The big question is where can I make money online and can I earn money online? We are all thinking this now as it gets more challenging to get through each month these days. We are all feeling the pinch and trying to stretch what we have. The cost of living is still increasing with food, energy and living cost all going up because of inflation. We all need an additional income to get by and not many have enough left each month to save anymore. When you start worrying about money the danger is you open Google and start typing ‘how to make money fast online’, we have all done it!

This is when we hit the minefield of opportunities and scams.

There are so many possibilities out. We see them everywhere from social media to adverts and emails. Unfortunately, most are scams or schemes to make them rich instead of us. I spent years looking and in my journey, I’ve also been caught out by scams or businesses that just collapsed. You begin to see patterns and strategies. As we are all on this journey I wanted to share with you some safe and realistic ways to make money online.  

Searching the internet

Why do we start looking?

Over the years I found find that the monthly pay cheque just wasn’t enough. No matter how much you earn in your 9 to 5 we always live to our means and there is always another bill or something else that needs covering. Especially if you have a family as kids are very expensive. From constant clothes as they grow to day-to-day needs and especially food bills when you’re feeding a family of 4 or more. Then you have unexpected costs like repairs on cars or homes.

In recent years we have had a cost of living crisis to deal with and energy bills and interest rates going up. The Fiat dept system constantly draining us as inflation rises. It’s hard for any family to get by these days. Also for most of us having a savings account is none existent as much as we like to try and save there is always something to pay for.

Time to Take Back Control

This was the point I decided enough was enough and started looking for ways of bringing home extra money. I have always worked hard in my career and I’ve been rewarded by being promoted several times. The problem is even on a good pay rise when you work out what you keep each month after tax deductions it really frustrates you. 

The crazy thing is because of the corrupt Tax system, you could get a decent pay rise from a promotion but after Tax, you’re now working harder in a bigger role and could only be a few hundred better off after tax. You then ask yourself is it really worth it? You see your family less and only bring a little more back.

My dad always said to me, if you want to find out if it’s really worth it take the total income and divide it by the hours you actually work. Then decide if your actual hourly rate is worth it for the stress and the headache of the extra work.

I always knew in order to create a better future for my family and not stress about money I would need to break out of the mould of trading time for money. To break away from the shackles of the 9 to 5 and take control of my own money. I would need to find a way of running my own business that would create an income when I wasn’t working every hour for.

This is when I did what most of you have done, I sat down at my computer and began searching for

Way’s to earn money online‘.

Depending on the amount of money you are looking for there are limitless ways of making money online. They range from different ways of setting up your own online business to picking up a few pounds for completing small tasks for other companies. The problem is this can also be a minefield because not everything you find on the internet is a real way of earning money online. There are people out there looking for ways to con people out of their hard-earned money.

There will always be people searching on the internet for ways to earn extra money online because we are all struggling to get by. Unfortunately, there are people all over the world fully aware of this and always on the lookout to con you by dangling the idea of making money and they then make money from lying to you. These types of people don’t care about how they hurt you and what damage they cause.

How I did it

This is the reason I started this website, I have been in this situation too many times in the search for a better way of life. I don’t want anyone else to go through the same problems, life is tough enough as it is. They always say why go through all the issues yourself if you can learn how to avoid the same issues from someone who has already experienced them.

I have over 10 years of experience in searching for income streams and during this time I learnt to see repeat patterns in businesses that were going to fold early on because they didn’t have a good business plan and I learnt to spot the signs of scammers at work. 

This is why I decided to put what I’d learnt to good use and share this knowledge to protect others. The current road ahead to the Quantum Financial System and Nesara/Gesara will be a bumpy one. I’ve already seen a massive ramp-up in scammers claiming to be part of the QFS. So as I continue to share information I’ve learnt about corruption across the world and come across scams I will make sure I share this information so you can avoid them too. 

This was all made possible by one business I found which is definitely 100% legit, the community is called Wealthy Affiliate. They give you all the skills you need to build an online business from hosting and training on building a website to all the knowledge you need to get page 1 ranking. All through easy-to-follow step-by-step guides.

Safe ways to earn on the internet

REAL Ways To Earn More Money!

Depending on your need I have begun listing some legitimate ways I’ve found so far of making extra money online. Like I said before there are ways of making money through building a website, working with companies to sell their products or you can just do tasks from companies to top up your income each month. 

Looking to Create a Residual Income?

Residual income is an income that continuously flows after an initial investment of time and resources. The best ways to create residual income are

  • Build a Website
  • Create an Online Business

If you’re looking for a way to create a constant cash flow that will build income while you sleep. Then setting up an online business is the best way to go. Setting up a website business is so much easier than setting up a store in a town centre somewhere. The benefit of an online business over a brick-and-mortar business is that an online business is running 24/7 as there will always be areas of the world awake and searching the internet. Also when you have 4.1 Billion customers searching the internet every week, you’re not exactly short of the customer flow.

