What is Global MoneyLine – Is it really a great lead generator?

What is Global MoneyLine

Global MoneyLine advertises itself as a lead generator for your business which we all now is an important part of a successful business, online and offline. In this review, I will look into the detail of this key question, what is Global MoneyLine? I ask this for a reason because I was really unsure myself when I first heard about it and thought I really need to check this out. I had seen too many comments from people all asking this same question. This question needed answering.

What is Global Moneyline

What is Global MoneyLine

Global Moneyline logoCompany: Global MoneyLine

Company Website: https://secure.globalmoneyline.com/

Cost: FREE, $20, $50, $100. $250 and $500 – As there is a tier system

Potential to make money: Not an easy way to earn money as it’s isn’t easy to promote.

Rating:  1/5 Stars – As it is a legit business but I think they have got lost from their original goals. Also don’t look to it as a way of making money.

Global MoneyLine is a platform that with their FREE sign up you can start building a list of leads that you can then promote to. They call these your ‘MoneyLine’. From the minute you sign up anyone who signs up to Global MoneyLine after you becomes part of your MoneyLine. So no matter where you are in the world or who you have found a link off you automatically become part of the person MoneyLine who signed up before you and everyone after you.

The concept itself is pretty cool and a clever idea. I certainly haven’t heard of anything out there like this. So even if you don’t plan on using this software yet it is worth signing up to for free now. Then everyone that signs up after you is in your MoneyLine and is part of your lead list to promote to in the future. This is FREE to do as a basic sign up without needed to pay to upgrade.

So your MoneyLine will just keep growing and growing!

Additional feature to Global MoneyLine

There is also another element to Global MoneyLine and you will hear this mentioned in the videos. They run a ‘Compound Leverage Compensation Plan‘ that is attached to your MoneyLine. I will cover this in more detail later in the post but this is where you can make money from being part of Global MoneyLine.

What got me looking at Global MoneyLine

I first came across Global MoneyLine from questions posted on blogs of our Wealthy Affiliate community. This is what prompted me to do some research so that I can help others understand what is Global MoneyLine and is it really worth signing up for.

Now we all know that working hard on SEO through your posts is essential to getting free traffic to your site. This is a much better alternative to paying for traffic but you can’t just rely on free traffic you also need to reach out to new customers through all types of social media as well. Social media has become a great way to generate leads but you see more and more companies offering software that will help you generate the leads you need to make your business more successful.

This is what Global MoneyLine is, they are a platform that creates leads for you to promote your business.

At first Glance

The software itself seems a bit rough around the edges as far as usability and overall style but I held judgement until I could see more of the site and their system. It is a bit hard at first getting your head around the software but once you know where your MoneyLine is then you know where to start sending your messages.

Global MoneyLine Dashboard

From the Dashboard, you have all your menus down the left-hand side which is a bit confusing at first. Just have a play with the menu and you start to get used to where things are. There are two videos that you need to watch straight away to get to know a bit more about what the system has to offer.

One is Maximising your MoneyLine and the other is Compound Leverage Compensation Plan

Maximising Your MoneyLine

At this point, I still didn’t really know how it all worked so I knew I needed to watch the videos.

You begin to find out about the memberships and how you can upgrade from FREE to bronze and upwards and how this affects your ability to do more with your MoneyLine list.

Global MoneyLine Subscriptions

So it’s FREE to get started and you can stay on the free package if you choose.

I like things that are free so I gave it a go. As I mentioned earlier everyone who signs up after you becomes part of your MoneyLine so these are your leads going forward. So the sooner you do the free sign up the better.

My MoneyLine

I signed up for the FREE package on the 21st March 2017 and since then my MoneyLine has continued to grow. Now As I write this review on the 25th April 2017 my MoneyLine has grown to a massive 20,406 people. That is a massive list of leads.

My Moneyline

So now we have the leads how do you use this Lead list called you MoneyLine?

How the Subscriptions work with you MoneyLine

Everyone starts with the Free Package – Free allows you to send 1 message at a time to your MoneyLine.

Bronze Package – $20 – This allows you to send 20 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Silver Package – $50 – This allows you to send 50 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Gold Package – $100 – This allows you to send 100 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Platinum Package – $250 – This allows you to send 250 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Diamond Package – $500 – This allows you to send 500 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Double Diamond – $1000 – This allows you to send 1000 messages at a time to your MoneyLine.

