The biggest change that will take some adjusting to is that money will not be important anymore. They made it important to us. they made a system that made us need it! They created the distraction of needing money to control us.

They created a system that kept us struggling so all we could think about was where we could get the money to do what we needed. All we think about all the time is what we don’t have and what we need. It’s even harder when you have a family because you worry about being able to provide for them.

They have pushed it so far that we are currently in a cost of living crisis. So we have now reached a point where we are struggling to live because everything is so expensive. The energy prices have the worst impact.

The most important thing to take away from this is we are moving from a life of surviving to a life of living.

4 thought on “Where do we go from here?”
  1. Graham are not posting many new videos its getting so confusing as I’m seeing lots of old stuff on your platform too not the fake ones?

    1. Hi sorry I since being banned from TikTok I have had to start again. I started seeing the damage these scammers where doing with my content so I took a step back to plan a way to combat this. I have been building this site to give people a safe place to know its me and not a scammer and also to keep the awakening education going and also to teach people what these scammers are doing. This site has taken some time to get up and running and now I have begun focusing all my time on X instead as its a safer place to be. I will just be posting a couple of things of other platforms to warn them of the scammers and point them to my site and X going forward. I will resume my videos now I have a better way forward.
      Thanks again

  2. But if everyone has this money then no one will do basic work, sewage, garbage, road maintenance etc. I don’t understand how daily life would function if there is no incentive to work.

    1. There are 6000 new technologies that are going to be released that have been supressed and kept from us. They could do this if they felt the disclosure was detrimental to the national security. So people will need to be trained to use these ew technologies that will make our life easier and AI automation will take care of the remedial jobs. The point is we get to live our lives instead of just surviving. I’ve heard even the working week will be reduced. We wil be able to find new roles that help everyone contribute to this new world.

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