How to Avoid Scams Using PayPal Payments and Stay Safe

Scams using PayPal payments have been cropping up more and more these days. I’m finding people every day asking about emails they’ve received that they know nothing about, especially from a person called Brian Munch. It’s all because scammers have started faking emails and adding dodgy links in an attempt to snatch consumers personal and bank details. Which they then use to swipe money from your accounts and launder it away.

PayPal Payment Scams

Why are Scammers using PayPal

PayPal itself is a great method of payment for products and services over the internet and is becoming a very popular method of buying and selling over the internet. More companies are setting up their online payment methods as PayPal rather than card payments. I am also beginning to see more Takeaways and delivery services start to utilise this payment method as well.

This is mainly because PayPal also offers a buyer protection policy and a seller protection policy:

PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection description taken from the PayPal

PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection description, taken from the PayPal Website:

These are created to protect us but unfortunately as long as there is a way of paying and receiving money online there will always be people who think it’s acceptable to find ways using these systems to con people out of their money. Scammers will find any possible way to cheat and steal and they are getting more and more imaginative. Below are a few methods I have been looking into to help protect others from these scammers.

PayPal Home Page

Types of Scams using PayPal Payments!

PayPal Payment Scams

failed delivery PayPal scamWith the protection policies in mind, it doesn’t stop the scammers trying to find ways of using these protection policies to their advantage. Some simple scams are paying for items through Paypal having the products sent out and the buyer then claiming to Paypal that they haven’t received the goods. Paypal then refund the money to the buyer and the seller is out of pocket for the money for the product and also no longer has the product. This is not great for the seller and can put people off selling items. Just remember not everyone is dodgy and it’s unfortunate that the people who do scam others, spoil it for the rest.

Personal Experience of the payment scam

It happened to a friend of mine who used to sell quite a lot of stuff over Ebay using Paypal. He sold a set of 3D Goggles that were worth £350 and he made sure he wrapped the unit up so well padded you could have chucked it around and it wouldn’t have been damaged. Yet the buyer claimed that on delivery the unit was smashed. So went through the buyer protection policy and had his money taken out of the Sellers PayPal account and credit back into his. Even though he now had both the goggles and his money back. To this day he still hasn’t sent back the so-called ‘smashed goggles’.

What to Learn How to Make Money rather than Losing Money?

PayPal Over-Payment Scams

Over payment scam with PayPalThis type of scam is targeted at the seller. They look for high ticket items like cars or jewellery and they will start the purchase process. The buyer then receives a message to say the purchaser has overpaid for the product. the purchaser then tells the seller to send him back the money that was overpaid by. This is the point when the buyer he wants a refund as he hasn’t received any goods and he has his money back, the product and also the extra cash you’ve just sent him.

Moral to this scam if you get any buyer who is paying too much, stop the sale there and then and definitely don’t send them the products.

 PayPal Phishing Emails by Brian Munch

These types of scams are becoming very common unfortunately as all these scammers need are email addresses and they spam enough of these out to hopefully catch a bite and steal your money. The idea of calling it Phishing is to imply that they are pretending to be a company but are trying to get you to give over you personal details.

This was the latest email my wife was sent. She just deleted it straight away as she doesn’t even have a PayPal account so she knew it wasn’t real.

example of phishing email trying to get private details from you

Actual email sent to my wife trying to get her personal details

My Top Tips on how to Spot Internet Scams!


I’ve blurred out my wife’s email but you can see it has her email on it and apparently she has sent a payment to some guys called Brian Munch. Not bad considering she doesn’t even have an account. The emails look like they are from PayPal and looks fairly legit.

The point of these type of emails is they want you to press the ‘cancel the payment‘ button where they will then ask you to put in your login and password for your PayPal account. Then once they get that they can take as much money as they like or even use your account to con someone else. Another big giveaway on this email, there is no PayPal logo anywhere on the email. Not very corporate is it!

Remember as I have said in many posts before signs of scammers are the lack of attention to detail. Sometimes you’ll get typing errors or in this case a missing company logo.

 warning sign pay attention to this tipDon’t Press any links on these types of emails. Even if it’s from your bank, just close the email and login to your account on your browser to make sure the connection is clean.

Tips on Staying Safe

1. Look or for images that aren’t clear like the PayPal logo, like the images being slightly blurry. Sure sign the email is fake!

2. If it doesn’t feel right don’t follow it up or click on any link withing the email

3. Close any emails and log in through your own internet browser

4. If your still not sure call PayPals customer care

5. Don’t type in your details on anything apart from the actual site after logging in manually through your own internet browser

6. Anything that seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Your Defence From Malicious Emails!

Anti-Virus Software!

It is always recommended to have some sort of Anti-Virus software on your PC or Laptop will always help to keep you safe from clicking on anything. In case by clicking you end up downloading a virus or other software that will damage your PC or even watch what you type and start taking your personal logins and details.
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Graham Hodsdon About Me

Graham Hodsdon


Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator and founder of If you have come across any of these scams using PayPal payments then please share your experiences in the comments below and let’s help others not to get caught out by these types of Scammers. Thank’s for reading.