Key Points

  • The upgrades in the subscriptions all come down to accessing more of your MoneyLine at a time. So the subscriptions kind of become a time saver. the higher the package the more people you can send to at a time and the more promoting you can do.
  • The Package Payments- The good news is these are just one-off payments and then give you access to more of your MoneyLine leads to advertise to and reach out to. This is then yours to continuously use going forward and your MoneyLine will grow larger and larger as the days and months go on.
  • You can only send a message to someone once per month then it unlocks them again for the next month.

How to Message your MoneyLine

How to message your MoneyLine


To get this section you just go to the Communications menu on the left and then select MoneyLine Product Page.

Now it’s time to start sending out the messages. As you can see from the screenshot above you have only a small box to get your message across and you place your URL link in the bottom box. Now depending on your subscription package, you can select who you’re sending it to and then hit ‘Send Message’.

As you can see I went for the Bronze package to give it a good test drive so I could get a better understanding of what was to offer. This package allows me to send 20 messages at once. So instead I just select ‘Send to All’ and it will send it to the first 20 on the list. You then wait for a second for the system to send the messages and then you can repeat over and over.

You then just keep hitting ‘Send to All’ then ‘Send Message’ for as long as you are able to. It saves the message each time thankfully.

Messaging Your MoneyLine

Moneyline messages to leadsSo the question is now how does your MoneyLine see your messages. If you Look at the image above you will see two messages from Double Diamond package owners.

The rest of the messages to me from my uplines are all on that list. Its starts at the top from the Double Diamonds and works down the levels until you hit the Free users.

So in order for your messages to be read from your MoneyLine, you would need to hope they will keep searching down or you will need to take a higher package.

This is something focus heavily on through all the videos. There is a constant talk about you need to go Double Diamond to be truly successful. Now we all know that Double Diamond being their top package is $1000 to sign up to. Now that is one heck of an upsell.

That pretty much covers the Leads and messages and how you use their system but there is more to it than that. I haven’t spoken to you about their Compound Leverage Compensation Plan!

Compound Leverage Compensation Plan

Basically, this is their referral program!

This is where they say you can make money from Global MoneyLine. 

You start by setting up your $20 one-off payment to sign up to Bronze.

Payout 1

Then once you refer just 3 sales to Global MoneyLine of $20 and one of these sales is yourself. You instantly start getting 100% of the commission on every $20 bronze package for every personal referral you ever make.

Payout 2

Then if each of your referrals signs up 3 people including their sign up. You get paid a 50% commission on each sale after that.

So 3 sales of $20 including yours and your earn $20 commission for everyone personal referral after.

To fully understand the way the Compound Leverage System works

Watch the Video Below!

As the Video shows the also works with all the other packages too!


  • It’s Free to sign up and get started and enables you to start sending messages straight away.
  • It has a Global reach for leads.
  • From the minute you sign up your MoneyLine starts building even if you don’t do anything.
  • It allows you to advertise your business and site.
  • You have the potential to gain leads for your site.
  • The payment for packages is only a one-off payment.
  • Everyone who signs up is the for a reason
  • You have the potential to make an additional income stream from referrals.


  • As a Free starter member, you can only send to one person at a time
  • Every package is limited to the amount you can send to, can take a while to send any decent amount of messages out.
  • Not very productive compared to Twitter, for example, I have 989 followers and I can send to all 989 at the same time.
  • The website is very basic and can put referrals off.
  • Constant upselling in all training videos to go Double Diamond.
  • More time is spent talking about making money from sign-ups and it like the leads is forgotten about.
  • Only started in 2016 so still, a new business could mean there might be some enhancements to come which would become a Pro.


It’s not too bad a system to be fair to them. This is a great idea and a lot of thought has gone into it. They just haven’t pulled it off very well. If they were to give the site an overhaul and some enhancements it could do well. I can see a lot of people have made lots of money with them. So for a young business launch in 2016, it is doing very well. It is a great double package creating leads for you while earning a great referral packages too.

I didn’t mind signing up as it was only a one-off payment of $20 as I thought it would be worth doing to create leads. I then thought I would keep checking back with it and if it did work I would start promoting it a bit more as it is a good way to make some extra money.

I was curious how much money you can make off this package but I am sorry to say I made absolutely no money on this plan what so ever. I didn’t even make my money back.

