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Elon and Twitter are embarking on the next phase of their journey together. There has been some exciting news this week as Elon Musk and X have now taken Twitter to the next level. The End of Twitter and the Birth of X, X for extraordinary. With the Twitter official site becoming X.com. Elon Musk has been leading the way for free speech with Twitter and shaking up the world of censorship and policing of information. Now we have the rebranding of Twitter to X, like SpaceX, so that Elon can take the App to a whole new level of usability with the aim to make it a one-stop shop for our Audio, video, messaging and banking needs. We have all seen, across all social media, how much the community guidelines and policies and overall fact checks nonsense have completely replaced the ability to share information and views to create debate. Now with Elon bringing back free speech and these future changes with X. Will we finally have an incredible app, an app for the people that help us leave the nonsense of other apps behind us?

Elon brought back Freedom of Speech 

Thanks to Elon Musk taking over Twitter we have managed to finally regain our freedom of speech again something we took for granted before they started locking us down a few years ago. Since then social media apps have been controlling the flow of information on a whole new level. Preventing information from getting out that they felt they don’t want us to see. 

Suddenly they were deciding for us like we weren’t capable of deciding for ourselves anymore. They began deciding what we could see and we lost the freedom of choice. This was massively visible on Twitter through the lockdowns. We saw the 45th President Donald Trump blocked for trying to bypass fake media and speak to the world, senators blocked for trying to defend the constitution and doctors and nurses blocked for sharing information to help people through that troubling time. People who were trying to share natural medicines to fight the so-called virus etc. Pretty much anyone that was sharing information against the narrative was silenced with blocks and restrictions. This wasn’t just Twitter it was happening across social media.

The Problem with Blocking Free Speech

We have free speech for a reason. How can we make educated decisions if we can’t see more sides to stories, issues or information? If we only see a little piece of the information we can only make decisions based on this. This could just be information from what someone else has seen, one person’s view. If we can then see more information and more views, then this allows us to see there is more to it than we initially thought. If we can then see multiple ideas of what is happening we can see a wider, broader scope of the topic and allows us to make an educated decision on the topic for ourselves. We can debate our views and bounce thoughts off each other. 

How can we educate ourselves with just one piece of information or 1 person’s opinion of what is happening? The world is a massive place and we can’t all see for ourselves what’s happening all the time. So we work together as a collection of people around the world to teach others about what is happening and educate them so we can grow and improve. 

Blocking, policing and restricting information stops the learning process, reduces education and limits the potential of people to grow and evolve. How do we see more of the world if this is limited and controlled? We need to understand more about what is happening so they too can teach others and pass this information on.

Unfortunately, since the lockdowns began our governments or leaders have decided through power, greed and control that they will decide what we see, feel and hear. They have forgotten that they represent us. Their job is to be the voice of the people and bring in the decisions of the people. This has been lost over the last 3 years and power has gone to their heads. 

Elon Musk then bought Twitter

From the very first day he took over, he began to shake Twitter up. Firing the executives and starting to look into how to bring Twitter back to the ‘people’s app’ again. He tackled child pornography that seemed to have left untouched and banned 10’s thousands of accounts in the space of hours. He then began releasing the Twitter files which proved that members of the government and the FBI were controlling the flow of information and telling the Executive team which posts to block or remove and even accounts. With the Exec’s replied back ‘Sorted!’ This was against the 1st amendment, never before had the American people seen so much control of information. I’ll share more on this in another post.


Time to Evolve Further

Now we have X, a new brand and style to our app. Doe’s it really matter that the bird has gone? No, not really, the app is a community, a gathering of like-minded individuals that are looking to get their freedom of speech back after realising they have lost it everywhere else in social media land. I think it’s a great choice to rebrand as it shows Elon is not only fixing the issues of the old Twitter but giving it a fresh start, a fresh look as we leave the old stains of Twitter corruption behind us. 

Elon and X are already dealing with the scammers too that a plaguing social media which is a breath of fresh air. One quick report and within hours the fake scammer account that was coping and pretending to be us are being removed. Such a relief that we have an app that looks after the people again. I’m excited to see where Elon will take us. He is already showing time and time again that he is fighting against the elites, the corruption and the institutions that are trying to control us. 

Now with X, we could have an all-purpose app that we the people can use to stand against the elites. To be able to wake the world up. Educate people ad at the same time look after our finances on it. Exciting times are ahead.


Over the last few mths, we have seen a massive change on Twitter and it feels amazing again. To know that we can be ourselves and share our thoughts. An app we don’t have to worry about being blocked or censored if we don’t think about what we say carefully. We finally have an app again where we can share our worries and thoughts about where the world is going. Twitter now X, is now leading the way against all the other apps and I personally have felt the difference after being blocked, guidelines rules, policy rules and so on while trying to share what’s going on in the world to help others.

It’s all about helping everyone break through the fear and show them where they can do their own research and learn more for themselves about what’s going on. Instead of being told what to think. At the same time, finding new people to learn from. to learn about what we can’t see or haven’t seen yet.

I’m personally really excited to see where X is going and to see where Elon Musk is taking us with X. He is a very clever guy and there are endless possibilities of where a man of his IQ can take us. He is fighting and standing up for the people and we are so grateful for what he has already done so far. I can’t imagine where we could have ended up if he hadn’t bought Twitter. If he hadn’t given us a Free speech platform again, that everyone can access.

 The new world that is coming and I think X is going to play a big part in it. 

Hi, my name is Graham Hodsdon. My goal is to put free speech to the test and try and help wake up as many people as possible and help people break away from Fear so they can make educated choices about the future to come. What do you think? Do you think that change is a good thing? Please leave a message below and follow for more.





2 thought on “Elon Musk and X – Twitter evolving”
  1. Hi Graham! I am so excited that you now have your own website. I have woken a number of people with your TikTok videos about QFS and changes coming! I have a question about Elon. I have heard/read that he is controlled opposition for the White Hats. Does that make him more or less trustworthy to be handling our banking needs? I like him a lot and feel he’s done really good things on Twitter/X but I’m still confused since he hired a WEF person as CEO. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Darlene, thanks. So great to hear they have helped you wake up more people, success. We just need to keep sharing. Yeah I think we can see how Elon Musk has been tackling the corruption and stepping up for the people. From the release of the Twitter files, going back to free speech and now taking Twitter to a new branding of X with huge prospect of an all in one platform. He has also done an amazing job or removing the scammers and fake accounts. X is now one of the very few apps I trust and with Elon at the wheel I am very excited to be using X for more features and moving away from other controlled apps. With the WEF guy as CEO I am sure he would have had a great reason for it. Remember in every business there will be good and bad people. Look at the FBI, we know its so corrupt but look at the FBI whistle-blowers coming forward to bring the FBI to justice.

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