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  1. Hi Graham,

    Great post. Yes there are so many scammers out there and they are getting smarter by the day. I have had a few paypal scam emails and I learned pretty quick that there were scams.

    We also have a number of Telcos here in Australia and they get copied and send out scam emails all the time. The Paypal ones are certainly quite confusing and you do need to be careful. They have copied Paypals templates really well. I have had a couple say x person has paid me x amount for x thing. It looks real but I know I have sold nothing to x person.

    Great post, keep pushing and grinding 🙂


    • Hi Kev, Yeah my wife keeps getting sent loads of emails from scammers about Paypal all of a sudden. Emails are becoming an easy target for unsuspecting victims. Most people won’t think for a second they’re fake. The problem is there is a lot of people that would really worry the second they opened emails like this and would naturally click the cancel payment button. That’s why we need to share this information with as many people as possible to prevent this from happening. Thanks again

  2. Hi there are so many scammers out there, it’s incredible how they far at scamming people.
    Trust me when it comes to scams I have seen it all, good actors, Ferraris, mansions.
    It’s scary how they try anything to get you to fall in the trap!
    Thanks for this awesome post!

    • Hi Anis thanks for the great feedback. They will try anything to catch us out and they are getting more and more imaginative too. One of the reasons I started this site was to prevent others from getting caught in these traps. Thanks for commenting.

  3. That delivery scam is actually scary. Buyer can claim anything and laws are protecting them. What we could do if something similar happen to us? Because I may sell a laptop in near feature and I certainly don’t want same thing happen to me.

    • Hi Furkan yeah, unfortunately, scammers try anything where ever and when ever they can. We just need to be vigilant and double check anything you do online. If you are selling for the first time PayPal have systems in place like payment holds where they hold the funds for 21 days and only release to you when the purchaser and buyer are both happy. Also, beware of any emails you receive saying ‘You’ve been paid’ fraudsters try faking emails to make you think you’ve got the money so you send the product, always login to PayPal first to make sure the money has been transferred. Also take note in my post about over-payments. Hope this helps.

  4. I have never had a problem with paypal. It’s all I use online. I had a dispute with fiverr and cool text. In both instances they resolved it and had my money returned. I love these guys.
    Fiverr used to scream at me to close my dispute with paypal. I never gave into there stupid demands and always escalated to the next level. Thanks for these warnings. Peter

    • Hi Peter, I’m pleased they managed to resolve it for you. This is one great thing they are good at. The fact that they protect the buyer and the seller helps people use PayPal with confidence. Thanks for commenting

  5. Hi Graham, thanks for sharing this. There are so many scams online these days that it’s hard to tell what’s genuine and what’s not. I’ve experienced the buyer scam when I used to sell on eBay, so I know how frustrating that can be.

    I think you’ve listed some great tips to help people stay safe online.

    All the best!

    • Hi Stephanie, it is frustrating how scammers target great companies like PayPal and use them to scam people out of their money. I’m glad you find my tips helpful my hope is that I can educate as many people as possible so they can use PayPal with peace of mind. Thanks again for commenting.

  6. This is great advice Graham, it is just incredible these days how many scams are floating about, getting more and more sophisticated…

    Great advice to log into your PP or bank first before doing anything, and go straight to their site, don’t go clicking any email links…this is so important for folks to know…

    Thank you.


    • Hi Neil thanks for commenting I’m glad you liked it. There must be loads of people would click on the links unknowingly. A lot of people get very nervous with phishing emails. It’s always best to stay away from any link inside emails you never know where they will go.

  7. Thanks for this post Graham. I use paypal A LOT and have heard some horror stories, but never along the lines that you have outlined here. I will definitely be vigilante. Thanks again.

    • Hi Helder thanks for commenting. Yeah there are so many popping up all the time. My only hope is more people read advice like this and stay protected from them. Thanks again.

  8. Hey there, Graham. Thank you for this post. I am considering opening a PayPal account for various reasons and thought I should do some research before. I’ll definitely be vigilant to avoid scams like these.

    • HI Lindsey, great to hear. It’s always best researching everything before you sign up. There are far too many dodgy sites out there. PayPal itself is a great company and I use for everything, even ordering takeaway. Unfortunately, scammers will pretend to be all sorts of businesses trying to con people out of their money. Thankfully email accounts are getting better at filtering out potential scamming emails but it’s always best to be vigilant. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Graham, Thank’s for the great information. I have to work with Pay Pal too and was not aware of the fact that there are so much scam around. Good to know what to be careful of. Maybe you know how I get my Pay Pal email address, so far I did not receive any. thank’s for now and hope to hear from you.

    • Hi, Stefan, I’m glad you found my post helpful. Yeah, unfortunately, the scammers are always at it and those unaware of it are likely to get caught out. You should have received your PayPal email when you set your account up as it will be the email address you set it up with. The same email you have to use to log into you account with. If you are still having problems let me know and I will see if I can help further. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated. Have a great week.

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