Final Verdict

Legit and safe site to useIt is a LEGIT business but not a great way to make money!

It’s not a bad system at all for getting leads as you know everyone there is signed up to make money so will be open-minded to whatever your promoting. I wouldn’t bother upgrading though because even on the Bronze you waste too much time trying to post and get nowhere. There are much better and more genuine ways to make money.

Check out my new exciting Venture! Valentus – The Fastest Growing Home Business

It’s definitely worth a free sign up even if you haven’t decided to use it yet. As it will build you up a very large MoneyLine ready for if you chose to do it later on down the line.

get started free

If you are looking for an alternative Lead Generator then try my post on

Create Followers and turn them into Leads!

Graham Hodsdon Profile photo to share with my readers

Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator of grahamhodsdon.com. I hope I have cleared up the question of what is Global MoneyLine for you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below. Also if you have had any personal experience with Global MoneyLine I would love to hear how you got on. Thanks in for taking the time to read my post, I hope you found it useful.


Wealthy Affiliate Review – My #1 Recommendation for Financial Freedom

After years of searching the internet for a genuine way for me to make money online, I can finally say I’d like to share with you the best platform online today for just about anyone to learn how to make money online. In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I will share first hand why I think you should definitely give it a test drive and why you will thank me for sharing it with you.

Searching for a way to create financial freedom?


From just 24 hours of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I realised it was one the best training platform and community available on the internet today. I know I’ve spent years searching!

It’s great for teaching anyone from newbies to experienced internet marketers how to build a website that will create you a monthly income. They do this by teaching you how to create quality websites that rank high in Google and other search engines and attracts FREE visitors to your site. Keep reading to understand how they do this.

Once you have attracted FREE traffic (customers) you can then monetize your site and make a monthly income off it, this is what we call Affiliate Marketing. I’m not joking when I say this either, the potential earnings for an affiliate marketer are between $1,000 to $25,000 a month and these are realistic earnings to aim for!

Just by following the training step by step you will follow a proven successful platform that will start earning you a commission in your first few months. It will start small and as you learn how to promote your site it will build over time. If you are focused and dedicated to your site you can easily be earning $1000 a month in the first year of your site going live. This then snowballs as you carry on building out your site and writing more posts. Read any blog about the potential earnings from Affiliate Marketing they will say the same. What they won’t fully cover is how to do it.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Company: Wealthy Affiliate University

Official Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Founders: Kyle and Carson – Over 15 years of Internet Marketing Experience

Cost: Starter Membership is FREE for life (no credit card details needed and includes 1st Training Certification)

If you’re Serious: Premium Membership is $49 a month or you can pay yearly and get it discounted. Mine worked out to $29 a month.

Potential Earnings: $1,000 to $25,000 per month.

Recommendation: My #1 Recommendation for anyone looking to make money online.

Rating: 5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend  5/5 Stars


Wealthy Affiliate Review sign up page

Step up and give it a try for yourself

Best Place to Make Money Online

I have spent years searching for website training that will teach me how to make money online and all I found were false advertising, poor training and scam after scam. After getting stung a few times you began to learn how to spot scams and know to do your research before signing up to them. I did a lot of research on Wealthy Affiliate Reviews and I was shocked that all I could find was positive reviews and comments.

This gave me the reassurance that it was worth looking into and trying out their free sign up. I then started to give it a good test drive over the first few days.

Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate training site.What I can say is, in all my experience of researching businesses I can hand on heart say that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best business I have found on the internet for making money online. The training and support are by far the best I have found in all my years of searching. They genuinely want to help and support you every step of the way.

The founders and the community that work with them are absolutely amazing and I’m not kidding just spending the first couple of days with them and you will see that. I have never known a community like it, full of all levels of experience, all working together to help each other be successful, they call it ‘Paying it forward’.

Fantastic Community

Wealthy affiliate community is amazingWithin the first few days of joining, I was amazed how much people wanted to help me. I knew so little and knew I needed to work through my training but everyone was there for me. Willing to answer any question no matter how simple, it was great. It was this that sealed the deal for me, I was hooked.

I now work within the team at Wealthy Affiliate and its thanks to their step by step training, help and guidance that you are reading this page on this website today, my website and business. This is my WA profile address GrahamHod.

