Hunter Admitted to receiving Money from China


Is Hunter Biden finally on his last legs? With Hunter Biden now admitting to a federal Judge that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a CCP-backed company. Confirming what we all know anyway. Despite his Dad continuously saying his family never received money from China.

Remember we knew all this anyway. We are now seeing the next part of the plan to expose Biden’s corruption to the sleepers.  

One Truther put it brilliantly. Maybe we won’t see the level of corruption that we want to see exposing the Biden corruption but it does look like they are going down the same route they did for Al Capone, doing the Bidens for Tax evasion.

If they do take them down for Tax Evasion then that is even more hilarious. As the Elites created the Tax system. Is it fitting that their puppet Joe Biden be removed from office by their own tax laws.  

When you look at the constant stream of disclosure we have seen and yet so many people are still asleep!

  • We have had the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell that the FBI denied even existed for a while.
  • The fact that the Hunter Biden Laptop was classed as Russian disinformation by 50 high-level FBI members.
  • Thanks to Elon Musk we had the Twitter Files that exposed that the FBI was telling Twitter what posts to remove and which accounts to sensor and block information about the Laptop and also to control the narrative in Democrat’s favour.
  • The fact that between FBI and Twitter, they worked hard to hide the Hunter Bidens Laptop from Hell story in the months leading up to the election. Voters saying this would have changed their vote if they had known about it.
  • Then the recent WhatsApp message from Hunter doing deals with China saying Joe Biden was right next to him which the white house refused to comment on. Going again against Joe Bidens claims that his family had made no money from deals with China.
  • Then we have the Hunter Bidens plea deal that collapses
  • Now we have IRS whistleblowers going to testify in the Hunter Biden investigations.

All of this and people are still asleep and backing Joe Biden, crazy lol. Well, you can see the plan all along was to not only remove Joe Biden from office it was also to show how corrupt the legal system really is.

Well, at least Hunter Biden will end up removing Joe Biden for us. 

Nothing to see here!

Meanwhile, they are trying to distract everyone away from the Hunter Biden case by covering the news with information whistleblowers sharing information about actual Alein bodies, or Non-humanoid they are calling them, at a crash site.

Non humanoid at crash site

You can’t make this up!


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