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I’m excited to see Kari Lake has just released her new book, Kari Lake Unafraid. I followed the action through the Midterm elections and saw for myself what they went through and how she tackled this. She is an amazing Patriot for the People. During the Midterm elections of 2022 and the Kari Lake Arizona election process, the American voters faced constant sabotage and delays to put people off voting in Republican states. Kari Lake tackled this sabotage face-on and called out the media for not covering the issues the voters were facing. You can feel her passion for the people, I resonated with her so well and she would make an amazing President one day.

Kari Lake - unafraid

I followed the Mid-terms and I saw how the people experienced corruption 1st hand. Including hours of queues in Republican states, ballets refused, printers not working, not enough staff, no ink, machines failing to read ballot cards, being told to put their ballots in ‘box C’, ballots being moved around, wifi hotspots showing up from the machines making them hackable. Crazy!

Kari Lake was very vocal about the issues her voters experienced and now we get to read the full story and detail behind what she experienced.

It’s time to wake up to the corruption and get America back on track and install fair elections again.

You could tell during the elections those that who didn’t originally believe the 2020 elections were stolen because they didn’t believe it was possible, began to see that after the corruption they had just experienced first-hand, that elections could easily be sabotaged and that maybe the 2020 election was really stolen?

In her first book, she has made the decision to tell her story and her experience of corruption and how she took her stand to fight against this and constantly hit blocks along the way.

I think she would make an amazing Vice President to Trump.

She has also run for a Senate seat this will be available.

It’s time to bring in honest elections again! So we can vote out who isn’t performing and vote in fresh energy.

Kari Lake - unafraid

Hi, I’m Graham Hodsdon. I loved following Kari Lake through the Mid-Term elections. Seeing that she has now released a book about it is amazing. let’s share this as much as possible so more people can see that we need to install a new fair voting system.

If you have already got the book please what you liked about the book below so more people can learn more about what really happened.

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