The community is always there sharing tips and techniques that have worked for them, sharing daily motivation and overall fantastic advice to help you build a successful website. You’ll never struggle with any challenges and your questions will always be answered quickly. There isn’t a day that you are finding out something new that you can incorporate into your site.

The training is amazing and the support is absolutely brilliant. I’ve had 2 major site issues so far and both were sorted in under 15-20 mins. This beat my previous attempts with other companies they were more like 1 to 2 weeks to fix. I used to get so frustrated with past companies and was incredibly shocked how amazing the WA support team are.

Market Leading Training

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 10 successful years and has grown and grown in enhancements each year. You will then be amazed at the level of detail in the training, so well thought out and easy to follow. They run live weekly webinars and there is a huge video library on just about every topic you can think of. There is also a whole section on classrooms and live discussions.

They also continuously update the training along with the changes in search engine algorithms to make sure your site is Search engine optimised to get your site rankings high in search engines. This is extremely important and you can get penalised by Google for using old techniques and run the risk of never getting ranked. They also use step by step video tutorials making sure anyone can follow the training. You will see for yourself that this is a business that delivers results. By the end of the first week, my site was already up, menus in place and already had 3 pages published. It was already coming together. In the first 7 weeks, I already had 8 pages ranking with the first 5 pages of Google this was really exciting stuff.

They also use step by step video tutorials making sure anyone can follow the training. You will see for yourself that this is a business that delivers results. By the end of the first week, my site was already up, menus in place and already had 3 pages published. It was already coming together. In the first 7 weeks, I already had 8 pages ranking with the first 5 pages of Google this was really exciting stuff.

Enjoying my Wealthy Affiliate Review – Get Started FREE!

Start Creating Your Own Income

Wealthy Affiliate - Create an Income onlineThis is where the Affiliate Marketing kicks in and as you go through the training they teach you all about Affiliate Programs and Affiliate links. You will learn the best way to incorporate the links into your site and how to understand your customer base. They teach you how to help people and not to sell to them.

You will also learn how to see what people are searching for on Google and how to tailor your pages and content to suit. This becomes your income and it will build momentum over time and your commission will snowball as you site gets bigger.

They training teaches you to create a website that Google see as a content rich site and ranks you higher on the google ranking, the goal is to get to page 1. Follow the training step by step and you will get there. For example, I followed all the training and 7 of my pages ranked high on Google in just 7 weeks.

As I continued to work through my training and carried on creating more post and pages my overall site gained popularity with Google and my older pages began to shoot up in rankings, by 12 weeks I had 15 pages ranked high in Google. This was because the training was teaching me to produce material which meets Google Algorithms which then produces higher overall rankings by Google.

My Results after just 12 weeks

Below are the results I had after just 12 weeks of working on my site for just 2-3 hours a week.

Results of the Wealthy Affiliate Training

These results were acquired by using Jaxxy

Jaxxy #1 Keyword tool

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is massive and a forever growing business pretty much every business has an affiliate program for you to use as they know that it drives customers to them through what we call referral. You can see for yourself, in Google just type any business name you can think of and add + affiliate program. You will get results every time!

For example type in Apple + Affiliate Program and up it comes.

Apple affiliate example


Wealthy Affiliate Review of how to make money from Affiliate Marketing

 This helps you to create a stream of income that will flow even when you’re asleep as the internet runs 24/7.

There are 3.4 billion people logging on the internet per day and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to tap into it and create an income.

Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate

Created by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate has been running successfully for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to be successful online. They are also always updating the training and adding improvements to the WA business.

Kyle began at 18 searching for a way to make money online, back then build a site with HTML coding was the only way to do it, software like WordPress didn’t exist back then. Over the space of 5 years, he not only created a site that had a large traffic following but he had created an income through affiliating himself with businesses and sending traffic to them.

Kyle and Carson the Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson, Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson decided to work together to build a site where they can teach others to do the same. This was their chosen Niche, Wealthy Affiliate was born. They personally knew all the stresses and strains you go through when putting a site together and trying to create an income. So they went to work putting a platform together that would make it easier for others to follow in their footsteps.

Wealthy Affiliate has now been live for 10 years and has gone from strength every year since. Every year they have enhanced the training and the site to build an even stronger platform and incredible hosting package. The first few enhancements that came this year was the addition of FREE SSL secure site setting for every Affiliate site as they know that Google prefers secure sites for their customers.

