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The USD has been the reserve currency of the world and this has given the US control over the rest of the world. The reason for this is while we are still in the current Fiat system the US can sanction countries by obstructing their ability to buy and sell USD for trade with the rest of the world. This is where the new Quantum Financial System would help create a more equal relationship with all the world’s countries. It makes a new fair economic global trading system and removes the need to have any country’s currency held as a reserve currency and no country will have the ability to gain control over another. 

How did the USD gain control

Instead of having full control by owning all the oil, they made a deal with Isreal to only sell their oil in USD only. This meant all counties now needed to exchange their currency for USD and then they would be able to place orders for Oil from Isreal. So the buyer converts to USD then conducts the transactions in USD and then the seller that has received the goods then has to convert the USD they received to their currency. This was how the petrodollar’s dominance gained control. This also meant every country now had to hold USD as a reserve currency. 

Did you know?- 75% of the USD in circulation at the minute isn’t even in the US it’s held by countries of the world. 

This has begun to change as countries have begun to reduce their purchases of USD and requested to join the BRICS plus nations as trading partners as it allows them to use their own currency to trade with instead.

Why We Need an Equal Trading System

Under the current financial system, the USD is the reserve currency and it has created a way for the US to control the rest through controlling who can and who can’t buy USD. With all these countries buying and selling goods in USD with the world this gave the US two leverage points against these counties where they can exert their power. If you did something they didn’t like they now had the power to sanction countries. This limited their ability to buy or sell USD which affected their ability to trade with the rest of the world. These counties have to buy USD in order to place trade orders so they can limit their ability to purchase USD or even block them altogether. 

This is what happen to Russia when they got sanctioned by Europe and the US. But this didn’t have the desired effect as Russia said if you want Oil from us then you can buy it but you have to buy our oil with Rubles instead. They no longer accepted USD to purchase their oil. So these countries now had to buy Russian Ruples first, order the oil, and pay for it in Ruples instead of USD. Once again a country is able to control the rest by making them buy their currency.

Note: As long as we keep using this old Fiat Swift system, these issues will continue. Where one country can gain leverage over another. 

This is where the BRICS nations have stepped up to create a more equal economic trading system.

The Quantum Financial System

The Quantum Financial system runs on a blockchain messaging system, ISO 20022, instead of the old Swift system. The new ISO 20022 on the Stella blockchain enable millions of transaction to be sent in seconds. Through ISO 20022 all transactions will have a transaction ID and be verified and confirmed. So there can be no money laundering or corruption because every transaction can be tracked and traced.

AS ISO 20022 runs on blockchain technology it gives the QFS additional security as blockchain technology is unhackable. This is because when you send any transaction on the blockchain it has to be verified and validated for authentication to prove the transaction is real and the funds are real. The verifying is done by servers around the world to confirm the transition. This confirmation process is random so it is impossible for anyone to hack as they will never know which server will do the confirmation and it has to be multiple confirmations. You would need to know each server that will do the confirmation which is impossible. This stops corruption in its tracks.

So you would send a transaction – the receiver gets a message to say they will receive it once confirmations have taken place. You then see 1 confirmation, 2 then 3 etc. Then you get the message saying funds were successfully received and the funds would then be in your wallet ready to use or spend.

Then there is the additional DLT 

In order for a bank to be Quantum compliant, banks also have to be Basel III compliant. Basel III is a banking financial compliance that prevents the international banking sector from overlending as it has been doing and putting customers at risk. Before lockdown, banks only need to have 15% of their capital but through the lockdowns, this was changed to 0% so the bank could use all their capital for investments. 

Basel III compliance requires banks to maintain certain leverage ratios and have their capital 100% backed by gold or other assets. So they have to have the same value in gold or assets as they do on their balance sheets.

This creates a more stable financial system for countries and with the Blockchain technology’s ability to send millions of transactions per second there is no need for middlemen as the funds go straight to the receiver. 

The QFS also allows you to send your money as your country’s currency and the receiver receives their own country’s currency at the other end. So there is no need for a global reserve fiat currency.

So for example the UK with its STN, sterling Token note, can place an order for trade with another country. Normally they would’ve had to buy USD first and then trade or they may need to buy their currency to trade. 

With the Quantum Financial System using the Blockchain messaging system, they can place the order and pay for it in STN, their currency. To do this they can send the STN from their wallet which then instantly converts to XRP and is sent to the destination country. Once it is received, it instantly converts to their country’s currency, which they receive in their wallet. So they send STN and a company in the US would receive the new United States Token Note.

So for example – 

STN is sent – instantly converts to XRP – XRP is sent – XRP is received – XRP converts to USTN and receives. 

  • This completely removes the need for any country’s currency to be used as a world reserve currency that all currencies are measured against. 
  • Removes the ability for any country to leverage control over another. 
  • Removes the need for counties to buy other countries’ currencies in order to trade.  
  • Creates a level playing field for every country in the world.
  • Removes the ability for any country to use sanctions against another to get their will forced upon another. 

This creates a more fair economic world trading system in which all countries are equal.


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2 thought on “QFS and ISO 20022 Creates Equal Trading”
  1. I’m grateful for your information. I’m trying to find a legitimate QFS site to use, I was possibly scammed as the site used now can’t be found, don’t have a way to find my xrp fortunately I only purchased $200 in Sept. 2023 as testing before a big investment. How can I find a trusted site?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Marilyn, there wont be any legitimate QFS sites at the minute. The web is just full of scammers making people think that you need to use their QFS site. Taking advantage of the confusion out there. You just need to keep your crypto safe on your own private wallets. Don’t give your crypto to anyone. Any site at the minute saying there are linked to the QFS and talking about backing it up will just be scams. Stay safe and we just need to sit back and wait. Everyone will know when its time and will be a verification system involved to prove who you are. That’s the only way to implement such a system that stops the corruption.

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