Quantum Internet


The Internet as we know it is going to change. This will be the next phase of the move to Quantum Systems. We will see the move from our standard internet across the globe to quantum computing. We will eventually switch from our standard Internet as we know it and move to quantum servers using blockchain Internet on the Stella Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is unhackable as all verification, authentication and confirmations are done by random servers worldwide and it takes several confirmations to validate each movement. So you can see why it’s unhackable as you would have to know the servers doing the verification to try and hack it and that’s impossible as it’s random.

Imagine owning a website and knowing it can’t be hacked or tampered with. This changes everything. This is another step toward removing the corruption and greed around the world

Can you imagine the sort of speed will be able to receive once we migrate to Quamtum Servers? If you look at transactions on the Stella network. Once it moves to the Quamtum servers they have said you would be able to do millions of transactions in a few seconds.

They have said that the quantum internet will run via the Starlink Satellites. This makes sense because the new Tesla phone doesn’t use a network to receive internet, it uses global Wifi around the world using the Starink Satellite system. So the system is already set up to deliver this feature.

I have heard they need to add more satellites to get full global access. You can check Tesla coverage on their Starlink internet website. You can already order internet receivers to access Starlink Internet already. So if there is any downtime as we switch from the standard internet to the Starlink system I presume those that already have Starlink receivers will still be able to get the signal. Time will tell.

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