What is Valentus about and how creating a review got me excited!

What is Valentus about?

Valentus was a big surprise to me, I came across the business while researching for my next review. Little did I know that this would open up my life even more. I have always known that to be successful in Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, all you need is to have a great product that you want to use yourself and great training and support from your upline. If you have all three of these there is no stopping you. So I was intrigued over the years to look for another MLM that I might want to try and after seeing quite a few over the years this is the first time I have said to myself, I am not missing out on this one! I needed to see what Valentus was about.

My Valentus Journey

Valentus the fastest growing home business

Valentus Summary

Name: Valentus
Website: http://www.Valentus.com
Price: $20 one off fee to join  (no monthly fees or annual fees)
Owners: Dave Jordan – Founder and CEO
Overall Rank: 5 out of 5    5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend

Valentus Overview

Valentus has become one of the fastest growing home based businesses. In their first year in 2014, the business took $300,000 in sales, in 2015 that grow rapidly to 3,000,000. Then with the business really started to build momentum in 2016 when they recorded sales of $32,000,000.

With the latest release of their 3 new products, new Italian Dark Roast weight loss coffee, a new Cleanse and Prevail Max, they now currently have 7 products.

Valentus product range


I have tried a few MLM businesses before and the one reason I left was that the people I worked with I didn’t get on with. That’s where MLM’s go wrong you need to make sure you find a good team and I strongly recommend if you are part of an MLM business and you have a similar problem then contact a higher upline as there is always someone focused that will support you.

In Valentus all I have found is amazing people, the whole reason I joined was that I could see how focused the highest Upline in our team was working to support her team. There was constant video training being created and daily live feeds on Facebook and live meetings on zoom. She also gets in motivational speakers and external support to help her team grow.

This leader then became the first Blue Diamond in Europe. Her success was down to the fact she decided from the start if she was to succeed she would need to create a leadership culture that we create a constant support network to help the whole team. She even does live meetings for your prospects because she knows it helps her team. Which means she is talking to your new people for you, which is amazing.

The Pro’s & the Con’s

The Pros:

  1. Only $20 to get started and registered as a business owner
  2. No monthly fees or annual
  3. Daily support and training from our very own Blue Diamond Leader (first in Europe)
  4. Products are amazing they genuinely do work. I lost 12Ibs in 4 weeks myself and get constant comments a work and from friends.
  5. Products are 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly and some are also Diabetic friendly so your customer base is massive.
  6. Products sell themselves from people just seeing the results
  7. The team are amazing and there for you constantly every day, it’s like having motivation on tap
  8. Support material for advertising, training and testimonials are all constantly being updated
  9. feedback from customers around the globe is fantastic
  10. Only 2 legs so makes it so much easier to build a team
  11. 7 ways to earn commission
  12. Car plan built into commission at Diamond level
  13. Don’t need to carry customers money or product you can just give them your link
  14. Get you very own prebuilt website with multiple links to help your recruitment
  15. Points carry over so you don’t have to start again every month if you haven’t earned from them.
  16. You ranking is held every month as long as you buy a minimum of 3 boxes. Which is awesome, I’ve been with MLM’s before where you lose everything if you haven’t achieved and have to start again every month.

The Cons:

  1. This is a genuine business with your own products so it isn’t just a get rich scheme. You have to be motivated to want to do it and keep motivated and focused which the team help with every day.
  2. You need to make sure you find a team that is there for constant support to make any MLM work. So if you aren’t getting that find a team that is there for you like mine.

Who is Valentus For?

Valentus ImageValentus is for anyone looking to make some extra money alongside whatever you are doing.

* Students
* Anyone in a full-time job but wants more money
* Stay at Home Mum’s
* House Husbands
* Retired
* Network Marketers
* Affiliate Marketers
* Representatives

You can easily build this business alongside a full-time job. As you grow and get more successful you are likely to choose to go part time in your job as the money you will make will allow you to free up more time to spend with your family.

The great thing about MLM’s is that anyone can do it. You don’t have any experience in selling or advertising as most successful MLM’s will supply live you with material and training to help you drive their product. As a representative for them, it is in their best interest for you to succeed.

Valentus Tools & Training

The secret that makes all MLM’s successful is having constant great support and training from your uplines. As I have mentioned in previous reviews on MLM’s they can be the difference between you getting on and even enjoying what you do. If you ever join any MLM and you don’t have this support then I suggest contacting a higher upline as they will want to make sure you get the support you need.