Thanks to advances in software, setting up a website has never been easier. Software like WordPress is making this possible. Websites are built from a computer code called HTML and the great thing about WordPress is it creates the computer coding for you. All you have to do is start typing your content and be creative. WordPress does all the hard work for you. You don’t even need to know anything about computer code. 

Ways to Top Up your earnings or Ways To Save Money

Cash Back

Most of the ways were great to top up your cash and help buy a few more rounds on a night out but it would not give me the money I really needed. If I wanted to make the money I needed I would have to do loads of little jobs and roles to get it. This wasn’t practical for what I needed. I was looking for something to give me my life back some way of helping me create a business.

  • Cash Back Sites
  • Money for Taking online surveys
  • How to get paid for reviews
  • Get Paid to search the Internet

Building a Website

After a while, I began to learn that there was a lot of money to be made from building websites and selling them. This would be a great way to earn some big bucks but the problem was this wasn’t that easy and would probably mean going back to college. This was not going to be as easy as I first thought. I thought if I could learn to build basic ones I could charge less than other companies. This sounded like a great idea until I started reading HTML and trying to find how to start. 

Luckily making money on the internet has got a lot easier as there are programs now that do a lot of the work for you. This really opens up loads more opportunities to more people out there looking to get more out of life. Suddenly anyone can create a website and work towards running their own online business. You no longer need any knowledge of building websites as you can use WordPress as I mentioned before.

WordPress is an amazing piece of software as they have taken care of the coding you would need to learn to build a site. This removes the stress and headaches of coding errors as you would normally have to build them from scratch. You will be amazed at how little you need to know. All you have to do is be creative and type your posts. 

Literally, anyone can now create their own website now.

If you fancy learning how easy it is to build a website see my post about how to build a website for free, in this post, you will also see that this can be done in 30 seconds. Yep, that’s how easy it can be to set up a WordPress site.
I would also recommend reading this post about how a website work, to help you understand the basics.

Creating an Online Business

Online Business

Once you have seen how easy it is to create your own website you are one step closer to creating an online business. The potential is endless. So many topics/Niche out there it’s endless. From creating one about your hobby to a sport you enjoy or even advertising your bricks-and-mortar business. Once you active your site and created your first few pages, you have begun the journey to your own business.

The feeling of controlling your own future with your own website business is incredible. You no longer work and do tasks for someone else. you are now working to create your own future. You will willingly spend your spare time creating more pages and learning on Wealthy Affiliate how to expand it.

This point where people go wrong in the past with websites is people used to think that it’s as easy as just putting a site up then dropping loads of adverts on and paying for click banners and they will start making money. The problem is people forget one major thing, you need the traffic to make a successful site. Traffic is actual people visiting your site and using your site. The secret to creating good traffic is to create a site with plenty of content that people are going to want to read and come back for. You shouldn’t even be thinking about adverts until you have a decent amount of traffic a month. 

The great thing about the Wealthy Affiliate community is that everyone is helping everyone to create their websites. There are systems set up within the community to give you free feedback, comment on your site and constructive support to give you ideas. This helps you create the traffic you need and helps Google to see the benefits of your site which pushes you up the rankings in Google and gets you to page 1. It’s an incredible community as they have set up a pay-it-forward system where you get rewarded for helping people which has created an entire community of people working together to help everyone create online businesses. there is nothing out there like it.

Cash Back Sites

Cashback sites are a really great way to make some money back while shopping. You can get cash back from pretty much anything from holidays, shopping and even phone contracts. The amount of cashback always varies and sometimes is a percentage of what you spend you get back. You can choose to get withdraw the money you’ve earned as cash or gift vouchers. With a Gift Voucher, you can sometimes get a little extra back.

Money for Taking Online Surveys

Surveys are becoming a popular way to make some money online. Marketing companies pay you to answer surveys and they then use the data to help with marketing campaigns. This helps companies plan advertising campaigns to be more effective.

How to get paid for reviews

There are companies that will pay you for completing different reviews online from websites to products. The way to complete them varies from writing blog reviews on products to recording videos while you talk through your thoughts on a website. You can earn up to £10 or £20 per task depending on the task and the company.

Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon, creator and supporter of the collective. Finding safe ways to make money online isn’t easy so I hope you find what I share useful and make the journey to make money online smoother. Learning from what I’ve learnt over the years means you don’t need to go through the pitfalls and learning journey yourself. It’s time we work together to help create better lives for each other. With the new world and new money coming with the QFS it’s never been more exciting to create a new life for ourselves.

If you have any questions on this topic or experience in any if these please income streams I would love to hear from you.

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