There are more enhancements to come this year and I am really looking forward to seeing what they release to us. I can not thank them enough for their support and platform, Hats off to you both you have done an incredible job.

Latest Update – Free SSL

Secure Site SSL

When I said they are always looking for ways to enhance your business. In January 2017 they decided to add FREE SSL secure site for every Wealthy Affiliate members site because they know that this is becoming extremely important to search engine rankings like Google. This was an amazing addition to our businesses as they know that Google and other search engines are preferring secure sites over non-secure sites for their customers. Which means if you are up against sites that aren’t secure your site will come out top rankings.

Enjoying my Wealthy Affiliate Review – Get Started FREE!

The Wealthy Affiliate 4 Steps to Success

Wealthy Affiliate 4 steps to success

Taken from the Wealthy Affiliate Website

Step 1: Choose an Interest – Selecting a Niche

A niche is a category of interest that people search on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to select the right niche and how to create the content based on what people are searching for on the internet using Keyword Tools. They also give you access to a research tool you can use for free so there are no upsells for this, which is great.

You start by picking a topic you know about, like a passion, hobby or an interest. You then learn how to create pages of content that people want to read based on your passion.

Step 2: Build a Website – This is the easy bit

Advertising WordPress for Wealthy AffiliateYou get 2 Free WordPress Websites that take just 30 seconds to create. That’s how easy they have made it for you to do. I was amazed when I did it myself, as I have set up sites before and I can tell you from personal experience it’s not that easy.

You select a name for your domain and your website, you then select a theme from 1,000 free templates and then click create. WordPress takes care of everything for you all you have to focus on is creating content.

Let me show you first hand how easy it is. Check out this video!

Create a Website in 30 Seconds

Learn how to create a website in 30 seconds with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate host your site for free and you have a whole community of support around you to support and guide you along the way.

Like I mentioned before you even get free SSL secure site for your websites as part of the free memberships.

Step 3: Get Rankings and Visitors – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook etc

The step by step training teaches you how to create quality content and how to gain trust from the main search engines so that you get high ranking pages. The higher the rank the more traffic, more traffic = more profit.

They teach you how to create quality content that is SEO optimised to gain high ranking pages within the search engines like Google. These are what we call organic visitors, free visitors. Organic visitors are customers that find you site straight from Google and other search engines.

Want to find out how to effectively reach out to followers on Twitter to promote your Site!

Step 4: Earn Revenue –  Sell Products or Services that People Want!

Earn commission from every sale

You are then taught the right way to link your content to products that you advertise on your site and when people click the link and buy something you earn a commission, Boom!

just about every business out there has an Affiliate Program the only difference is the amount of commission they pay out. Some will give 6-10% some will pay as high as 80% commission. There are even Affiliate programs that have recurring commission and bonuses for volume. There is no better way to create an income than Affiliate Marketing.


Enjoying my Wealthy Affiliate Review – Get Started FREE!

Sharing Success with Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Wealthy Affiliate Success $9,000 sale

If these examples tell anything they show you that anything is possible! Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the training to make this happen you just need to add the main ingredient to the mix, YOU!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Company: Wealthy Affiliate

Starter Sign up Page: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Co-Founders: Kyle and Carson

#1 Recommendation for anyone looking to make money online    5/5 - 5 Stars Definitely recommend   5/5 Stars

Interested in finding out more? Read my detailed Review of Wealthy Affiliate here!

My Final Opinion + Bonus

Legit and safe site to useDefinitely a Legit Way to Make Money Online!

It has been exactly what I have been searching for all these years, it’s just a shame I didn’t come across it sooner. The training is far better than I could have ever expected, these guys have really gone into the detail to make it as easy as possible. The great thing about working with websites is that there are unlimited ways in which you can make money from your site and you will never run out of ideas or directions. You just need to get started and stay focused and you open more doors more doors become visible it’s crazy. You will get an amazing buzz from it!

This is definitely the best website training platform I have ever come across and did I mention…

it’s FREE! – $0 to sign up and get started! 

I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to make money online.

But don’t just take my word for it try it for yourself, its FREE, $0!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

get started free with wealthy affiliate

How to Claim your FREE Bonus!

When you sign up to the FREE starter Account, I am going to also offer you a bonus if you decide to become a Premium member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). Once you create your Wealthy Affiliate account I will personally contact you on your new profile page welcoming you in and sharing more information to get you started, how to get help from me and how to claim your bonus. You will see how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is for yourself!