MLM’s are never getting rich quick schemes they are genuine businesses and conducted properly will make you a lot of money. In the end, you will always find an upline that wants to give you the support you need as it is in their best interest for you to become successful because it naturally makes their business even more successful. Anyone not giving that support is only in it for short term to get a few quid so just go straight to your upline and forget about the bad apples.

When I first started looking at Valentus it was for purely research purposes for my next review. Once I started looking deeper I found the support structure was incredible. The main upline in the UK has dedicated her time to deliver constant support and training daily. She recorded weekly videos to deliver upskilling to her downline and also conducts daily live Facebook groups and zoom meeting to talk to your prospects for you to make sure everyone in her team gets the maximum support.

Beth Robinson training

Valentus Support

The support you get with this company is second to no other I have seen. Even if you are not part of their team the leaders still give you every bit of support you need. The team in Valentus genuinely want everyone to succeed. Our Blue Diamond is so focused to succeed that she constantly works to help her team. She earns enough to not have to do it. But there she is

But there she is every day doing live feeds and prospect meetings and creating competitions and events to meet up and deliver training. She does all this because she absolutely loves this business and this is also because all her up lines are just the same. The buzz through this company is the energy and the passion for the team and you can see this every day.

You can also tell that this support is backed from above because as soon as our Blue Diamond had her hen do abroad our next Blue Diamond above from America carried on all the great work she was doing for her while she was away. You can’t make this stuff up, they genuinely want to create a vibe of energy that is infectious. They do this because they decided from the start that this was the extra element needed to create the best MLM business to date. they knew that if they can create this firm culture that provides that constant support and motivation and hunger for everyone to succeed the business would just duplicate and duplicate. This shows is the business performance of $32,000,000 in just its 3rd year running.

Valentus Price

It’s only $20 to get started and registered with Valentus and there are no monthly fees or annual which is great. When you first join as a business owner you need to order at least 1 box of their product to get started. I personally order the 6 box promotion because you get an extra discount the more you buy. This gave me also 1 of every box. I wish I had ordered the 16 boxes though as I could have sold them all twice, the demand was that high. I made sure I ordered 16 boxes the next month.It’s crazy the products literally sell themselves.

It’s crazy the products literally sell themselves. People come up to you to ask what you sell because they see your results from taking it yourself. I then just list the products I sell and they just ask me for a box of coffee and the trim usually. I have never known a business like it. I don’t have to give a sales pitch or try and talk people into them.

You can order in bulk and you earn the retail profit from the boxes you sell or you can just give a link to your customers and they can order it themselves and it gets delivered straight to their door. So you don;t have to carry products in this business. You could just literally order you three boxes for personal use to keep your rank or sell them and make a profit.

Order one box of valentus

Order three boxes of valentus

Order six boxes of valentus

Best value 16 box order

My Final Opinion of Valentus

Slimroast Coffee the best weight loss coffeeThe fact that I joined myself when all I planned on doing was researching them to do a review on shows how good this business is. I only looked deeper to get some writing material to share with my readers but was amazed at the products and the support this team has in place. This is such a great business platform and the compensation plan is fantastic. I couldn’t resist getting involved myself.

The trick to succeeding these days is to diversify your businesses to make sure you always have a money stream coming in. These guys have allowed me to do that. The other great thing about this business is that I can run the whole business on my phone. I haven’t needed my laptop even once. Which is great for when your out and about and means you can build your business at any time of the day.

This is a fantastic company and highly recommend people to get involved. The great thing is the company is still very young so there is no better time than the present to get started. The business is growing at an insane rate and the buzz and energy are nothing like I have come across before. These guys firmly believe it is all about the customers and their representatives. The training support and recognition are their main focus as they knew if they made this their priority then the business would rapidly grow. This isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s a genuine business which means you have to work at it and be motivated to want to succeed but the business and team are there to support you every step of the way.

Warning! This isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s a genuine business which means you have to work at it and be motivated to want to succeed but the business and team are there to support you every step of the way.

