsledger.com. scam review

beware of this scam qfspatriotsledger

The original scam was brought to my attention while I was still on TikTok by my followers in the hope to share this information to prevent others from being scammed.

As you can see just from the site header this scam is the same scam they have just rebranded and renamed the scam. They have taken the original site down QFSpatriotsledger.com and looks like they have just created a new URL and published their replacement scam as Quantumsystemledger.com

New Scam site

quantum system ledger scam

Old Scam Site

These scammers haven’t even tried to change anything else. The whole site is the same.

quantum patriots ledger scam

Remember there are no early links to The QFS

Please take note that there are no early links for the quantum financial system accounts. There is no need to back up any crypto to any system before we go into the QFS. Most people don’t need to do anything at all while we wait for the QFS.

Once it goes live we will have an account ready for us to access ourselves. You don’t need any private company or private individual on social media to help you get access to it. You will access your accounts yourself with the support of a dedicated team on a face-to-face basis.

The reason I believe it will be face-to-face is that this is the move to a new system and they won’t want any corruption moving over or taking place, You will need to prove you are who you really are before getting access.

Keep Crypto on a Private Wallet

The worry was before that the wallets we use in exchanges could go down like the banks are. But we just need to make sure we are holding our crypto in a private wallet. There are plenty of private wallets to use. We use a private wallet as this wallet is on the blockchain and the blockchain can’t be hacked.

With a private wallet only you have the key code to access it and without that, no one can ever get into your account. You need to keep your code safe and offline.

Make sure your key code is just written down on a piece of paper somewhere safe.

Do not back your Key code up on a computer!

Graham Hodsdon

If you have had an experience with anything I share please leave your experiences in the comments below. This way we can work together to help the collective as we move into a New World.

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10 thought on “Quantumsystemledger scam”
  1. I also was scammed from a fake Monica I follow on TickToc. Funds ended up in a site called offline ledger vault.com. Since then the site was removed with most of my XRP/XLM. I was able to move a small amount just to try. I have all email conversations and conversations from the fake Monica. Is there someone to trust/talk to about getting my coins back?

    1. Hi Steve, sorry to hear you have been caught out by a scammer. This is the problem with TikTok and its getting worse by the day. TikTok are doing nothing about it even though it’s obvious with the massive increase in obvious copied accounts. We report the issue and they just say no violation. These scammers target the trust we have in the creators we follow, else we wouldn’t follow them. They target creators with a big following and get to work copying their content and creating fake profiles and then start commenting on the creators comments and it looks like it’s the creator.
      Are you in the US? There are government bodies that are set up to catch scammers. let me know where you live and ill find out.

      1. Hi I belive I have been scammed of my XRP & XLM by someone of tiktok called Dave XRP and now he’s using your name, he had me sign up to QFS-ISO it has made me physically unwell as I didn’t have much but I’ve held onto them for the past 3 and a half years

        1. I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for reaching out. It’s definitely sounds like a scammer if they have now changed there name and information. They copy peoples video, profiles and photos, create a fake account and then pretend to be them while spamming messages out on social media to take peoples money and then move on. It is so difficulty to know who is real on not on there now as TikTok are not doing anything about these scammers. You just get back no violation when you report them, it’s so upsetting to see people like yourself go through this. Hence why I’m trying to make as many people aware as possible.
          I will make sure I look into this QFS-ISO scam and share this scam across social media to make people aware of it so they don’t get caught by them too.

      2. Good afternoon to you. Thanks for your work. Sorry that the bastards used your name and likeness, that is how they got me.kindly provide any information that you may have for me to recover my funds. I live in the states.

        1. Hi Theresa, thank you. Yeah its very frustrating that these criminals are destroying good peoples names by cloning their social media accounts and then start messaging people to scam them behind fake profiles and most of the social media companies like TikTok, Telegram, IG and facebook do noting about them. X is the place to be now and the only safe place. On X these scammer fake accounts get removed with in an hour of being reported. X is the only site dealing with this scammer pandemic that is spreading rapidly.
          In the US you need to report to the police and also there is a section in the FBI that deal with this activity. You can report the issue, the wallet addresses and websites they use so their cyber crimes division can deal with the issue. These fraudsters need bringing to justice. I report sites daily to hopefully get them shut down.

  2. Hi Graham Im pretty sure ive gotten scammed on telegram and signal One of them is a fake you Is there anything i can do to grt my funds back?

    1. Unfortunately it is very difficult to chase down these scammers. Depending on the country, you need to report it to the police and government bodies that investigate fraudsters and scammers and hope for the best.
      Then share as much as possible to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

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