Trust me you will wish you had found it sooner!

Free 7 days Premium Access to Wealthy Affiliate

Breath of Fresh Air! You don’t even need any Card details to get started with you FREE account!

Added Bonus for my Readers!

Insider Information that I use personally!

Check Out –  Jays 10 Step Process on Getting Content  to Rank


Graham Hodsdon Profile photo to share with my readers

Graham Hodsdon

Hi, I’m Graham, I’m the creator of grahamhodsdon.com. I work as part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and this is my profile page. If you like working with people and working with others to reach their goals then you will fit right in. I hope you enjoyed reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review as much as I enjoyed writing it and if you have had any experience with them please share with us in the comments below. It would be great to hear from you.

Amway Business or Scam-way Business – My Personal Take

Amway has been around for over 50 years and I personally worked as one of their ABO, Amway Business Owners, for a few years. Amway is a Multi-Level Marketing company, MLM, which supplies mostly exclusively branded products which you can buy directly as a customer or you can set up your own business and sell them on. relies on recruiting members to sell their products. In my review, Amway Business or Scam-way Business, I will share with the pros and cons of Amway and with my own personal insight into if this is a business venture that can bring you extra income each month or is it a scam.

Amway HomePage

Company Name: Amway

Type of Business: Multi-Level Marketing, MLM

Founders: Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos

Two Ways of Distribution: Amway Business Owner Or you can be a Customer.

Would I Recommend: Yes, it is still a great business model just make sure you get the right support.

3 out of 5 stars

3/5 Stars


Amway was developed to be a way to create an additional income for families to top up their finances. This helps families to create a better life for themselves. Every family struggles no matter how much they earn as everyone lives to their means. After all, you can’t plan for the unexpected.

Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos saw this as an opportunity. So they created a business model that you can easily run from home. This is no ‘get rich quick scheme’, you do have to work hard to succeed. This is a great sign of a legit business in my opinion. Amway supplies exclusive products that you can only get by being involved with them as an Amway Business Owner or by buying from them.

They realised to make the business successful, these products couldn’t just be every day normal products that you could just buy anywhere. The products would need to be all high-quality products that work really well. This set the standard for all their products. They decided by selecting high-quality products that deliver fantastic results, they would create a demand. That’s why they focus on training you to deliver demonstrations of their products.Over the years this product range has increased and now they have their own make-up range called Artistry and their own Nutritional supplements called Nutrilite.

Amway Exclusive brands Nutrilite and Artistry

As these products are of high quality you are having to pay more for them. It’s not like buying some bathroom cleaner for £1 from the local shop, you could be paying three times that for these products. The idea behind promoting them is that you are growing your own business with every sale. So it’s in your best interest to use them yourself so others see them in your house and this will help you sell more. You become ambassadors of your own products, so by using them and promoting the products, you are driving the performance of your own business.

Initial Thoughts

Amway sign up meetingsI was first introduced to Amway when I was working as a salesman and the guy I was pitching to asked before he left ‘have I ever looked for a way to make extra money’. My answer was obviously ‘yes’, who hasn’t. He gave me his business card and asked me if I was interested in listening to a business presentation with no obligation. This I later learned is what they train their ABO’s to do to look for new potential candidates.

I have always been open minded to listen then make up my own opinion of things in life. So I attended the meeting a week later, they had hired a room in a local pub restaurant and I was taken into a room with a big whiteboard at the front and lines of chairs with people sat waiting. I was then introduced to an old guy at the front who was the guy that would be presenting to us. He seemed nice and just told me to keep an open mind at what he was about to show me and then make sure I ask as many questions as I like at the end.

He then went through the presentation which involved talking about how McDonald franchise started out and the results after all these years. This was their way of showing the way the tier system worked in Amway. They then start by picking someone in the group to say their name. They then put you at the top or your name. They then start asking you names of people you think would be interested in earning more money. Then, then draw more circles under you with their names in and then more circles under your friends. They then ask you who they know that might be interested.

Example of part of the Amway presentation at the sign up meeting

The result is a way of showing you how your business would grow and that the more your recruits sell that total adds into your total. The overall result is then taken into account. The more sales you create a month the percentage of a commission you make. The initial commission barrier was 3% on a turnover of £200 if I remember right.