Valentus at a Glance…

What is Valentus about?Name: Valentus
Website: http://www.Valentus.com
Price: $20 one off fee to join  (no monthly fees or annual fees)
Owners: Dave Jordan – Founder and CEO
Overall Rank: 5 out of 5    5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend



Legit and safe site to useValentus is as Legit as they come. I have never normally been a big fan of MLM companies but I was amazed at the quality of their products, being vegetarian myself, and also their support structure they have in place. I have always known from previous experience with MLM’s that the products need to be amazing but if the support and training aren’t there you will fail. To see that these guys have not only delivered these is such a fantastic way built hey live and breath it shows why they are so successful. Any business that put their people first will always succeed hands down.

I hope you found my review on Valentus informative and useful enough to decide for yourself if it’s for you or not. If you are determined to break out of the 9-5 or just want that bit of extra money each week, then this is for you.


Valentus is free to pre enroll


Also if you’re Interested in finding out more you can take a FREE tour of the business!

Graham Hodsdon Valentus Tour


Graham Hodsdon Profile Image


Hi, my name is Graham. I am the founder of grahamhodsdon.com. If you have had any experience with Valentus that you would like to share or would like some help in getting started or even just need some general help, please add a comment below or message me.

What is Global MoneyLine – Is it really a great lead generator?

What is Global MoneyLine

Global MoneyLine advertises itself as a lead generator for your business which we all now is an important part of a successful business, online and offline. In this review, I will look into the detail of this key question, what is Global MoneyLine? I ask this for a reason because I was really unsure myself when I first heard about it and thought I really need to check this out. I had seen too many comments from people all asking this same question. This question needed answering.

What is Global Moneyline

What is Global MoneyLine

Global Moneyline logoCompany: Global MoneyLine

Company Website: https://secure.globalmoneyline.com/

Cost: FREE, $20, $50, $100. $250 and $500 – As there is a tier system

Potential to make money: Not an easy way to earn money as it’s isn’t easy to promote.

Rating:  1/5 Stars – As it is a legit business but I think they have got lost from their original goals. Also don’t look to it as a way of making money.

Global MoneyLine is a platform that with their FREE sign up you can start building a list of leads that you can then promote to. They call these your ‘MoneyLine’. From the minute you sign up anyone who signs up to Global MoneyLine after you becomes part of your MoneyLine. So no matter where you are in the world or who you have found a link off you automatically become part of the person MoneyLine who signed up before you and everyone after you.

The concept itself is pretty cool and a clever idea. I certainly haven’t heard of anything out there like this. So even if you don’t plan on using this software yet it is worth signing up to for free now. Then everyone that signs up after you is in your MoneyLine and is part of your lead list to promote to in the future. This is FREE to do as a basic sign up without needed to pay to upgrade.

So your MoneyLine will just keep growing and growing!

Additional feature to Global MoneyLine

There is also another element to Global MoneyLine and you will hear this mentioned in the videos. They run a ‘Compound Leverage Compensation Plan‘ that is attached to your MoneyLine. I will cover this in more detail later in the post but this is where you can make money from being part of Global MoneyLine.

What got me looking at Global MoneyLine

I first came across Global MoneyLine from questions posted on blogs of our Wealthy Affiliate community. This is what prompted me to do some research so that I can help others understand what is Global MoneyLine and is it really worth signing up for.

Now we all know that working hard on SEO through your posts is essential to getting free traffic to your site. This is a much better alternative to paying for traffic but you can’t just rely on free traffic you also need to reach out to new customers through all types of social media as well. Social media has become a great way to generate leads but you see more and more companies offering software that will help you generate the leads you need to make your business more successful.

This is what Global MoneyLine is, they are a platform that creates leads for you to promote your business.

At first Glance

The software itself seems a bit rough around the edges as far as usability and overall style but I held judgement until I could see more of the site and their system. It is a bit hard at first getting your head around the software but once you know where your MoneyLine is then you know where to start sending your messages.

Global MoneyLine Dashboard

From the Dashboard, you have all your menus down the left-hand side which is a bit confusing at first. Just have a play with the menu and you start to get used to where things are. There are two videos that you need to watch straight away to get to know a bit more about what the system has to offer.

One is Maximising your MoneyLine and the other is Compound Leverage Compensation Plan

Maximising Your MoneyLine

At this point, I still didn’t really know how it all worked so I knew I needed to watch the videos.

You begin to find out about the memberships and how you can upgrade from FREE to bronze and upwards and how this affects your ability to do more with your MoneyLine list.

Global MoneyLine Subscriptions

So it’s FREE to get started and you can stay on the free package if you choose.

I like things that are free so I gave it a go. As I mentioned earlier everyone who signs up after you becomes part of your MoneyLine so these are your leads going forward. So the sooner you do the free sign up the better.

My MoneyLine

I signed up for the FREE package on the 21st March 2017 and since then my MoneyLine has continued to grow. Now As I write this review on the 25th April 2017 my MoneyLine has grown to a massive 20,406 people. That is a massive list of leads.

My Moneyline

So now we have the leads how do you use this Lead list called you MoneyLine?

How the Subscriptions work with you MoneyLine

Everyone starts with the Free Package – Free allows you to send 1 message at a time to your MoneyLine.

Bronze Package – $20 – This allows you to send 20 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Silver Package – $50 – This allows you to send 50 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Gold Package – $100 – This allows you to send 100 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Platinum Package – $250 – This allows you to send 250 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Diamond Package – $500 – This allows you to send 500 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Double Diamond – $1000 – This allows you to send 1000 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Key Points

  • The upgrades in the subscriptions all come down to accessing more of your MoneyLine at a time. So the subscriptions kind of become a time saver. the higher the package the more people you can send to at a time and the more promoting you can do.
  • The Package Payments- The good news is these are just one-off payments and then give you access to more of your MoneyLine leads to advertise to and reach out to. This is then yours to continuously use going forward and your MoneyLine will grow larger and larger as the days and months go on.
  • You can only send a message to someone once per month then it unlocks them again for the next month.

How to Message your MoneyLine

How to message your MoneyLine


To get this section you just go to the Communications menu on the left and then select MoneyLine Product Page.

Now it’s time to start sending out the messages. As you can see from the screenshot above you have only a small box to get your message across and you place your URL link in the bottom box. Now depending on your subscription package, you can select who you’re sending it to and then hit ‘Send Message’.

As you can see I went for the Bronze package to give it a good test drive so I could get a better understanding of what was to offer. This package allows me to send 20 messages at once. So instead I just select ‘Send to All’ and it will send it to the first 20 on the list. You then wait for a second for the system to send the messages and then you can repeat over and over.

You then just keep hitting ‘Send to All’ then ‘Send Message’ for as long as you are able to. It saves the message each time thankfully.

Messaging Your MoneyLine

Moneyline messages to leadsSo the question is now how does your MoneyLine see your messages. If you Look at the image above you will see two messages from Double Diamond package owners.

The rest of the messages to me from my uplines are all on that list. Its starts at the top from the Double Diamonds and works down the levels until you hit the Free users.

So in order for your messages to be read from your MoneyLine, you would need to hope they will keep searching down or you will need to take a higher package.

This is something focus heavily on through all the videos. There is a constant talk about you need to go Double Diamond to be truly successful. Now we all know that Double Diamond being their top package is $1000 to sign up to. Now that is one heck of an upsell.

That pretty much covers the Leads and messages and how you use their system but there is more to it than that. I haven’t spoken to you about their Compound Leverage Compensation Plan!

Compound Leverage Compensation Plan

Basically, this is their referral program!

This is where they say you can make money from Global MoneyLine. 

You start by setting up your $20 one-off payment to sign up to Bronze.

Payout 1

Then once you refer just 3 sales to Global MoneyLine of $20 and one of these sales is yourself. You instantly start getting 100% of the commission on every $20 bronze package for every personal referral you ever make.

Payout 2

Then if each of your referrals signs up 3 people including their sign up. You get paid a 50% commission on each sale after that.

So 3 sales of $20 including yours and your earn $20 commission for everyone personal referral after.

To fully understand the way the Compound Leverage System works

Watch the Video Below!

As the Video shows the also works with all the other packages too!


  • It’s Free to sign up and get started and enables you to start sending messages straight away.
  • It has a Global reach for leads.
  • From the minute you sign up your MoneyLine starts building even if you don’t do anything.
  • It allows you to advertise your business and site.
  • You have the potential to gain leads for your site.
  • The payment for packages is only a one-off payment.
  • Everyone who signs up is the for a reason
  • You have the potential to make an additional income stream from referrals.