I immediately started seeing the guy next to me was above me and the guy at the front was above all these guys. So it was in everyone’s interest that you succeeded.

The Next follow up

After the meeting, the sponsor’s role is to let you go away and think about it and give you a call a couple of days. This is where they start to work what they call ‘your list’. the sponsor came to my house and we took a piece of paper and he asked me to write down the names of everyone I know that might be interested and also names of other people I know. The goal then is to start contacting each person asking them if they are interested in looking at a way of making extra money. If they agree, the sponsor and I go to their house and show them ‘the plan’. The plan being a smaller version of the presentation I went to.

Sign Up Time

Example of one of the Nutrilite products from Amway

Nutrilite Double X, exclusive to Amway

In the meantime, they then get you signed up while they start working your list. The sign up cost me £25 but then they asked me how serious I was because as part of the sign up you get to buy a package of products at a discount to help you get started. The keep telling you that the most serious always buy the top package as it gives them the most products to start demoing and selling. They want you to get start using the products yourself so that you become an advocate of the products and then they are easier to sell.

The top package was £200, so as I was really eager and wanting to make a go of this I went for this top package. My sponsor was very excited as his business now just turned over an extra £200 that month. I received my package and immediately started seeing what they were like.

They spent an afternoon talking through the best ways to demo the products so that people can see how great they are and will then purchase them from you, this made perfect sense to me as I was a salesman. Suddenly I found myself demoing products to my Mum and aunties in the hope I would start turning over products.

The Lists

All I kept hearing was about was lists and have we exhausted it. They did get a bit frustrated with me as I was a little cautious about who I was putting on my list as I thought they would judge me. They kept saying if they aren’t interested then it’s up to them. Which does make sense, even in sales you don’t judge everyone as you don’t know if they will or won’t. They then kept working my list and my contacts lists.

They say the most successful people are the ones that exhaust their list fairly quickly and hopefully find more people through you who also can work through their list. This you keep doing and keep this momentum going. It concerned me a few times as I overheard them saying to each other:

“You need to work the lists quickly until you have exhausted your list this way if they lose interest you have a contact through them you can carry on working with.”

This I kind of understood but at the same time, it was great to hear. It just sounded like they were churning through candidates to push down hard ‘to get some depth’, as they kept referring to it.

Support Network for Amway Business Owners


With any company, success is achieved through support and coaching from others that have also been successful. The level of your success is based on the level and quality of this support. This is especially important in Amway because of the style of the business. Multi Level Marketing is mainly based on recruitment of new members. That new member then recruits their own members and this then creates a tier system. The more an SBO makes the more their sponsor makes and their sponsors. It creates a combined total and everyone receives a commission based on their over business total. This in itself is a great business model as you are encouraging others to sell more products and it’s in your best interest to support them to succeed, the more you support and grow the more you increase your overall business total.

This is where it can go wrong and there is a danger that if the support isn’t right you end up losing out of your money and sitting with products that you spent a lot for. With any new business, it takes a lot of motivation and determination to succeed. Amway is a definite example of this and if you want to give it a try, be ready to be questioned by others and make sure you have the right support in place.

The second you feel you’re not being supported go up to your sponsor’s sponsor. As it’s in their interest to help you too. I say this because sometimes people get into these businesses for the wrong reasons and will drive them in an unacceptable way. So it’s fine they showed you the business, you can keep building your business, you just don’t have to work with them. I say this out of personal experience because it wasn’t long before I noticed my sponsor wasn’t showing the right behaviours to the point of me leaving the business. One day I might go back but don’t let it get that far for you.


Amway as a business is definitely not a get rich scheme, you really have to work extremely hard to make it work. Be ready to put a lot of hours in and keep the momentum going to create your income. This is a very well thought out business and with the right leadership and support you can make a lot of money. But with most MLM companies some make a lot more than others. It will take a long time to create a substantial income and you will have to spend most of your evening doing this. The products are extremely good and the price comes with them. There are some products I would go back to buying as a customer, they were honestly that good.

My Final Verdict

Legit and safe site to useAmway isn’t a SCAM!  – This is a Legitimate Business.

The business itself isn’t a scam and hasn’t been made for that purpose. Like any business it’s the people that get involved can end up feeling like you’ve been scammed by not being supported. If you like the idea of creating a business from home it’s a good one to try. You make your money through buying their products at wholesale price and then selling them on at full price, then you keep the difference.



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