  • As a Free starter member, you can only send to one person at a time
  • Every package is limited to the amount you can send to, can take a while to send any decent amount of messages out.
  • Not very productive compared to Twitter, for example, I have 989 followers and I can send to all 989 at the same time.
  • The website is very basic and can put referrals off.
  • Constant upselling in all training videos to go Double Diamond.
  • More time is spent talking about making money from sign-ups and it like the leads is forgotten about.
  • Only started in 2016 so still, a new business could mean there might be some enhancements to come which would become a Pro.


It’s not too bad a system to be fair to them. This is a great idea and a lot of thought has gone into it. They just haven’t pulled it off very well. If they were to give the site an overhaul and some enhancements it could do well. I can see a lot of people have made lots of money with them. So for a young business launch in 2016, it is doing very well. It is a great double package creating leads for you while earning a great referral packages too.

I didn’t mind signing up as it was only a one-off payment of $20 as I thought it would be worth doing to create leads. I then thought I would keep checking back with it and if it did work I would start promoting it a bit more as it is a good way to make some extra money.

I was curious how much money you can make off this package but I am sorry to say I made absolutely no money on this plan what so ever. I didn’t even make my money back.

Final Verdict

Legit and safe site to useIt is a LEGIT business but not a great way to make money!

It’s not a bad system at all for getting leads as you know everyone there is signed up to make money so will be open-minded to whatever your promoting. I wouldn’t bother upgrading though because even on the Bronze you waste too much time trying to post and get nowhere. There are much better and more genuine ways to make money.

Check out my new exciting Venture! Valentus – The Fastest Growing Home Business

It’s definitely worth a free sign up even if you haven’t decided to use it yet. As it will build you up a very large MoneyLine ready for if you chose to do it later on down the line.

get started free

If you are looking for an alternative Lead Generator then try my post on

Create Followers and turn them into Leads!

Graham Hodsdon Profile photo to share with my readers

Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator of grahamhodsdon.com. I hope I have cleared up the question of what is Global MoneyLine for you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below. Also if you have had any personal experience with Global MoneyLine I would love to hear how you got on. Thanks in for taking the time to read my post, I hope you found it useful.


Is IQ Option Legit or just another Binary Options Scam

Is IQ Option Legit

I have received several emails from people thanking me for some of my reviews that expose binary scams. I am also receiving emails asking me if I know of any legitimate Binary Options Brokers. I needed to be able to help people with this so I thought I’d look around more and do some digging. I started coming across quite a few adverts within different social media accounts for a Binary Options business called IQ Option. Their adverts seemed very professionally done so I thought this would be a good one to look into. So, is IQ Option Legit or is it just another scam site using binary options, let’s find out.

IQ Option #1 Trading App


Who are IQ Option

Is IQ Option LegitCompany: IQ Option

Company Website: https://eu.iqoption.com/en

Cost: Minimum deal $1 and $10 Minimum deposit – lowest I’ve seen so far!

Potential to make money: Not an easy way to earn money, it takes some time to learn how to work the Binary Market.

Recommend: IQ Option is definitely a Legitimate business. If you are serious about trying Binary Options then it’s a good one to try but you still need to understand you could lose all your money, as this is Gambling after all!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars for IQ Options3/5 Stars – As it is a legit business but not an easy way to make money.

IQ Option banner

First Few Signs

The site looked very well put together and the usual signs I look for when searching for scams where currently not visible. The sort I things I look for are limited time only and sign up now before the offer ends. So this was a good start for me I then took a step back and started searching reviews, I find this a great way to get some more views and experiences.

It was interesting to find a lot of good feedback for a change, there are usually some complaints that stand out but just a few people saying they lost their money. Remembering this is just like gambling I didn’t let that sway my decision too early. There was certainly more positive than negative.

The Risk Warning!

Everything seemed fine so far so I thought I’d sign up and have a look inside and see if I could dig a bit deeper and find out some more information. The next thing that popped up was a massive warning sign talking about the risks of investing in high-return trades carries a significant risk. The was great to see and I know legally they have to put this but that’s why I was pleased to see it. This means the site is following the rules and as most scams sites are not bothered about the legal aspects as they are just trying to steal your money they don’t use disclaimers like these.

The first sign of a legitimate business!

IQ Option Risk Warning

The Free Practice account with $1000

Is IQ Option legit or just another scammers site

I have seen some demo accounts advertised by some Binary Options trading brokers but the fact that these guys give you unlimited access to your demo account as long as you have demo funds in it, to practice and learn how the Binary Market works. This is great for any newbie to try out before you seriously decide to give this a go. This is not easy money at all, even on the demo account I suck but I am still learning myself.

My IQ Option Demo account

As you can see from my demo account I am not doing too great although I did have a good day yesterday practising trading the Amazon stocks. I managed to make a profit of $148, not bad for a newbie. Although I did lose it all again as I got a little cocky.

This is the case with any type of gambling, know when to be careful and know when to quit while your ahead. I had found a great point where the stocks were fluctuating a lot but then they started levelling out.

The Call and Put are the terms used to betting that the shares will go up and Put meaning you think they will lose the value. The idea is when you place your Call you are buying the shares for a short time at that price so if the share value increases by the expiration time then you get to sell them back at the high value, so you make a profit.

This Video is a great way to see how it works!

Training Videos

IQ Option Training HUB

The good thing about this site is there are loads of training videos which are really important if you plan on giving this a go. They also have a Blog that you can read training and tips and techniques to help you understand how Binary Options works. This gives you plenty of time to study the material and practice on your demo account.

Remember this is a demo account and when you switch to a real account don’t be shocked if it doesn’t work exactly the same. This is the real world after all and as much as the demo accounts can help you understand it, it doesn’t mean that you will get the exact same results. So be warned and be careful make sure you stick to low stakes to start off with.

I successfully got my practice account up to over $1000 dollars a couple of times now but have dropped back down to £700 again. This is a really great software to learn about Binary Options and I seriously recommend anyone thinking about dabbling into this way of making money to give the IQ Option demo account a try even if it’s just to see how it works. It’s fun to play around with as well.

Is IQ Option Legit

I was even more pleased to see that not only were they following the legal requirements they were also regulated by CySEC which monitors their compliance against the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

Also as I live in the UK I was even more pleased to see that they were also regulated by the FCA which monitors their compliance in the United Kingdom. All of this means that they cannot commit any fraudulent behaviour else they will be taken to court and could lose their License to Trade.

IQ Options Regulated

You will also be pleased to hear they are also regulated by the Financial Regulators in Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Estonia and the Czech Republic. All this tells me that at least they are legitimate. Which sets your mind at easy with trusting them with your money.


If this review tells you anything it’s that IQ Option is definitely a legitimate business and has plenty of training material and the option of a practice account. All this before they even take any card details off you. This gives me some confidence in them as a business. Is it a great way to make money online? Still not sure, I can image once you get to learn more about the software and system you will make some profits they certainly boast great percentages but in the end, it all boils down to you pressing the Put or Call button at the right time.

Is it a great way to make money online? Still not sure, I can image once you get to learn more about the software and system you will make some profits they certainly boast great percentages but in the end, it all boils down to you pressing the Put or Call button at the right time.

With any gambling, there will always be the risk of losing but we all still give it a go.     I guess that’s just part of the fun. Just be careful!

Overall I would say though if you are looking for ways to make money there are more genuine ways to make money that builds up over time and will keep growing while you sleep! If this interests you then I would have a good read of my Wealthy Affiliate Review!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Final Verdict

Legit and safe site to useIQ Option is definitely a Legitimate Business

They are regulated by Authorities so if you are thinking of giving Binary Options a try then IQ Option seems like a good choice, even if it’s just for the practice account to learn more about it. I hope you found my short review useful I will continue to add to this review as I work more with IQ Option and will share more of my findings.

Graham Hodsdon Profile photo to share with my readers

Graham Hodsdon


Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator and founder of grahamhodsdon.com. So is IQ Option legit, I believe they are. Can you make money with them? Well, it’s all down to your skill of the Stock Market, it is gambling after all. If you have had any experience with IQ Options I would love to hear about it. Please Share in the comments below.

What is MintVine Surveys – earn money with your spare time

What is MintVine Surveys

If you’re looking for ways to make money online then you could sign up to survey sites and get paid for surveys. Survey sites are paid by businesses to collect marketing information that they can use to tailor their own business strategies. The data that survey sites collect aren’t personal data like names and addresses it’s more personal preferences and demographics. This helps businesses to learn what consumers like and need and what their buying habits are. On my search I came across this new survey site and in this post, I am going to be sharing with you what is MintVine Surveys.

MintVine Home Page

What is MintVine Surveys

MintVine LogoCompany: MintVine

Website: https://mintvine.com

Cost to sign up: Free

Potential Monthly Earnings: around $40 plus depending on available surveys

Rating: 5/5 Stars 5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend

Recommendation: Worth signing up for as it’s a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

As far as surveys sites go this is one I favour the most. The surveys are not intrusive like some survey sites and the menus and surveys flow very well. I don’t like completing surveys normally but I really don’t mind completing them for this site.

How to get started

MintVine sign up by Facebook or emailOnce you click their website link above you’ll be taken to the MintVine survey site. You can either sign up via your Facebook logins or with just your email address. They only ask for your first and last name and your email address to get started. This site has an easy to use feel and looks really well put together.

Once registered you are taken through a brief introduction to the site where it tells you about all the ways to earn credits and money. Once you’re in you can get started straight away by going to Survey Street or Points Place.

Your first credits for your account- You get 200 credits just for signing up.

getting started with Mintvine

Survey Street

MintVine Surveys intro

Survey street is where you go to complete your surveys. You get notified via email whenever any new surveys become available. They can fill up quickly so log on as soon as you can to complete. Some surveys are nice and quick to start with and are just 2 or 3 questions. These then earn you some more credits.

Keep an eye out for emails as you get some bonus surveys with large points!

So far the surveys I’ve completed are between 3 minutes and 15 minutes. I’ve been sent some 20-minute surveys for 70pts but I haven’t qualified for the last 2 I’ve seen.

surveys for 70pts but I haven’t qualified for the last 2 I’ve seen.

MintVine Survey available

Example of a MintVine survey that was emailed to me

Disqualified for some surveys

The great thing about this survey site is that even when you answer the first qualifying question even if you get the message sorry but you don’t meet our criteria for this survey they still give you credits for trying the survey. This can be anything from 3 credits to 6 credits.

Earn Credits with Offer and Deals

MintVine Offers and deals

Surveys are not just the only way to make money with MintVine. They have a whole section on offers and promotions that you can take part in, download apps and also watch adverts for points. This is an easy way to clock up some extra points in between surveys.

With all the offers there are set criteria to follow for eg. some apps say things like:

‘Points are awarded when you have installed the app, set up your profile and reached level 1.’

Some of the various offers and deals you can do for points are:

Downloading Apps

Signing up to Casino sites and Bingo sites

Signing up to Newsletters

Signing up to other survey sites

Discount Sites

Watching Adverts

Payments and Rewards

Payments and rewards intro by mintvine

Screen shot from MintVine

Once you have accumulated 1000 points you can then convert this to your first $10. You then chose between PayPal, e-gift cards or e-gift codes. They have over 15 gift cards to choose from, there is no extra benefit from transferring to e-gift cards or codes so it is just another payment option.

Click here for more information on how to get paid for surveys

Ways to earn extra money by Referral

MintVine Refferal Program

Screen shot from MintVine

To make extra money from MintVine all you need to do is go to your MVP section and they will have a referral link for you to send out over social media and emails. The goal is to promote MintVine for them and help others to get started with MintVine with the prospects of earning money from completing surveys just like you have.

The Referal Bonus!

Just for advertising MintVine on social media and referring other people to MintVine they will give you:

A massive 15% of what they make on all their surveys.

So they will still get their full amount but MintVine will give you 15% commission for signing them up. This is ongoing too.

You will also get an additional 50 points when they complete their first survey!

So if you think about it, you can build up quite a decent amount of money per month by just sharing your link whenever you can. You will then carry on completing your surveys and deals and building up your points while you see bonus cash appearing in your account.


I have never been a big fan of survey sites but I have really taken to this one. The surveys are straightforward they flow really well and they don’t seem intrusive like some other survey sites I’ve used before. They don’t bombard you with constant survey emails and the simple and easy to use and layout of the site make it a great way to make some money online. I also like the fact that even if you are declined for surveys they still give you points which I haven’t had on any other site.


Legit and safe site to useMintVine is definitely Legit and Safe

MintVine is definitely a safe and legitimate way for anyone looking to make money online.

Do I Recommend:

I definitely recommend MintVine as a safe survey site to sign up to and start earning yourself some extra money each month.

Make the most of your spare time and turn it into cash!

Start Earning with MintVine


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